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  1. Due to recent feedback, I will not participate in this thread going forward. However, I must point out Lead is a Homograph and that would have been my word. Namaste! Current is word is Lead.
  2. I feel very fortunate to have maintained or perhaps increased such thoughts. Less time to think about fears, old wounds, mistakes, money / what I don’t have and where I was when the Doobie Brothers broke up. It has actually increased as I was an EE only adding ER when it became clear women UFC fighters were tougher than men lbs for lbs.
  3. Spike, Well played. I never had your confidence. But thinking about it, I wanted to keep relationships and spanking separate. If I was more an ER, then your approach seems the way to go. And in my late teens through late 30’s an older woman by 15-25 years that was authoritative ER was my need. Obviously, I have no way of assessing, but my feeling is women are much more likely to be an EE. This has probably come up on SN before. Is there a general consensus males are much more ER and females more EE?
  4. I agree strongly with COL and Jenna. But any advice to approach topic? We are not talking playful erotic spanking - which is not that difficult as that is, in my experience typical, but crossing the line into real spanking. My fear has always been many women will associate this with violence. How can one “triage” to know she is - 1). definitively not into it do approach or 2) take the opening to float interest then it’s a matter of building trust etc. I have had some success leaving spanking porn/ website in Internet history. (I am much more EE than ER). Leave a clip of a Nuwest vid with
  5. If you are a scotch and soda drinker, in highball with ice, try 2oz Suntory Toki with 5oz Club Soda & twist lemon or grapefruit. Very popular in Tokyo though Toki is made now just for US market. If just a whisky drinker, mason jar with rocks 2oz bourbon, 2 oz rye & 2oz scotch. Bottom or 2nd shelf brands work great. This is actual drink called Whisky in a Glass. Great for pre 4th July kickoff or tailgating. As you can imagine, you need to be very - the standard mason jar does not fit well in most cup holders.
  6. ITB will not be banned. This means AG is currently banned as ITB actions above were justified.
  7. Pre COVID, I would estimate over 200 experienced females advertise with Disciplinarian/Impact play in driving distance for most. While this has dried up, it will bounce back. The demand is certainly there as I know several that make the majority of their living and tour to see clients. I don’t think they have much competition from female ER’s. Would any female ERs/key holders out there please comment on how a male EE might increase his chances of meeting up with a non pro female ER outside of a relationship? Or confirm that most female ERs are in committed relationships? Does being acti
  8. Complex emotions are one of the things that separate our species from all others. I believe your much more likely to have tears days after a spanking then during or immediately after. I think that’s a good thing to purge so to speak but it can shake you up. When you were a child, did you run to the merry go round or rollercoaster and bumper cars? When that chili makes you sweat and eyes burn do you grab another when it wears off? Hats off if your reaction is working out. And Megthe, speaking of shaking it up, I think we should share Autocrat Coffee Milk. Spin up the Autocrat syrup in mil
  9. Yes, unfortunately. I was involved with pro scene. Newbie female EE’s contact a few Pro Disciplinarians and realize they would like to also see an experienced safe male ER with 100% confidentiality. I am on that list. This all dried up for me in April and I joined SN in August. However, I really enjoy this forum. I hope the younger crowd trying to figure this out realizes TTWD is such a gift. Finding like minded people is getting easier - started long before Internet - and all you need to do is click with a few people. And in my 35 plus years those with this needs are wonderful. A 5’2” 105 lbs
  10. ITB’s ban is under review. ITB is correct Tequila is better for you than other alcohol. I tested this theory tonight with 3 shooters and did not get drunk I got awesome. Think VH Panama awesome my neighbors were listening to - not that they had a choice. The concern though is ITB did not confirm or deny KUWTK is favorite drinking show so conclude the cancellation of KUWTK is too painful. Banning tonight appears inconsistent with me currently being awesome. After Tequila Bloody Mary in morning expect final decision on ITB ban or pass.
  11. ITB is banned for just drinking tequila. This is unhealthy. Try adding bottled water, tea, coffee and Fresca during the day. Also, there is talk the tequila is mixto and drink is really lick,swallow, suck mostly during KUWTK.
  12. Do you use spanking to really stop bad behavior or engage in bad behaviors to get a spanking, stopping bad behavior but can’t wait to repeat the cycle? If the former, I suggest not going there. But if want to try new things to keep it “exciting” yet still a real punishment then let your imagination run. I was fortunate to meet a woman in her mid forties when I was a newbie in my early twenties. She had an inner circle of like minded friends. Try getting a real spanking with the bed room door open and a person(s) in living room that can hear everything but you have not met them. Or getti
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