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  1. It has happened to me many times; the first occurrence was the first time i was cropped--the novelty of the implement, and the intensity of the session resulted in a spontaneous orgasm. At other times i have cum under the paddle--especially during a most forceful session. It has happened the other way, too! The first time I spanked a woman, I was so turned on i spurted while she was over my lap.
  2. Very nice work, on the part of each of you! I’m sure you consider yourself a lucky man.... it’s been a while for me; I need this!
  3. I got one on a Saturday morning many years ago, for making fun of my wife's driving. She whipped that car around in the intersection, raced back home and when she pulled into the driveway, she turned to me with a dark look on her face and said, "Go into the bedroom, pull down your pants and wait for me! You WILL NOT criticize my driving!" She let me think about it (pants down) for a few minutes, walked in and picked up the Lexan paddle and gave me the most memorable spanking i have EVER had.
  4. Wife dressed up as a Substitute Teacher for the public part of our Halloween, complete with a sturdy ruler! Never did get to put on the slave outfit--that ruler stings!
  5. Halloween offers an opportunity for us to wrap ourselves in a character we would like to be, or perhaps one that is a manifestation of our inner self. IF you costume for Halloween--what costume do you wear in public events? Do you dress for your partner, in private, perhaps? What costume will you wear in private? This year, I have chosen to be an Astronaut, a hero, in public. In private (if the atmosphere is rights) I will wear my slave harness and red-piped black satin briefs. Anyone else?
  6. In my experience, a satisfying spanking (from the POV of the spankee--me) should be entirely directed by the Spanker. Of course it's okay to have a conversation about it, apart from the spanking; and it doesn't hurt (pun intended; usually) to do a bit of analysis the next day, but a spanking must be real even when it's foreplay or for play. For that matter, it is distinctly unsatisfying to have to initiate the spanking; a few hints here and there, okay, but please don't make me come out and ask for it.
  7. I appreciate the perspectives, sympathy, and advice, so far; hopefully others will comment as well. In principle, i agree that openness and honesty are the "right" course; indeed, i thought i had this covered when i confessed my needs during our two year courtship, and she not only accepted, but seemingly embraced my kink. We have been married 13 years now, and our sex life in general has declined (I suppose in part a natural consequence of age), and kink is almost nonexistent. As for a direct conversation about seeking either kink or sex on the outside, we have discussed this conceptually (with examples within our acquaintance); and she has let me know in no uncertain terms that the result would be divorce--which is unacceptable to me. So, as no (karat) angel has advised, I suppose i am left to "deal". I suppose the greatest sin my conscience will allow me is covert online play--and frankly, she doesn't approve of that, either, with the same consequence.
  8. When i was about 15, i laid in bed fantasizing about being spanked, and playing with myself, and imagining what would get me spanked. Eventually, i went downstairs and took one of Mom's cigarettes, went to the furnace room and smoked it, stroking myself all the while. Then i went to Mom's bedroom and confessed, and asked for a spanking. She declined. i think she had divined my developing kink, and chose not to indulge me. The next time i got spanked for smoking, my Wife paddled my ass raw--about ten years later.
  9. What is your feeling regarding the ethics of seeking spanking outside the relationship? When the partner is aware of one's needs--perhaps even formerly (and enthusiastically) indulged them, but now rarely does so? Complicating is the fact that partner would not approve of such activity, even if no sexual contact were involved. The drive is there, but unfulfilled.
  10. I got spanked over the knee by a stripper in a juice bar (full nudity) on 8-mile in Detroit. She asked me what my fantasy was, and i said, "i like to be spanked!" and she called my bluff. Pulled me over her lap and slapped my ass about a dozen times, with a couple of other strippers, patrons, bartender and the bouncer watching.
  11. A Lexan paddle; burns like hot metal and leaves distinct marks.
  12. I need a Lady to blister my ass on a regular basis--discretion is key, and sexual activity is negotiable.
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