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  1. This is a great idea I would love to see this I. Tampa Florida I would be the first in line to get a naked add whipping!!!
  2. I am also looking for Spanking friends those who will spank me and then I can return the favor and spank them!
  3. Nice looking bottom and looks like it is ready for a good spanking that will make it red!!
  4. I said earlier, I am into switching, and would spank you if you would be interested in spanking me also. I like only full nude spanking, using paddles, hairbrushes wooden spoons belts canes and switches. Send me a detailed email at rmiles2057@gmail.com if you are interested!!!
  5. Yes I would only if you can also spank me and make my naked butt cherry red like my photos on my profiles and my pictures you are in trouble now
  6. I saved you as friend. I am married but looking for a reliable spanking partner
  7. He also got a nice cherry red burning on fire butt!!!
  8. Looking for a disciplinarian male or female who will give me the spanking that I deserve for being really naughty!! I need to change my sloppy housekeeper procrastination and depression. To make the change I need a real hard naked butt spanking that will make my butt cherry red on fire and burning for days!!! I like to be spanked with paddles, hairbrushes, wooden spoons, belts, and razer straps. I don't like bruising if it can be avoided. I like my butt real red like cherries!!
  9. My wife is not into spanking at all so to meet my spanking needs I have to resort to self Spanking on a regular basis. This really does not totally fulfill my desire to get a full naked butt spanking when my butt is cherry red burning and on fire for days afterwards. She does make comments about stop or I will whip you. I say yes this is what I need but she said I don't want to hurt you. Maybe I can convert her to spanking. Only time will tell. But in the meantime I need to find a understanding compassionate spanking partner in the Tampa Bay Florida area!!?
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