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  1. I only need disciplinary Spankings when I have fallen short in meeting performance expectations or have misaligned to the established behavior standards. When these expectations have been clearly established and I fail, resolve must occur in a thoughtful, deliberate and caring way. When there is a genuine environment which consistently incorporates trust and respect, I can fully submit to the discipline agreed upon and the Spankings need to be hard and long enough to ensure I am sincerely remorseful and eager to establish specific coarse correction adjustments which can be sustained into the future.
  2. I am so sorry to hear and I am praying strength, wisdom and guidance for you.
  3. I received my very first Spanking at 8 years old by someone outside of my family. I will always remember the conversation and intense feelings as I was alerted I would be Spanked and why. I never felt more Loved and even today reflect with the most favorable memories. The Spankings continued for many years and I so appreciated every aspect in the very regimented practice. Relationship built on Guidance, Trust, Respect and Accountability. When I misbehaved or misaligned with guidance or performance expectations, I knew what to expect and grew to gladly submit to the thoughtful and loving discipline administered to me with regularity. I never felt more Loved.
  4. Welcome from a PNW Native!! You will find so many Wonderful people to engage and with a wide array of specific interest but one grounding uniform connection, we all enjoy Spanking!! Again, welcome to the site and Take care!!
  5. Three separate segments are foundational and required for me; 1) My Guidance and Accountability Mentor must partner with me to identify and clarify specific goals and objectives which I must adhere and remain aligned to with consistency. 2) Upon establishment of my personal and specific goals and objectives, recognition and corrective actions must be clearly defined and agreed upon. Recognition is provided when full compliance is achieved and is a simple acknowledgment and praise of my adherence to all requirements and expectations. Corrective action is a Hard Spanking. 3) Consistent and ongoing monitoring and support of my progress and adherence to all defined G&O and the application of actions which result as performance is calculated. I must fully accept responsibility for my actions both good and bad. I love and must understand what is expected of me. Spanking for me must be disciplinary and focused on supporting me in achieving the goals and objectives. When this level of support and clarity is provided, I can submit and relay complete acceptance of the required action. I so love being held accountable and to me, there is no better feeling than knowing someone is supportive and following up with consistency!! The Spanking and every stroke must be administered with effective resolve in mind and which ensures my complete submission, direct focus and eventual full release of tension which allows me to make the needed adjustments and align more directly with expectations into the future! Spanking is Wonderful and one day I hope to find that perfect caring and supportive Mentor!!!
  6. Welcome to the site young man and while I have not been here long, I can tell you with confidence there are so many wonderful people here. Take it slow, review and apply all the guidelines and have fun! You will find caring supportive people here and there is nothing better than being connected and engaged with enthusiasts as Spanking is the greatest subject matter in the world!!
  7. I understand as well and If your ever in Portland Oregon, I am glad to Administer a good hard Spanking. Not sexual and I do so appreciate thinking about receiving and administering disciplinary Spankings! Some day I hope to find a mentor in my area who would provide the guidance and regular disciplinary Spankings I need and deserve! I guess I am lucky in my thoughts and position on this life long interest in that, I like all Spanking environments. I can be productively engaged in both roles with both males and females as Spanking is generally a Wonderful focus and on my mind my mind daily!!!
  8. Many of us have a submissive side but often want to represent leadership and control when in fact, there is a deep inner desire to allow you to take control. I do believe this need and desire for a Wife to take control is higher than many realize or want to admit on both sides. Wives, the next time you find yourself frustrated or feeling like he is acting childish, what is the harm in suggesting a Spanking? You may be surprised at the response and the outcome may be extremely favorable!!
  9. Wives, Spank your Husbands! If you don’t know why believe me as a Husband for 24 years, we do know why!
  10. I was consistently Spanked with a wide and thick leather belt from age 8 to 17. The Buckle was removed and both ends we’re stapled and wrapped with electric tape to secure and serve as the Handle. Folded in this manner and after 25 hard strokes, I can say with certainty it made me focus on my misdeed and left a memorable impression with every application!! Very painful experience each and every time and I often reflect with such favorable memories. These belt spankings always deliberately righted the wrong and brought peace in my mind and provided a deep need for security in my life!
  11. Foundational engagement rules and expectations must be well defined and comfort and trust must be established prior to the first Spanking. This will take time and if the individual is not willing to thoughtfully work through this process with you, I do believe that is the time to disengage. Expectations always include personal hygiene as unfortunately, guys in some cases are not as clean and well groomed which in my mind, is a requirement. Sexual or not, this must be made clear and only after agreements are reached and a comfortable and trusting environment is established between both consenting adults can next steps be considered. I have been Spanked much more by key women in my life growing up but I am very open to experiencing all possible sessions both administering and receiving with both men and women! I love Spanking and have since I was 8 years old so I remain open and excited about my pathway to experience all Spanking environments in a safe, productive and trusting manner. Exciting indeed to me!!
  12. If the Genuine Mutual Connection and Trust has been established between two consenting adults, all Spanking is Wonderful!!!
  13. Welcome young man!! This site is wonderful and you will find many very friendly people in which to engage. Review the rules and ensure your alignment and otherwise, wishing you the very best!!
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