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  1. I would be honored if u tested ur paddle on me! I messaged u earlier, waiting to hear back from u. I’m near GR but willing to drive, u can’t be too incredibly far from me. Plus if the paddle is anywhere near effective that’ll give me a longer car ride home sitting on my sore bottom thinking about things! Please get back to me at your earliest convenience, u appear to be very well recommended and I am sincerely interested. Thank you!
  2. I am looking for a disciplinarian for myself. Someone that will hold me accountable and give me a good spanking when I need it! I live in Wayland but I come to GR regularly.
  3. Does that offer extend to others? I’m looking for a disciplinarian I can meet with monthly, and maybe extra sessions here and there as needed. In need of someone to hold me accountable for my actions. You’re a little far from me, I’m near Grand Rapids. But the long car ride home with a sore bottom would definitely give me time to reflect and hopefully think about how to make the next session not as rough. Too bad I’m a slow learner tho!
  4. Omg, finally someone in Michigan! Idk what is considered mid MI but I’m near Grand Rapids and willing to drive a bit. I’m looking for a disciplinarian I can meet with once a month, maybe more if needed in any given month, who can help me stay on track. I’ve been slipping up a lot lately and with no consequences I lose motivation to do better real fast. Then I feel guilty and I’m neglecting other areas of my life and I’ve just been in need of a good sound spanking for a while now. I’m 40 and haven’t felt that release since I was 31, and I thrive off of structure as well. My dad was my disciplin
  5. For me a successful spanking has three elements that must all be present. 1. Tears, tears and more tears 2. Sufficient marks/welts/blisters, especially on my sit spots and upper thighs 3. Swift change in attitude including apologies and promises to do better!
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