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  1. If this is true I do not believe OTK spanking would work. He would have to be leaned over a bed with only underwear on. 10-20 or so solid belts across his backside should be enough to drive the point home. You also want to make it painful enough to not let it happen again. If it isn't painful, he will see it as an easier punishment. Chances are he just doesn't want to be grounded and bored. Young adults enjoy their freedom.
  2. I get spanked for stress relief. Usually my husband is spanking for around 45 min to 1 hr with time for some rubs and other positions. I don't like it hard and fast and then over. I like to take my time and enjoy the loss of control and stress. It feels good to give control to my husband and just enjoy the sensations.
  3. For me I don't think something else would work. I like the feeling of not being in control. I also like giving my control to my husband to cause pain knowing that he will stop when he knows I have had enough. The pain forces me to pay attention (I daydream constantly) and focus on what is happening. I wouldn't want to be forced into sex acts or other acts so spanking checks all the boxes. Plus, my husband (who does not like to be spanked at all) does a good job reminding me he is in control. O can let go and relax. He knows what I need and he always asks if I want more. He can whip me 50 times and I still want more. My butt is sore but he is right there rubbing it and I think he enjoys it. He is also focused on me and my needs. Spanking requires attention. Sometimes in real life we do things with half attention - such as being on your phone and watching TV. This requires him to be solely focused on what he is doing and on me.
  4. My husband will not let me spank him. He says pain isn't enjoyable. I don't agree (although to like to carry a wooden spoon and smack his backside when he curses but he is fully dressed) but he loves spanking me and I loved being spanked.
  5. Yes because all the nerves are sensitive. My husband and I tested it last weekend. The first 5 minutes after orgasm are the most painful.
  6. The thick fraternity paddle hurts enough to bring me to tears.
  7. For me it is about letting someone else be in control. All my life I have had to be in control - of my thoughts, feelings, and actions. I like the feeling of giving control to someone who cares about me. I also really enjoy the pain. It's hard to explain why. I think a combination of having pain helps keep me focused. I have ADD so keeping focused is hard usually but sitting on a sore butt is a constant reminder.
  8. A cane or switch does this but you have to have good aim and am not sure you can use it safely on yourself. It leaves lines and welts depending on force.
  9. My favorite is the belt. I love it when my husband pulls it from his pants and cracks it and says "Put your butt in the air." Some nights I only want the belt. I always wondered about a strap.
  10. Covid brought out my inner desire to be spanked. Not sure why but one day I saw a grill cleaner that looked lile a paddle and I told my husband "You should use this on my butt." With that he began regularly spanking me. I love it and how every weekend he tries to outdo himself. I guess quarantine has benefits that can include a cherry red bottom.
  11. My husband prefers me kneeling on the edge of the bed so my butt is in the air. He wraps it around his hand so it is shorter but it still has a loop.
  12. No but my guess is you're going to get it. Good luck.
  13. Pulling them down. I know pain comes after and I usually have to stay in the last pose for five minutes without rubbing. I aldo usually just put on loose shorts as my panties go right across the pain area
  14. My husband has 3 belts, a fraternity paddle, 2 smaller round wooden paddles (originally designed for use in the kitchen to put hot stuff on), a plastic kitchen spoon, a thick plastic rod (that used to have a loofah on it and is for reaching your back by yourself in the shower), two floggers, a riding crop, and plenty of hairbrushes.
  15. My hubby bought a thick fraternity paddle that stings/burns like fire. I have a wood burning kit so he wants me to etch on it 'Firestarter' so we'll see. He got it off amazon for only $12
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