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  1. I like to spank myself daily but don't always get to. I do a real thrashing where my naked butt is glowing red and it really hurts tovsit down for days afterwards. This us my purpose in self spanking, but I need to take it to a higher level to have someone spank my bottom for discipline purposes to the point of tears, with corner time and accountability fir my bad behavior and attitudes.
  2. I am looking for a spanker in tampa florida that will spank me, to help change my negative behavior, if interested message or inbox me.
  3. I live in Tampa Florida looking for spanker, that will use spanking to change my negative behavior through spanking. Male or female, particular spanking relationship, no sex or relationship. Been self spanking but need to take it to the next level. If interest message or inbox me.
  4. I live in Tampa and looking for a spanker, who will help change my negative behavior, if interested inbox me or message me.
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