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  1. Thanks for the warm welcomes! I’ve written a bit of spanking fiction (all involving my favorite scenarios, of course!) and I look forward to posting some of them here.
  2. Hello, Everyone! I feel like I've arrived home after seeing all the scams and fake profiles on other sites. I feel a certain authenticity here that is very welcoming. I am an older, educated, articulate gentleman who loves to envision and hopefully to be involved in quite elaborate role play spanking scenarios. I am a writer with a Master's degree in journalism and love to write about spanking naughty girls or being spanked myself by an attractive woman. (In that situation I would not be behaving as the gentleman I claim to be!) I am interested in domestic spanking only. (Well, I suppose an office or other formal location would count as domestic for me.) I specifically enjoy spanking scenarios in the bedroom with the spanker sitting on the edge of the bed. Our brains are our most erogenous regions. It all starts with a fantasy in your head, right? Can reality ever measure up to the creative visualizations in our minds? Let's find out together!
  3. I like being spanked on briefs made of a synthetic fabric like polyester or nylon. The sting seems to be amplified, but for sure the sound is so, so sexy! Much sharper and "spankier" than on cotton briefs.
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