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  1. GaryMcKee, words to live by!
  2. Perhaps a new position has been created. SA (Spanking assistant). Lowers pants, suggests and passes impliments, tests out new impliments..... Maybe a whole job description can be written!
  3. She's about to get an overdue lesson!
  4. Please see my post from 5/21/21 at 12:49PM.
  5. Yes she does MummyJade, and as some of us also do!
  6. Any spanking activities going on in NJ around mid June?
  7. Hi there! Yes I agree with all above in being careful, as there are an abundance of people who profess to be "experienced, caring spankers" who are willing to "meet YOUR needs". With that said, hope you have a fabulous day!
  8. You're welcome. Since I'm a straight male spankee I'll let another expand on my spanking assignment to you. Since you don't have a paddle or wooden hairbrush, add this to your previous assignment. While naked, with your bamboo cane, get 30 medium/hard swats on your bare butt over one minute. Then get 60 over the next minute. Rest for 30 seconds, then get 100 hard spanks with it over the next minute. If you have a wooden spoon or cheese board that's not too thick get 75 spanks to each cheek. If not then alternate ruler with cane for this part. Your butt should start glowing. Me... I've be
  9. Very nice, but needs more seasoning.
  10. Very nice spanking. I've got that same bathbrush & it works great!
  11. I'm pretty much an EE butt I'll try to help you out. How many lectures have you missed in the last month? Get spanked on your bare butt 10 times with the ruler for each lecture you missed for the first 5 lectures. For more lectures missed, use a hairbrush or wooden paddle 5 times each cheek for each lecture. 5 minutes corner time, then finish up with 2 minutes of paddling increasing speed and intensity as you go.
  12. Great shot of the moments before off with the panties, on with the paddling.
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