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  1. I am absolutely craving a spanking right now and I’ve become a bit obsessive. My mind is fixated on the need. Anyone that can help?
  2. *this is my favorite fantasy and is not a true story. I met a couple in their late 50’s on a spanking site. The Smith’s were looking for an adult “foster son” to come stay with them from time to time. They had raised 4 children who had moved away and were looking to recreate their parental positions. We had talked for awhile and had agreed that I would come to stay with them at their home for a week. During this time I would be treated as their son with chores, expectations, and of course, discipline. Even though I was 32 those would be the conditions along with a bedtime. The d
  3. As someone who is solely into role play I think this is critical to set the scene. Without it, I don’t think it would be nearly as “real” or exciting. While I understand your point about humiliation-I think an adult being scolded by another adult most likely bare from the waist down is inherently humiliating. Not to mention that you are about to receive a very juvenile punishment right after. Different strokes for different folks!
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