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  1. Sorry it was a belt. The rounded part of the belt just happened to hit that part. I will try a thong with a cloth in it though. Seems like that might work.
  2. I want to cry but it would make my husband uncomfortable to do that to me so I bury the need but I still want to. I cry constantly in real life (am emotional) so even though I give him control I have to be in control enough not to cry.
  3. It is an amazing stress release. My mind never shuts off - it runs all day. I have trouble sleeping because of it. I always have to be in control or I explode in anger and frustration. When being spanked is the only time I can relax and give control over to my husband. Usually, if I try to control things during a spanking or mouth off a few extra hard swats are all that is needed to remind me to release the control. Those attention swats are usually the most painful too.
  4. I want a real discipline spanking. My husband spanks because I like to not be in control and I enjoy being spanked. However, he is overly cautious and careful and won't make me cry - even though I tell him it is okay to. I love that he cares about me but once I would like for him to do it in a disciplinary way.
  5. Awhile ago I was being whipped by my husband and was bent over the bed. My knees were on the floor with a pillow and just slightly apart since it helps me balance better. At one point the rounded part hit my private area. It stung so bad. It got red and hurt for about a week. My husband felt really bad about it and I know it was unintentional. I am now trying to find a way to protect my area when being bent over (my preferred position). Anyone have any ways they protect these areas in case a random whip goes awry?
  6. As a spankee, I am one of the few that loves the belt. My husband has an old braided belt that is my favorite. I hate the paddle though.
  7. While spanking me my husband will count every time I earn a penalty. His counting keeps me more focused. My spanking usually is always a belt but he uses the wooden paddle (that I hate) for penalty swats. He makes me count them too. The paddle stings more after about a half an hour of the belt. They are pretty hard. I hate them but they are necessary to train me how to behave during a spanking.
  8. Bare because the nerves in skin come into direct contact with the spanking implement. It provides more sting if no clothes are in the way. My husband always makes me take off any bottoms before pulling out the paddle and belt.
  9. That actually has a name and many old-fashioned Churches still accept it. It is called Domestic Discipline where a husband corrects his wife by spanking.
  10. If this is true I do not believe OTK spanking would work. He would have to be leaned over a bed with only underwear on. 10-20 or so solid belts across his backside should be enough to drive the point home. You also want to make it painful enough to not let it happen again. If it isn't painful, he will see it as an easier punishment. Chances are he just doesn't want to be grounded and bored. Young adults enjoy their freedom.
  11. I get spanked for stress relief. Usually my husband is spanking for around 45 min to 1 hr with time for some rubs and other positions. I don't like it hard and fast and then over. I like to take my time and enjoy the loss of control and stress. It feels good to give control to my husband and just enjoy the sensations.
  12. For me I don't think something else would work. I like the feeling of not being in control. I also like giving my control to my husband to cause pain knowing that he will stop when he knows I have had enough. The pain forces me to pay attention (I daydream constantly) and focus on what is happening. I wouldn't want to be forced into sex acts or other acts so spanking checks all the boxes. Plus, my husband (who does not like to be spanked at all) does a good job reminding me he is in control. O can let go and relax. He knows what I need and he always asks if I want more. He can whip me 50
  13. My husband will not let me spank him. He says pain isn't enjoyable. I don't agree (although to like to carry a wooden spoon and smack his backside when he curses but he is fully dressed) but he loves spanking me and I loved being spanked.
  14. Yes because all the nerves are sensitive. My husband and I tested it last weekend. The first 5 minutes after orgasm are the most painful.
  15. The thick fraternity paddle hurts enough to bring me to tears.
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