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  1. Maxwell House with Bunn Automatic. Tom Petty knew what he was talking about…
  2. Ashley, I would like you to start a journal of this bad behavior and share with the Spankers by pm that have replied to your request. This is a good safe first step. The Spankers on SN will know how to address your behaviors and suggest how to improve your actions - or keep you in line if you desire a more severe paddling. I suggest you decide if the threat of such a real punishment spanking is enough and your current relationship can handle or if spanking is better to remain a fantasy until you no longer consider yourself emotionally a teenager. IMHO, take your time acting on this impulse. But putting your bad behaviors in writing to a spanking friendly group will certainly address someone to answer too. Search the self spanking advice if you want to crawl before running.
  3. Yes, assuming I could hop fence without too much effort. With social distancing, I think best to use their pool when they are not home. If you could time travel once, would you rather meet your great great grandparents or your great great grandchildren?
  4. Is it a thing that a female ER/TOP is called Daddy with a male EE/BOTTOM? Hmm.
  5. I agree with Shygurl. I can add from experience that the desire to act gets stronger. I find myself regretting the things I did not do more than the ones that didn’t work out/failed/created drama etc. Sharing a vulnerable secret or desire with a serious partner should bring two people closer - though you might have to deal with her telling a best friend etc with a WTF initial shock. Maybe the 50 Shade series has opened her mind and you are simply asking her to “take control”. Other thing is that there really is no such thing as NORMAL. Watch City Island and talk about secrets. Think about it. It is just a spanking. What is the big deal. I know it’s not that simple but you are not asking for much. She does it or you find it and call it “a massage appointment”.
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