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  1. Indeed it does, new member here but been a self spanker over the years. Correct body position and a good selection of slippers, I have been able to take quite a spanking. Probably more than the little amounts of spankings I have had from others over the years Tom
  2. I assume the site is very poorly attended by UK Spanking enthusiasts? New member but would also like to chat primarily to UK People. Different spanking likes and dislikes to US members I would say Tom
  3. HI everyone,glad to join a UK group on here. Spanking who would love nothing better than an otk spanking with someone taking their slipper off to teach me a lesson.. Hope to chat or DM with anyone
  4. Many thanks Ms.Mary, I will do
  5. New member on here, Scotland based who craves an otk bare backside tanning with the carpet slipper from mature ladies
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