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  1. If, when you are typing the word "speaking", the top autocorrect suggestion is "spanking", you might be a spanko. (And potentially at risk of some major embarrassment if autocorrect is not turned off )
  2. Great point about supporting body weight, Chawsee. Being over a chair can feel a little more traditional. Perhaps I'm stating the obvious, but if it's a long spanking, and particularly if the spankee hasn't been spanked in a while, remaining in that position can be felt in the stomach muscles. It's not necessarily a bad thing - just something to remain aware of. It can be leveraged to intensify the spanking, without going too far. I also think it may happen more if the spanker is tall (and sitting on a taller chair) and the spankee is short. Laying over a lap on a bed or a sofa is more comfortable. Body weight is supported, and the spankee has a soft surface where they can dig their heels in and try not to fidget ;). It can be interesting to choose chair vs. bed/sofa based on level of discipline needed. Or based on the type of spanking - discipline vs. just for fun / rewards
  3. Hello there! Yes, I have also met a few individuals from this site, and I'm looking forward to meeting two others once the world opens up again. I connected with a couple of those people from the chat room, through private messages. There were some great points raised earlier about that. We chatted online for months before meeting. When I first joined this site and I had no idea what I was doing, I had searched for my city name in the Search bar. It was actually rather helpful and quite interesting. Because I was new, I mostly read forum posts - but there were some threads started by individuals who were interested in meeting, and it was filtered to my area. After some due diligence, I messaged one of those individuals, which led to some great conversation. I also notice that you're in a couple of groups - I've found that to be most helpful. After I joined the Canadian Spankos group, I very much enjoyed chatting with a few fellow members, and I've met one of them. Just my (long) two cents - best wishes!
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