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    Raymond Miles

    I love to have my naked butt cherry burning and on fire for days afterwards, to change all my negative behavioral paterns
  2. I would prefer to be spanked by another man because he be like that authirity figure i really beed to be spanked to change the becessary areas in my life.
  3. Yes it would, i am not in a dd relationship but i feel maintance spankings would help change bad behavior by continuing discipline to hone in, by using pain spanking on the naked butt, would put in a teminder to change bad behavior.
  4. I have done a simular thing i skip to the actual spanking part for the techniques in spanking and what happens after the spanking to see a change in behavior.
  5. Always want a good red bottom spanking everywhere I go. I self spank as often as I can
  6. I am struggling with the same thing i am just looking for someone that will spank my naked butt to change my negative destructive behavior and willing to switch to do the same. Because of my inability to find the right spanking partner i have been self spanking spanking but i beed to take it to a deeper level by having the right person to spank me fir discipline reasons only.
  7. I am 65 and my urge to get spank becomes syronger as i get older. Have not found a spanking partner yet, I live in tampa florida and i self spank myself at least 2 to 3 times a week and the urge gets stronger as i continue to spank my naked bottom until it is red burning and on fire so it hurts to sit down. I want to take it to a higher kevel level to find a good spanking partner or group in tampa florida!!!!
  8. I am a spanko in florida have not found a spanking partner, seem to have the urge to spank myself at least once a week. I cant stop the urge to spank my naked butt cherry red. Have to be discrete abd do it when my wife is not around, because she is not into spanking because of her pentecostal bacjground. I usually do it at home or in the woods, trying to find a place that is more private, where dont gave to worry about the noise I make from spanking myself. I would like some guidence on the discipline aspect of spanking to change my bad negative and destructive behavior and the best implements to use. I use a cutting board that is shaped like a paddle, belt, hairbrush, wooden spatchula and a wooden spoon they make my naked butt red vurning and on fire. I want to go to a deeper level and make it almost maroon color burning and on fire so it will hurt to sit down for at least a week!!!
  9. I am glad to be here I am looking forward to neeting like minded men who are into all kinds of spanking. I am a total spanko, just been self spanking until I find a reliable spanking partner or group.
  10. Self spanking myself at home with paddle, belt, hairbrush Wooden spoon and wooden spatchula. It tears up my nake butt real quickly!!
  11. I live in tampa Florida and looking for a spanker male or female. I have been self spanking need to take it to a higher level to have someone give me the naked bottom spanking i despertly need to assist in changing my negative destructive behavior.
  12. I do watch spanking videos, to give me ideas for self spanking. I also watch female spanking men and men abd fantasize about being spanked the same way as the video. It also gets me sexually excited. It also can give me creative ideas on spanking other people.
  13. Spankmered57

    Rays self spanking

    Rays photos of self spanking in the woods in tampa florida
  14. I have not been on here in a while. Trying to connect with people who would be interested in spanking me for discipline reasons. Have not found a partner yet, looking for someone that will spank me to change my negative behavior, and i am willing to switch. I have been self spanking, but want to take it to the next level. If interested message ir inbox me.
  15. I am also in a difficult domestic situation i self spank when my wife is away from the house or I am away on errends and can find a safe place to self spank.
  16. I wish my wife would spank me, she thinks it is a sin because of her pentecostal background. I am in desperate need of a good spanking partner that will spank me to help cha ge my bad behavior. I live in tampa florida
  17. This really helps me because I have battled with spanking and my walk with jesus. I know spanking would help my walk with jesus.
  18. I definitely need an on line disciplinarian to help me in self spankingvto change my negative behavior! I will look up the discord app and look you up.
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