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  1. Have a backup plan. If marks noticed, tell him you are a self spanker. Hand him bath brush and suggest he try self spanking. Likely he will say not my thing but your bottom looks lovely and not question further. If not so easy, keep encouraging him to try and he will ask you to drop the matter. Or he becomes Spanko. I get this might be rejected by ‘trust is everything” folks that have fairytale experience or dreams not yet crushed by life - but you got a good thing going why mess it up until engaged. Then write your wedding vows and slip in a line about your friend spanking you if he is not a convert. Or face a spankless happily ever after. Dropping a good ER before you have even better new ER is bigger decision than dropping job without new one. At least it is on Spanking Forum.
  2. Popeye, You are wiser than you let on. The loss of knowledge and readings from Hellenistic period may yet under go a true awakening with true translation. Time-Lord.
  3. Hola Sabrina, Where/how did you meet your DD? How was the mutual interest discovered? What is strategy on beach for marks? Do you have a favorite tapas? Nos vemos
  4. Mnee, This is old problem. Old Testament has 20 reference in which woman are instructed to teach men. Things would not have gone so well in desert and ark might have sunk. This was a backup plan as men may not be able to figure all things out. This problem persists and if you marry, it may take years to teach him load dishwasher, do laundry or make decisions about furniture. Paul’s and Timothys letters predicted this. Much of this stems from childhood. It is drilled into every boy growing up never to hit girls. Under law, spanking is assault. You already know all this. Genesis was a six day plan. You shared a six day plan. Coincidence? I think not. Teaching Bakers Man not to play pat a cake Pat a cake is your destiny. There is a loophole with law, he can hit back if self defense. I agree trying Sex Shakespeare book but most guys are not down for reading any book that references Shakespeare. But remember the course of true love never did run smooth.
  5. Spanking videos cater to both male and female as top or bottom. Female pro Disciplinarians are in every major city and apparently can make a 6 figure living even with competition. While female pros cater to male or female EEs, my understanding is their clientele is mostly male. Overall, I think both male and female regardless of EE or ER have similar struggle finding partners. Urge gets suppressed but then as JCM say “oh yeah life goes on, long after the thrill of living is gone” … So we sign on SN as the Green light at the end of Daisy’s dock looking for that next PM, chat message or Post. Sure many people have a wonderful arrangement but most/some see only the bespectacled eyes of the faded sign Dr TJ Eckleburg. But suspect male or female, EE or ER most of us don’t or we did but back chasing against the tide that thrill between our ears.
  6. Yes, there are spankings in space. The BSG humanoid Cylon models Number 8 and Number 6 were known ERs. The download process in later copies lead to confusion and the Model 8’s became Switches and often EE’s expecting to be paid cubits while Model 6’s had bug ignoring safe words if phrase did not include prefix “By Your Command”. Both had tickling programs but were often a little rough. You can see the programming code in BSG sites -or at least you could - which points to patches if Models exposed to ion vapors or fumes lexitruim III fuel vapors.
  7. Summer is banned for not paying attention while binge watching 20 episodes of Price is Right and exceeding price on all but four items. She guessed exact price to penny on ping pong paddle, Dove soap, leather belt and Puckerbutt Reapers Squeezing Hot Sauce.
  8. People are passionate about spanking and their opinions on SN. A little tension and disagreement normal to consider alternative views. I think it was 1st or 2nd grade the “You are not the boss of me” still applies when can’t find common ground. Summer get one of those carbon dioxide alarms or crack a window. Old stoves can be dangerous and gases are odorless. I like the honesty of your posts and your intent is not to offend at all. I love reading female opinions on this thing we do. Much of my experience is female pros and I now find myself somewhat reluctantly in ER role.
  9. That paddle goes to 11! Assume 1/2 inch thick? Anything thicker (1/4,3/8, 1/2 great thickness at 5/8 + bruise too easy for me) and you are going for deep bruising unless playing light imho. Purpleheart is know as most dense wood and that paddle must feel heavy. You said severe but not sure if you meant severe use or going for severe result. Before you both go there I would suggest your ER self spanks with a couple whacks. The hardest and weight due to wood density is cranked up on that paddle. Or have your ER use first time with your jeans on and wear 3 -12 pairs of underwear 🧐
  10. ITB is banned for failing to recall that the Followers agreement is delayed as Vexillologist is on vacation for August. Followers agreement requires a flag to be displayed but minor changes in progress (that require Vexillologist sign off). Summer was supposed to provide an update and appears spanking in order.
  11. You could book a romantic getaway to Vegas for Labor Day weekend and randomly pick say the Suncoast hotel -and say honey what is that noise we are hearing? It sounds like somebody is watching that scene from the Secretary ? Over and over.
  12. ITB is banned for mixing HTML and XML tags without including the required DTD of <OTK> and failing to em this in italics.
  13. The point AG is to relax about spanking with non Spankos. Try unique fun ways vs approaching your partner as if your asking for something taboo. Recall Tony Montana “would you kiss me if I wear the hat approach to Elvira” Most woman appreciate guys with charm and manners. Now flip that around. What do guys appreciate that might help MNee? She clearly didn’t like advice in chat room. Guys like women that are not afraid to take charge and say what they want directly. Simon Says is one way to playful approach. If MNee believes not helpful or “load of garbage” she strikes me as type reject this advice. But likely got the point to try different ways without requiring what might be a hard conversation. The best part of SN is to view different viewpoints. The less helpful part of SN is people attacking each other. There is an interesting post years ago that said a high number of Wedgies in high school can drive that behavior. Finally, Simon Says works. Try it but don’t abuse it.
  14. MNee, You come across as confident, self respecting and powerful. Why not just lay over your bf’s lap and say well it’s not gonna spank itself now is it? If he doesn’t step up then next time do same thing with a ping pong paddle in your hand and get it started. If he still doesn’t respond, then he just might just have that sleeping disorder and that can be treated. Once he is on meds, remind him of a favorite childhood game. Then say Simon says pull down my panties, put me over your knee and spank me. Remind him that if you say Simon Says he has to do it. Just dont forget to say Simon Says very clearly. I am not sure but I think CP was in one of my Spank University classes but I think you are correct as I don’t recall him at graduation ceremony. Simon Says is first semester.
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