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  1. My name is Danny, I’m a switch interested in finding any women who may need a disciplinarian! I don’t have the means to travel so it would need to stick to online at least for awhile but I’d love to be able to provide guidance for anyone that may need it! Anyone interested or if you have any questions please shoot me a message:)
  2. Hey there! So it’s a long story but basically I spent the majority of this pandemic not taking care of myself well, this lead to not being effective at work and in turn I began to feel anxiety from the fact my boss didn’t seem to be a fan of me(my own fault). My biggest issue was showing up late, now I curved it a bit the past month or so but I’m getting set to begin a new job and want for more than anything to avoid the same mistake. I’d love someone to help me keep to a good schedule. There are other things I need help with but that we can talk about, the schedule is the main thing! Thanks s
  3. I’m open to many different roles and plot lines but one of my favorites follows a story where my character runs a business where he goes around his surrounding area disciplining women. For this we could ether have him form a connection with one girl and develop a relationship, or we could go through different one shot disciplinary scenes. another I really like follows my character stepping in when yours is being hit on at a bar, it results in a quick spanking for her for being in a bad part of town alone leading into a DD relationship between them. just a few
  4. I really need this, my name is Danny I’m a 21 year old switch primarily submissive who’s been struggling a lot since my last relationship began to fall out from under me. I stay up too late drink too much sugar don’t work hard enough don’t eat enough, overall I need structure discipline rules and guidance. Among other things I would also ask that you take the time to know me, I want someone who can be like a big sisterly figure for me who pushes me to do better. Any F spankers/switches message me!:)
  5. My name is Danny, I’m a 21 year old male who’s looking for a girl age 18-27 to discipline me give me rules and such, I struggle with staying up too late remembering my meds exercising drinking water and eating among other things. In addition to that I’d love for this platonic relationship to go beyond discipline and to hopefully make a good friend/big sister type person who enjoys taking an interest in my life and vice versa! I hope to hear from some of you soon!
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