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  1. Hi I am new here. I live in Tampa Bay area. Interested in a group where I can receive a good red bottom spanking and also give a red bottom spanking
  2. I am interested in any spanking groups in the Tampa Bay area. Where I can get my naked butt spanked. And maybe also switch and spank other person's butt
  3. Hairbrush and wooden spoon stings and turns a naked bottom red very quickly!!
  4. Yes the hairbrush works great and will year my bottom up and make red very quickly!!
  5. I have a ping pong paddle wooden spoon and hairbrush that I use on myself and it burns my naked bottom and sets it on fire for days. They also make it cherry red!!
  6. Spankmered57


    This is how to spank with a hairbrush. I would love to be spanked like this and have my naked butt spanked and turn red and on fire just like this!!
  7. This would work great on my naked bottom and would make it sting and set it on fire for days. It would also make it cherry red. I need to get one as soon as I can!!
  8. I like the spanked to wear thin or see through underware and after I spank them hard with my hand. I will pull the underware down to their knees cand continue to spank their naked bottom until it is cherry red and on fire as long as they want I when I am being spanked would wear mesh shorts with no underware underneath and after I am spanked really hard with the hand would like those shorts taken completely off and my shirt and be completely naked while being spanked. I then would want to be spanked real hard with a paddle. Then finish up with wooden spoon and hairbrush. I want my naked bottom really red like cherries and do warm on fire and stinging so it hurts to sit down for days. Then I will learn my I lessons to change my negative attitudes and behavior,!!!
  9. I like to start warm up Spanking with the hand. You can make a naked bottom red with the hand. I usually like to go with a paddle hairbrush or wooden spoon after bring spanked with the hand. It makes my butt to really sting and gets on fire for days afterwards!!!
  10. I also like to switch. I love to have someone spank me very hard with a paddle wooden spoon or hairbrust until my naked bottom is cherry red and is on fire. I then would spank them until their naked bottom bus cherry red and on fire. I would spank them as long and as hard as they wanted !!! This is how I like to be spanked and this is how red I like my butt afterwards. But I usually want it more red and on fire!!
  11. I too live in Tampa Florida I need a real hard spanking to change my negative behavioral patterns I am not looking for sex or relationship. Looking for a spanking partner where we can spank each other,!!

    1. Spankmered57


      Yes I am interested to meet you and want my naked butt spanked real hard until it is on fire and cherry red for days.  I love to be spanked with paddles wooden spoons and hairbrushes anything that will make my naked butt cherry red and on fire and warm for days afterwards I live in Tampa Florida I am married but my wife is not into spanking at all so we need to be descrete about this. Send me an email of where you want to go from here!!  Here are some pictures of how I like to be spanked and when I self spanked myself!!!large.gemini_tears_his_ass.giflarge.IMG_20200902_202308.jpglarge.IMG_20200902_195027.jpglarge.IMG_20200902_194500.jpglarge.IMG_20200902_194327.jpglarge.IMG_20200902_195413.jpglarge.IMG_20200902_195427.jpglarge.IMG_20200829_211816.jpglarge.IMG_20200829_211853.jpg

  12. I have self spanked myself quite a bit in my car. I would pull the seat all the way back then pull the back seat back. I would lean on the left side started spanking with my underware or mesh shorts with my hand 20 times then turn over on my right side and spank my left check 20 times. Then I woul pull my underware and shirts completely off and my shirt off when I am completing naked. Then I would use a ping pong paddle 20 time on each cheek and I would do this ,3 times. I would then be on my knees on the seat with my butt up in the air and would spank each check 20 times. I would do this 3 times. I would finish by spanking my butt in the middle 30 time. This made my but cherry red and sometime it had some black and blue marks. It burned and was on fire for days afterwards and sometimes it burned when I sat down. I loved that on fire and burning feeling that lasted for a week afterwords. Then when it healed I would find the secluded park and spanked myself again in the car!! Spanking in the car is a good place for self Spanking also for another person spanking you That works better in the back seat otk and in the seat on your knees using a belt or paddle. Make sure it is a secluded place. You don't want to get caught doing this by the police and get charged with indesent exposure and go to jail.
  13. I have come home with a belt and a paddle and was spanked with both until my bottom was cherry red and could not sit down for a week. This happened after I was spanked at school and my naked button was already red and on fire. Then daddy finished the job with his leather belt and ping pong paddle!!!!
  14. I do own a hair brush and wooden spoon and they work great for self spanking.
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