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  1. Who gives spanking in this club?
  2. andrewbates


    where was you when this pic was taken, what part of london are you in out of interest
  3. i would love to come and keep you company having corner time
  4. andrewbates


    nice pic, from one schoolboy to another
  5. andrewbates


  6. From the album: andrewbates

    Every Adult Schoolboy Needs Spanking
  7. From the album: andrewbates

    Adult Schoolboy Needs Spanking and Corner Time
  8. Would anyone Spank Me and give Corner Time, Perhaps a spelling test, with spanking, People in Essex, East London, who can accom for a couple of hours
  9. Would anyone Spank Me and give Corner Time, Perhaps a spelling test, with spanking
  10. Are there any Male dicsipliarians in or around london to apank an asb
  11. If Younger for Older works, younger spankees for older spankers, why does it not work the other way round? Older spankees for younger spankers?
  12. As an adult school boy its nice to go into role play mode and get spanked in school uniform and have corner time is there anyone in east london/ essex
  13. Hello , Many thanks for your message, bigbumjohnny, I do like the role play side of spanking, with me dressed as an asb, do you spank, what part of essex are you in
  14. Hello people. I am new on here . From Essex I get spanked in school uniform I have corner time. I like the role play.
  15. Hello Andrew Bates here I am new here
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