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  1. I remember one time on a vacation in South Dakota early spring, couple years ago. It was cold and rainy and I stopped at a rest area to eat and this older couple stopped in behind me. I finished eating and threw away the trash but accidentally left some scraps on the table. As I was walking away the lady yelled at me and asked me to throw away my scraps. I replied rudely and told her screw you who cares. Her husband quickly got up and rushed over and grabbed me by the arm and escorted me back over to their pavilion where he held my arms behind my back like handcuff style and faced me towards the lady. “Young man that was very disrespectful and I think you need to be taught a lesson you won’t forget.” She said standing up and walking over to me. I gulped and tried to resist but couldn’t as she unzipped my leather jacket, unbuckled my belt and took it off and then she unbuttoned my pants and slid them and my underwear down to my ankles. Her husband then made me turn around and lifted my arms straight up as he stood to the side of me holding my arms straight above my head. “50 for the trash, 50 for being disrespectful, and another 50 to remind you that you’re never too old to be spanked.” She said as she doubled up my belt and started the most intense belting I’ve ever gotten to this day. I was kicking screaming and crying by the time she finished an what was worse was 2 families came by and saw the show. When it was done, we sat down and talked and to my worst fear I found out they were staying in the same hotel I was!
  2. My last spanking was my senior year in high school. I got in trouble in school and got paddled then came home to receive the wooden spoon, belt and a switch.
  3. I finally moved to the Huelen area of Fort Worth and I’m looking for someone to administer a good spanking. Yes I’m a male I’m 25 years old and I’ve done a lot of wrong in my life. If there’s someone out there who can take me over the knee or have me bend over and grab my ankles, please email me at smith.jacob3111@gmail.com
  4. My spanker drove to see me yesterday. I haven’t been spanked since the corona began so I had a lot to be held accountable for. Yesterday was a series of long spankings which began sometime around 2pm and ended with me restrained to the bed for 100 strokes with the cane. Today we got up early to go to mass at 7 and he took me over his knee and spanked me with the hairbrush and bathbrush. We got to church and he made me grab my ankles in the parking lot while he belted me. I had tears in my eyes as mass was the longest I’ve ever had today. When we got home we passed my neighbor who commented how nice I looked in my new jeans button down shirt and leather blazer. I said thank you and before anything else could be said my spanker grabbed my arm and stated, “Sorry but he’s due for his final spanking.” My neighbor looked at me and grinned and said back, “make sure it counts cause he can be heard playing video games loud late at night.” We got inside and he escorted me to the corner. He laid everything out walked back over and had me clasp my hands behind my back where he handcuffed me. He then ballgagged me and led me over to the chair in the middle of the room. He sat down with me by his side and lectured me as he undid my belt and jeans and slid them along with my underwear down to my ankles. He took my hands in his left hand and held onto them tightly as he began what was the longest 2 hour spanking I’ve ever had. My bottom is unrecognizable right now and I still have tears in my eyes. He says I’m to get one more tonight before he leaves but he won’t tell me when or where I’m getting it
  5. Anyone here willing to direct a self spanking over Skype right now?
  6. Anyone here willing to direct a self spanking over Skype right now?
  7. That’s is mister! March yourself into the bedroom bare your bottom and spank yourself 100 times each cheek with the hairbrush then give yourself 10 minutes in the corner then spank yourself another 50 times per video you’ve watched this week. Then go outside cut a switch and switch yourself for how many cigarettes you’ve smoked this week. I have been lazy and lied to my supervisor and called into work 3 times this last week even though I wasn’t sick. I also spend too much time playing video games and surfing the web. I have a hairbrush bathbrush and wooden spoon
  8. Hi there I just got my bottom thrashed tonight as well. I knew it was long but my disciplinarian timed it at an hour and 45 minutes.
