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  1. 84. Sometimes, it is better hold back. When outnumbered, you will end up losing ground.
  2. Back to 80, even with the EEs cheating.
  3. 88 running is better than you pouting and stamping in the corner while the game score gets higher and higher
  4. 86 Keep it up brat. It is two against one right now, so each time you decrease, two ERs increase
  5. My pleasure. I know you get upset when people disagree with you. You need to put words into people's mouths, twist the facts, so you can take the moral high ground.
  6. As many do, you twist what is said to suit your needs. You claimed spankees have the ultimate power in a relationship, meaning they control the relationship, and now you are making it about assault and body rights. You also claim I have issues with body rights. That is a different argument than your original post, but apparently you need to twist things. I know better than to bother debating you.
  7. Well, as they say, there is one side to every story.
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