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  1. I think it is how the jeans display the vulnerability in the cheeks, especially the sit spots. Makes them appear extra sensitive as though even the lightest whap would sting them. Makes it fun to tease with light smacks or really make wriggle with sharper smacks.
  2. With wooden spoons, a smaller spoon can provide more of a sting than a larger spoon. The same can be true for the small, thin paddles. Paddles as you describe don't rely on blunt force or surface area. Rather, they are easily handled and aimed, applied rapidly, and quickly grow a sting with each swat.
  3. Now that NFL football has started, one can spend a rainy Sunday afternoon on a sofa and play a spanking game. Every time the spankee's football teams gives up a touchdown, six swats. Field goal, three swats, etc. Comfortable, intimate position to watch a game without ever knowing when a bottom presented across a lap will be smacked. A sudden pick-six, or long bomb pass.
  4. I would say pajamas are my ideal for a spankee to wear. Any style. They are cute, make the spankee look snuggly, and are easily moved or removed. It also reminds me of a quiet, peaceful time of day, late evening, near their bedtime. A special bonding that takes place during a bedtime spanking, then tucked in on their tummy.
  5. I wouldn't say it is control at all. It is more about feeling a mentor. Helping someone be their best and watching them improve. To help them achieve their goals. There is also a cuteness in a spankee. Not just physical, but in the embarrassment, the shyness, the submissiveness. Knowing there is trust in them. That they may feel exposed and vulnerable, but also safe and cared for.
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