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  1. I for one am a fan of humiliation. So for me to be diapered after a spanking and sent home would be very humiliating. Not into dirty diapers though. Not kink shaming. Just not my thing. I have been put in a diaper for a punishment once, because I was being cocky, and my Mistress at the time made me wear it in front of her while I was scolded, then it was pulled down and I was paddled till I was crying my eyes out. Then she pulled it back up and said "That's a real crybaby". I was blushing so Goddamn much. Super humiliating. But effective.
  2. Its for sure a real deal punishment Ive been craving yet really fear maam. coupled with spanking and cornertime i'd say it's the complete package.
  3. I have been yearning for a long mouth soaping for a while now. It's never enjoyable. I was once made to hold the bar in my mouth and count to 100 in thousands. one one thousand, two one thousand, etc. Saying the "th" or the "n" causes you to lick the soap while it is in your mouth. It's harsh but effective. Especially for super potty mouths like me. lol
  4. Hello, I am a 37 yr old male who believes in adult discipline for the betterment of my behavior. I have recently met a wonderful disciplinarian, and I am excited and very grateful to be her mentee. I have been submissive my whole adult life and would Ideally like to find a partner in a Dominant woman. As for now I am working actively to become a better person through regular discipline and accountability.
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