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  1. The whole point of corner time is to reflect on the reasons you were punished. Mine usually last an hour. Can be shorter, but can also be extended.
  2. I am a lifelong ASB who needs to live as one as authentically as I can. I am looking for discussion on all aspects of no sex, authentic school life and discipline. I am interested in how different people manage these strong needs.
  3. Try Albert Prendergast. Look on line. He should have everything you need.

    1. BorehamwoodMan


      Many thanks. Just been to the website. Will have a closer look later

  4. I too am exactly the same. I accept and expect corporal punishment as the natural result of negative behaviour of any sort.
  5. Hello, I am a lifelong Adult Schoolboy. I live in North Wales and I am looking for a realistic, genuine teacher type, M or F. It has to be as authentic as possible for real offences. No switch or any sex whatsoever. Mature but fit body, but young mind. This is just a short and brief opener. Please take me seriously
  6. I thought that the whole part of being disciplined was, well, to be disciplined. I have full and unequivocal consent to be disciplined in the traditional way as it confronts my neefs and clears mu guilt. This includes any additional reinforcement my punisher might feel appropriate. This includes: corner time and / or lines. I do not argue. It all works for me and I am happy to have no say in any of it, otherwise where do you stop. It would all, to me, simply become a pointless exercise.
  7. Corner Time for me is absolutely vital to reinforce the seriousness of my offence and to make me think carefully about not repeating my mistakes. It also is humiliating which is equally as vital for my discipline.
  8. I am subject to real canings. I am caned HARD across my bare bottom, although now an XH three tailed tawse is regularly supplemented. I also receive regular hand tawsing for minor offences or as a supplement to a caning across the bottom. They are meant to and DO hurt beyond belief, especially a hand tawsing. I have learned long long ago to regulate my breathing and keep steady regular breaths. It helps my concentration, my focus and my humility. For me, any such punishment has to received with dignity and full contrition otherwise it is meaningless. Erratic breathing w
  9. I am looking for a genuine teacher or headmaster/mistress in North Wales to administer discipline - real, not play acting discipline for genuine offences. I am an eternal schoolboy and want absolute reality.
  10. That is of course perfectly normal. We are all different in our needs and mindset and there should be respect and understanding for all variations.
  11. Then perhaps we should stop using the words 'kink' and 'fetish' and start to give them more respect as a minority need maybe, but a genuine and respectable lifestyle.
  12. No it is not weird, but for many it is not sexy or fun, but a much needed release from guilt. It is a theropy in itself, not a need for theropy. Not enough psychologists yet support it as a perfectly respected mindset and only see it as strange and want to cure you. I have had a lifelong need that I now fully understand and own. Being punished corporally for genuine reasons should carry no stigma and be accepted as a positive and successful intervention in its own right.
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