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  1. You have a very cute ass!
  2. Hey there Carolina Spankos! Anything going on in our little area of the world? It's difficult to social distance keeping more than a paddle length away. Wish we could beat Covid's butt out of here. Ideas, suggestions, happenings? Spanks a lot & have a wonderful day everyone.
  3. Hello! Mature straight male spankee from the Carolinas here. Lifelong enthusiast, like to talk about, read about, think about spanking, and of course love to receive spanks.
  4. I can't comment on the difference between younger & older DD relationships since I too am without a female spanking buddy/partner, however I can say there is a physiological component to it. As we age our hormone levels decrease and ratios change. Males lose testosterone and females especially after menopause lose estrogen along with other changes. These are large contributors to our interests and desires. This I can say from personal experience and a medical background. Be happy to discuss further.
  5. Greetings to all. Glad to find this group for other 50+ y/o spankos. Age is just a number and at least as I celebrate each anniversary of my 50th birthday, I can look forward to more birthday spanks. Hope to meet some friendly likeminded folks.
  6. I realize this post is 2 years old, butt I'll still comment.. Yes, Wal-Mart does have a wooden grill cleaner/scraper that looks like it would be an excellent paddle. I'm with you on the thought of some days almost everything looks like it could be used for spanking!
  7. Hello and welcome Jane. Here's wishing you a pleasant day from a fellow south eastern US member.
  8. LV2redbutt


    Mary I think you have a cute and very spankable butt. Thank you so much for posting.
  9. Красивая задница!
  10. Very nice pink striped butt. Ready for a strap &/or paddle next.
  11. Are they strictly received from a spanking buddy or selfies or both?
  12. Yes FetLife can be a mess with rude people and members who say they will only answer or interact with friends. Be patient, look at some of the club's here and I've also heard local munches are good. I'm going to try to attend some when Covid allows us.
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