  9. So I remember couple years ago I met a woman in one of my college classes who rode a motorcycle and one day she offered me a ride. Well of course I accepted I always wanted to ride one not to mention always wanted to look the part as I went out and bought leather chaps, leather pants and a biker jacket. Well this developed into her picking me up and giving me a ride to class each morning that fall semester. One morning before a test she asked if I studied at all the night before jokingly I replied, “I studied some then went out with friends.” She gave me a glare and said, “you better hope you do well on the test.” It made me wonder what would happen keeping in mind I had a male disciplinarian already. Well I did try on the test but I didn’t do well at all. We got the grades back the following Monday. The next morning, she picked me up but we stopped at city park. She told me to get off and follow her. We walked down the path to a gazebo looking thing with a couple trees around it. She handed me a pair of scissors and told me to go cut 3 switches from the bushes across the path. I was absolutely stunned and at first hesitated but then did as I was told. I came back and handed her the switches and she told me to turn around and lower my leather pants but I could keep the chaps on. I did as I was told and quickly lowered my pants and underwear as she walked up and placed her right hand on my back and eased me to bend over which I did grabbing my knees. She then commenced to a 30 minute switching but it felt 10x longer. I was gasping for air as tears were steadily streaming down my cheeks. She helped me raise my pants and then escorted me back to the bike and we went to class. Worst part was getting home and my disciplinarian waiting outside my door and of course he introduced himself as such to which made her smile in delight. Needless to say he gave me a very hard paddling and belting that night.
  10. So I’m new to this site and looking to meet new people hopefully someone to administer a spanking as well. So to start I was spanked by my parents till I was 18 and graduated. When I got into college I found a disciplinarian who happened to live right across from my apartment and he spanked me more than my parents ever did. Unfortunately I transferred colleges and we lost contact with eachother sometime last year. The most memorable spanking I had was also my most embarrassing spanking. The last day of December each year I got a summary spanking of everything I did wrong that year and then on New Years I got a New Years Resolution spanking. Well my second year in college to start off the new year of 2017 he Came over and got me up around 5am that morning. I knew right off the bat I was gonna be in for it. He told me to get up and strip naked so I did. He handed me a gift bag and said it was a late Xmas gift. I opened it and inside was a hairbrush, bathbrush and a small acrylic cane but underneath that was a black double breasted leather trench coat. He told me to put it on and nothing else so I did. I put on my riding boots and we drove to the city park. I remember It was freezing cold and sprinkling a little. He told me that we were gonna walk around the pathway and every bench we came to we would stop and I would bend over and grab my ankles for a 10 minute spanking. At first I didn’t think there was gonna be that many benches in a medium sized park but at the end which by the way was closer to 8 in the morning, there were 13 benches. I started to feel it after the 4th bench. The embarrassing part besides being naked under a leather trench coat in freezing cold weather was around the 8th or 9th bench. I’ll be honest and say by this time I was crying as I bent over and grabbed my ankles. He raised my coat over my back placed one hand on my upper back and with the hairbrush grasped in the other commenced to another spanking. About halfway through a beautiful lady jogger, not much older than me, came by and stopped. I quickly tried to stand and cover myself by he grabbed my waist and forced me to stay put and explained to the beautiful girl that I was being spanked at every bench. I was expecting the girl to be surprised or disgusted but instead she said a freshly cut switch would work better adding on that even though she’s got one year left in college her parents still spank her. To my surprise and embarrassment, my mentor asks her if she would like to finish the spanking. She says she’d be delighted and asks for the bath brush. She comes over and takes my right arm and pins it on my lower back and tells me to grab her left lower shin as she pulls me in close and tucks me under her arm. Let me tell you what that girl did not stop when the timer went off and every stroke with that bathbrush felt like a fire from hell. Of course after that, she became apart of my discipline. Her and my mentor kept in touch but when transferred colleges last year we lost contact and haven’t spoken since
  11. My freshmen year in college I had a disciplinarian who lived across from me in my apartment complex. He had a key of course but whenever I made below a B it would mean a week of morning and evening spankings.
  12. For me my worst spanking came my junior year in high school coming back from Xmas break. I remember I had just gotten a new leather jacket for Xmas and i wore it first day back. A kid made fun of the way I looked so I hit him and knocked him to the ground course the teacher saw it and escorted me to the principal where I had to bend over and receive 15 with the paddle. They contacted my parents and the moment I got home I walked in to see a note and a pair of scissors on the counter. Note said I was to go out and pick and clean 5 switches and to prepare myself in my room. Tell you what that was the longest spanking of my life that night.
  13. For me it was 2 years ago just before winter break in college and I was acting up and my disciplinarian at the time drove to me and waited outside the lecture hall till I came out he then grabbed me by the arm and rushed me outside to a side courtyard where he pulled my jeans and underwear down in the freezing cold and commenced to use a hairbrush on my bare bottom for nearly 30 minutes.
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