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  1. Great question. Although more EE than ER, I was “outed” as spanko 15 years ago and that sort of thing gets around. On occasion pre pandemic anyway, a curious but very private female asks for their first non family member spanking. This means not telling their partners. I decline if married or their relationship sounds more than casual. This is not a moral reason I just don’t want the risk of her ( M/F only) guy finding out and confronting me. No thanks want to keep my teeth. I don’t think the majority of people would be ok with it. Posts I have read on SN over past 2 years seem to support Naomi’s and littledemons (great handle btw) positions not mine. I wish non spanko’s viewed spanking as “just going out with friends no big deal” but my experience has been otherwise.
  2. My experience has been female ER’s expect Ma’am, Miss/Ms or Mrs with first or last name. And make sure you know upfront along with a few other non-negotiables. Any females ERs care to weigh in?
  3. Can you read into it that I have many of those regrets. I canceled on Alice Morningstar ugh. And she disappeared into the ether.
  4. Agree with bath brush. And will add modified bath brush with shorten handle with gripping tape. And the ER has a name for it. An ebony Leda Lady hairbrush is a close second if a close replica - but very few expert users still around. I know 1-2 under the radar on SN.
  5. IMHO, if you joined and are active on a spanking or any fetish site - you are not Vanilla. Interestedly, there are at least 150 types of Vanilla but also handful of main types. This is why Vanilla a great term. Outside Spanking crowd to the more hardcore or should I say broader skill set, spanking aka impact play is Vanilla and Spankos are too narrowly focused. Instead of a label, have fun exploring. Amazon sells more and more “toys” to cater to the 150 types of Vanilla’s that cannot be labeled appropriately as we evolve.
  6. Completely agree with Domino. Over years there are Pro Disciplinarians that are tall and typically advertise as Amazon. Check out Goddess Severa, Jenni Foxx or in Boston area Mistress Una. The industry favored shoes can add 6” height allowing them to look down on anyone 6’. Some can do OTK on right chair so your hands feet can’t touch ground. The concept of CFNM works for me. Clothed Female Nude Male. But I would define Submissive not a weak but more a role you take at the time.
  7. 184. I think Fiona can fly or hover in again now? Do fairies fly or hover ? If hover the skip two rules should be waived for fairies. EEs need an edge.
  8. @Fiona is banned for flashing her red butt while flying.
  9. How do you convince yourself? Do you want to look back with regret that you should have made the trip but didn’t and that person is no longer an option? As you age, I believe you regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did.
  10. 188 ER’s are within striking distance. From the famous ww2 novel The Unkown Solider -EE’s “Tulta munille!’
  11. @SpankeeGal is banned for bad manners. She did not write G’day to Kith before banning him!
  12. I wish SN had a Directory page list by State with major cities which ER & EE’s could put User name with brief message. People could remove or add their name and state interest. The common problem appears people with mutual interest are too far apart. The Directory would at least give ER & EE a chance to find each other without randomly checking or searching profiles. I was fortunate to meet someone locally after 12 months on SN but mostly people were 500 plus miles away.
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