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  1. I would change your profile from Novice to Experienced with those credentials. Your best bet might be in Indiana if you play at that level.
  2. Welcome to SN Bonitacakezz. Would you be willing to share your story “why/how” you had the courage to do videos in a public posting? Needed the money, unfulfilled fantasy, thought might be fun or curious no one to spank you? Did you need to act or it was real? We’re the tops all skilled etc? Would you recommend others give it a shot?
  3. MN is a protected state. Overturn removes Fed protection but about 22 states will allow including MN. Becoming Fluid though is cool in all states. Although I might be pissed if I just invested in an NYC trip and no more KoolAid.
  4. Outstanding first effort. Not criticism but notes. She is a gem. You have skills ‘Creative notes’ why cover your art work in corner time after the spanking? She marks exceptionally well. okay sir yes sir sounds military. If that’s the vibe McNee’s point to dress more the part. (Yes, Dallas has surfer vibe and that works so go all in vs tshirt) Consider her blocking then you grab wrist and pull to lower back vs put her own hand or hands behind her back. Her hand movements looked per planned. And instead of both hand behind her back when standing Tell her firmly to do that or I recommend on her head. But it’s your video and outstanding effort. Thank you for sharing.
  5. That is a Walther PPK. Go to cane Iac site under Leather Shack. Swhip, Sinner or Ropester are close. The movie version is a prop.
  6. What if a rebellious city teenager moved to a small town Americas heartland in 2022 which rock music, dancing and Spanking was prohibited? Only the rebellious teen is female and hardcore Spanko. The young man defends his right to think for himself and start an FLR. Stevie Nicks replaced Kenny Loggins as artist in FootLoose due to “Danger Zone”. Who would be the stars? How would the Townhall meeting go? Would Rotten Tomatoes pan it. Would most Spankos go see it in theatre or wait for Netflix? Dance your a$$ off tshirt worn Lori Singer still for sale.
  7. Figging/gingering, corner time w/ stress positions, kneeling on bottle caps/acupressure mat, hot saucing, ball gags inflatable/pony/ open clamps, chastity, fisting try it all. It’s all harmless good fun. Except line writing. That is cruel. Just make the person peel their own ginger.
  8. ITB is banned for spanking Summer with melted Easter Bunny chocolate on her hands - and ruining Summer’s new Coachella t-shirt!
  9. Agree with Brittygirl. I am new to online but been around the block as a carbon based offline life form. My 02, spanking is a popular fetish but very small group into it like SN members. Female far more likely to be EE and male ER. These sets intersect with non-mutually exclusive members of both if my math logic correct. If you have spanking fantasies, just know that others do but unless you are at a spanking party, I would not bring it up. But being a known Spanko in your twenties is better than being a novice in your 50’s+. Keep in mind SN is a community to share common interests but not so much Match or Tinder. So… Stop being Invisible and taking polls. She, he or non-binary is out there not so much here. Getting a spanking tshirt to wear when you are not around your professional group! Also -assume she in your case- maybe don’t say your looking for a hot chick. Drop the DD too. That implies other things and gets confusing although the Church going crowd is pretty up on the definitions.
  10. A NuWest reference. Leda ladies knew how to spank.
  11. 1110110 or 118 is don’t speak geek
  12. Fringe can mean different things but let’s say people into TTWD do not live Tick Tock lives. As a very experienced EE (1982 jumped in) and a much less experienced ER I can offer some advice. I had relationships with professional female Disciplinarians that filled the role you are inquiring. Three things below assuming EE is female or non binary. Also, I relied on a working knowledge of the feel of different implements, intensity changes and position changes. Temperature, humidity and dew points as well. You say your well equipped- but leather, wood etc are not like guns where you just need trigger time. 1). Know how they feel on yourself or find someone willing to fill that role. Many on SN will say BS. However, those people have not cornered the Connecticut spanking market as DaChief has done. If your EE is female you better know for your own good. M2M I sense the best ERs don’t need to know as empathy has no place. But outside my area. 2). The weather comments are really just saying make sure your EE is comfortable. Proceed with caution contact in non spanking areas and assume all EE’s are very against a roving hand -until she brings up otherwise. Please don’t turnoff a new female EE. Competing with the DaChiefs of world hard enough without lowering the numbers due to inexperienced ERs. 3). Clean your equipment with 70% (not 90% plus as need water) rubbing alcohol. Others may have more knowledge on this topic but just make sure you look into that.
  13. Check out East Village. Ignore Trip Advisor and even hotel staff for food recommendations. Talk to locals. Get tattoo. Skip anything with big line. Take Staten Island ferries. Don’t ride in bus or carriage.
  14. I believe the question will not go away. M/F, F/M and F/F not taboo. M/M will always be. I am not sure the question is M/M acceptable- obviously yes - but more a straight guy coming to terms with M/M himself. Once you cross that line the individual owns his decision. I wager non Spankos - especially FEMALEs - would have strong mostly negative opinions. Before joining SN, I had a much different view. I do find the posts interesting not for content but it is clear the threads are sincerely written and at least one Male poster is struggling with the decision. And SN is supportive of that individual with no judgement zone and lurkers also benefiting. Although I remain Female partners only, I have yet to see anyone that explored M/M express regret. It more like WTF are you waiting for -your missing out. But for me, M/M seems like sipping another adults glass of milk. I’ll pass but I am certain I would not regret M/M. Probably be an amazing experience. Maybe I will just play hard to get as I have an a$$ you could bounce a quarter off. M/M questions are many but I think helping those that are sincere. Non-spanko females are not as accepting as Spankos females. That is probably the most true statement I have made in my 200 mostly unread posts on SN.
  15. Summer is banned for making two consecutive posts yesterday referring to bondage instead of spanking. I can just hear ITB rolling her eyes and saying “is this a bondage site? I am a frayed knot”
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