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  1. In college ,I had a roommate who had the same fetish as me - spanking. We had a wonderful four years together enjoying our fetish. But since that time, now more 10 years ago, I have had difficulties in finding another woman who has the same fetish as I have. That has resulted in me to self-spank, but it is definitely not the same. But until I find another woman to fulfill my desires and hers, I will continue warming my own bottom.
  2. Having a spanking fetish since around 12 to now 30, I sense that men have a higher desire to spank females than those of their own sex. Whereas, I on the other hand and from listening and reading from those of my sex, I sense that we have more of a desire to have a spanking relationship with other females rather than males. I would like to know how many sense the same as me or not and what drives you to desire that sort of relationship. In my case I have more of a feeling of intimacy when in a spanking relationship with another woman, either as the "ee" or "er".
  3. I always want my spanker to pull down my panties and to do it slowly. The anticipation of a bare bottom spanking is heightened when you feel the waistband of your panties slowly sliding down your buttocks until it is totally revealed and the sound and feeling of the the spanker's hand making its first impact on your bottom. It is so sensual.
  4. Love to chat with you sometime. I am also not interested in meeting up with anyone, but love to chat about my fetish with other women like yourself.
  5. I have, most of the time,multiple orgasms after being spanked.
  6. Getting and giving a rectal temp is a real turn on for me.
  7. When I was growing up there were some teachers (always female teachers) that would threaten me and other students with a spanking, but it never occurred. But those teachers, who did threaten me, I always wondered if they actually got spanked themselves when they were in school.
  8. It is so difficult to find someone of the same sex as me to spank and be spanked.
  9. Johnson


    My bottom constantly needs attention.
  10. Johnson


    I hated waiting in the corner knowing that I would be called over by mom and have to lay across her lap.
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