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  1. Thank you, i do need advise on how to find a good spanking partner. Been self spanking, need to take my spanking to the next level.
  2. Spankmered57


    I love this red butt spanking, it looks like they were thoroughly spanked until the butt was very bright red. This is how I would want my naked butt spanked!
  3. I self spank almost every other day, i usually use a small paddle, hairbrush and belt. Been looking forca reliable spanking partner, but until tgen i will continue to self spank to help me change negative behavior.
  4. I would love to be a part of this group need understanding friends.
  5. I am in tampa florida how close are to tampa flirida maybe we can hook up and you can spank me, and i could spank me.
  6. No but i live in florida looking for a spanking partner to spank me.
  7. Spankmered57

    Raymond Miles

    I love to have my naked butt cherry burning and on fire for days afterwards, to change all my negative behavioral paterns
  8. Love this spanking position. This us how I would like my naked butt spanked.
  9. I am glad to be back, I have been a spanko since my teenage years, been self spanking and trying to hook up with the right group or person who could spank me like i really need
  10. I would prefer to be spanked by another man because he be like that authirity figure i really beed to be spanked to change the becessary areas in my life.
  11. Yes it would, i am not in a dd relationship but i feel maintance spankings would help change bad behavior by continuing discipline to hone in, by using pain spanking on the naked butt, would put in a teminder to change bad behavior.
  12. I have done a simular thing i skip to the actual spanking part for the techniques in spanking and what happens after the spanking to see a change in behavior.
  13. Always want a good red bottom spanking everywhere I go. I self spank as often as I can
  14. I am struggling with the same thing i am just looking for someone that will spank my naked butt to change my negative destructive behavior and willing to switch to do the same. Because of my inability to find the right spanking partner i have been self spanking spanking but i beed to take it to a deeper level by having the right person to spank me fir discipline reasons only.
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