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  1. I have a doctors appointment Monday where they will have to check my prostate and I have been self spanking and my bottom is very red and bruised, how do I explain this to the doctor. Also if someone goes to the er for an emergency, auto accident after a spanking where their bottom is very red and bruised how do you explain the bruises and red bottom to the doctors or nurses without getting I to a long discussion
  2. I have the same desire I love Jesus, but I have a burning desire to be spanked for the desire to change negative behavior. When I do spank myself and my butt gets really red burning and on fire I start to get an erection and some times I cum during the spanking or have a desire to jack off after the spanking. I feel like I have sinned I try to avoid the desire but the more I do the stro get the desire is. I have accepted that my deep desire to be spanked and to spank others is just part of my genetic DNA make up. I am am feeding my spanking desire and when I am alone I spank myself so hard with a paddle and other implements with the purpose to stop procrastination then I stand in a corner fir about 5 mi uses and think how much procrastination is a sin. Now everything I start procrastinating I think about the pain and my burning but, so I start getting things done. I don't know how to handle the sexual side of spanking there are nerves in you butt that are attached to your sexual organs. With that being g said I think the best thing is to just go with the flow and alow spanking help to release my sexual tension by masterbating which is a gealthy release. Hope this can help somebody. I also get erections when I watch spanking videos I do this probable because of my deep desire to be spanked like the people in the videos!!
  3. I found a great way to self spank myself is in the shower with my naked butt wet then spank hard with Amy paddle the water won't hurt it and then with my hair brush then let the hot water soak into my naked but. This makes a naked butt really burning and on fire. It burned and hurt to sit down. I could imagine someone else foing this to me in a large his and her shower that would really burn your naked butt. What do you all think has anyone tried this? Let me know
  4. Thank you this will help, I know I need to do what I feel will help me become a better person not what other people say. Thank you fir the input!
  5. Merry Christmas to everyone, and wonder if anyone is getting or receiving a Christmas spanking for their Christmas gift to try out your new paddle that you got gor for a Christmas gift. Just wonder if anyone here have experienced this, and got a new paddle or spanking implement for Christmas and want to start using it immediately!
  6. Have not been on for a while, been having some internal conflict about spanking and my walk with Jesus. The more I try to suppress the need for a good spanking, the more I get the urge. As mentioned in early posts my wife and friends at church sais it is a sin, as I study the Bible it says spare the rod spoil the child. And other scripture, rod for the back of fools. We are foolish now and then. So I am here to listen to your all ideas and I am still looking for a good spanking group or spanking partner in the tampa bay area! Let me know how you all feel, and have a great day
  7. I getting ready to start working out again and persue a career in Personal Training. How do you all feel to incorporate spanking as part of your personal training routine, and to assist in exercise motivation, my swim coach in high school used it for bad behaved swimmers. Does anyone have any thoughts on this subject!
  8. This is one of my favorite positions when I would be spanked with a paddle or any other kind of implement
  9. I have been involved in spanking since I was a teenager.  Growing up I would always get a spanking by my dad and when I was bad at school and they always pulled my pants down and spanked me naked.  I loved that burning and that on fire feeling especially when my butt was cherry red.   I would deliberately do bad things and smart off to my dad so I can get that spanking that made me feel really good.  I also would get a huge erection when I was spanked and would cum during the spanking.  When I was waiting in the principles office to get a spanking I would get a huge erection while waiting and anticipating that spanking that would make my butt ?cherry red, ?burning and on ?fire for days afterwards. 

    This continued into adulthood, the more I try to get away from this desire to be spanked 2 to 3 times a week, the stronger the urge.  My wife is totally against spanking because if her Pentecostal upbringing.  If I tell the church they would say that I am going to he'll.

    For the last 10 years I have been self spanking because I have yet to find anyone that will meet my spanking needs.  

    I am looking for a male or female spanked or switch who will spank my naked butt and make it ?cherry red ?burning and on ?fire for days afterwards!!! I am willing to do the same with my spanking Partner.

    I like to be spanked with paddles, switches, belts, razer straps, whips, gairbrushes, wooden spoons canes, tree branches or anything that will make my naked butt ?? cherry red, burning ?and on fire for days afterwards.  I like my butt to be red with a little blood and minor bruising, as long as it hurts to sit down for days afterwards. I like to be spanked to crying and tears, this will help me to change my negative behavioral paterns!!!

    Anyone is interested you can inbox me, email me here or email me at rmiles2057@gmail.com 




    1. Spankmered57


      This is how I was spanked growing up, and this is how I want to be spanked now with a very very cherry red red butt!!

  10. The spanking implements, I like to use on myself and on my future spankees!@
  11. Spanking my naked butt in the woods in tampa florida
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