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  1. I agree, being gay is not a fetish. It is perfectly normal.
  2. For me, I revert to the age when my needs were set.
  3. I totally understand and respect all you are saying. However, there are some people on here and other sites that seem only to dwell on their own needs and feelings and seem to think that anyone who differs from them is somehow strange or wrong. We all have our differing needs and reasons for those needs. We have our own particular approach and specifics and to criticise others who fall outside their argument seems somewhat hypocritical an what I might expect from the bigots and detractors outside this community. I get all you are saying and understand. However the argument being put forward by some here is that there cannot be a 'spanking' situation devoid of sex. I can assure them that for many there can be and there is.
  4. But surely there is room for debate and constructive discussion, otherwise this or any site would just be a platform for statements only. Is this site not for the sharing of, discussion about and the mutual support of a particular mindset and particular needs which many people outside either simply do not understand or more importantly actively attack. Discussion and debate is vital in my opinion in any field or topic.
  5. Thank you. It is vitally important to me and others like me that corporal discipline and punishment is just that. I am writing a thesis on the subject and any comments would be most useful. I am trying to once and for all make a clear distinction between punishment as a fetish and one that is not. There is a difference, a great difference but even within this community there seems an embarrassment that it is serious discipline and has to 'excused' and justified by making it sexy. In no way am I condemning those who like, need a sexual element but there is much more to this than just titillation.
  6. I am a lifelong ASB whose NEED for cathartic corporal punishment has no sexual element whatsoever. For years now I have been trying to analyse why some adults need such attention. It is quite clear that for some there is and has to be a sexual element and this is perfectly natural. For many others however, it is punishment pure and simple. I am caned hard as the physical element of any punishment but I also receive additional 'reinforcers' in the form of ritual reflective corner time and / or a number of lines appropriate to my offence or failing. To many, discipline of this nature is vital in helping maintain a balanced and productive life. To this end, I am writing a thesis on the subject and any genuine thoughts and comments would be most useful.
  7. For you but not for others?
  8. Personally I have no caveats or limits. I choose my disciplinarian exceedingly carefully and then give them absolute authority to deal with me as a 1950 / 60's school boy. I have no say as to what happens to me and I trust in the common sense of whoever is punishing me to know when a limit in anything has been reached. There has for me, to be absolute surrender of authority as it would have been and I accept all those things you quite rightly for you, do not. We all have our different needs and reasons why. I respect everyone in their needs and choices and will never criticize anyone for their personal choices. This is for the outsiders who know and understand nothing of any of our spanking needs.
  9. I totally and utterly assimilate with this.
  10. 100% agreement. This is me to a T
  11. To this I totally and utterly agree and concur.
  12. I am looking seriously and desperately for a teacher / deputy headmaster / headmistress in the Caernarfon area.

    Absolute genuine and realistic authority and discipline. 

    This is not a game for me with made up offenses. 

    The right person would have to be as real a character as possible for this lifelong ASB.

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