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  1. chats on Spanking Needs

    thesis homework sits ignored 


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. EllaGrace


      @bare4brush I'll put it on my to-do list just so I can cross it off!

    3. Chastener


      Lazy girl punished

      Thin stripes on her red behind

      But she knows it's right

    4. EllaGrace


      cries of guilt and pain

      sobbed promises echo here

      sore forgiveness earned 

  2. sleeves rolled up with brush strike her heart before her bum his voice brings her near high heels abandoned taken off by another witness a spanking
  3. Today I woke up grouchy; wish I had someone to lend a hand.

    1. Chastener


      All you have to do is reach out to the site.  I'm sure there's someone who wants to help.  [Smile]

  4. Absolutely LOVING my new profile pic!

     Courtesy the fabulously talented @Kable 


    1. Daddyspanks47
    2. Kable


      You're gonna make me blush!

    3. BratToaster


      Adorable.  Compliments to the artist.

  5. I'm going to repost this as two separate polls shortly!
  6. Thank you so much, @Shameless! I'm working on more!
  7. We all know what's getting spanked. With so many available words, what to you call "it"? Let me know if I forgot your favorite word!
  8. panties on the floor fresh apologies echo red bottom burning staircase creeks warning ella carries frequent foe hands hairbrush over warnings floated by stubbornness continues on bottom pays hard price
  9. I have never been spanked, but this is something I crave. I'm scared of the pain, but I yearn for the release of control that comes with a spanking.
  10. Silly little Ella Grace

    Should have kept her hands up by her face

    And used them to dab at teary eyes

    Instead of blocking naughty thighs 

    1. AfterGeometry


      Touching your face is bad, remember COVID

    2. EllaGrace


      Darn it you're right! I mean either action deserves more spanking!


  11. Hey there! Thanks for checking out my profile :) I'm excited to connect with folx!

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