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  1. Yes she does MummyJade, and as some of us also do!
  2. Any spanking activities going on in NJ around mid June?
  3. Hi there! Yes I agree with all above in being careful, as there are an abundance of people who profess to be "experienced, caring spankers" who are willing to "meet YOUR needs". With that said, hope you have a fabulous day!
  4. Very nice, but needs more seasoning.
  5. LV2redbutt


    Very nice spanking. I've got that same bathbrush & it works great!
  6. LV2redbutt


    I agree, she does have a wonderful spanking butt!
  7. LV2redbutt


    Needing a get up and get going spanking!
  8. LV2redbutt

    Pick a switch

    Someone's ass was on fire!
  9. That strap needs to be put to more use. That cute butt needs to be redder.
  10. I 100% agree with your perspective. I too am an ee and certainly not submissive. I am a straight male who thoroughly enjoys receiving a spanking. I don't feel I need it for punishment nor do I want humiliation. I feel stress relief as well as an endorphin releasing response. My enjoyment in spanking a woman is knowing I'm giving her pleasure while providing something she wants.
  11. Are there any sites out there which don't allow "professional" or "experienced disciplinarians"?
  12. LV2redbutt

    First post...

    Fabulous picture!
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