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  1. For me, it's more that I've never really been spanked by a guy. I'm not opposed to it, I'd take a spanking from one. Yes, to me some spanking has a sexual aspect to it but if it's discipline, maybe roll play, something like that, I like receiving not giving and I like the loss of control and the being spanked more than anything.
  2. For me, POST-ORGASM is about 5-15 minutes of wondering just why I have to be this way with spanking, then the love of it comes back. that being said, if I did end up takign a spanking after orgasm, I'm also one who follows through with things so if it worked out that way, oh well it's my own fault. Keep in mind though spanking aroused me before I had any clue at all what that feeling or reaction was I just knew there was something I liked about it.
  3. My first adult spanking was a past girlfriend. Very disappointing, I flinched a few spanks in and she said "oh my god I"m hurting you I'm sorry" and in other tries that's as far as she got. It was all I could do not to say "it's supposed to let's go" My current wife's response was "sure, ok you realize it's goign to hurt right?" I said "it's supposed to" and we were on from there.
  4. I have in theh past and wish it was still that way. She has no problem announcing I'll get spanked when I get home.
  5. I have a lot going on in life right now and it's stressing me out to the max, no sleep, want like anything to have a good cry but just can't. I need a good spanking, the person I usually ask isn't available, this may be a 1 off may not. I prefer female but at this point anyone willing who I click with is fine. I don't have any friends in to spanking and would love to make some and would like to have someone I can go to in a case like this. I'm in Eastern MA, and really need t his.
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