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  1. I am in need of discipline, and structure, and control, but would like to first explore online. I would love to find someone Dominant, and stern, but caring. I have brown hair, blue eyes, plus size, huge boobs. Would love to chat.
  2. Hello! I’m from Massachusetts. I’m 32, f, in real years, plus size, pretty. Really in need of a relationship where discipline is a focus. Would love to chat with some Daddies! (Though I’m not exclusively straight, so whomever). Can’t wait to talk.
  3. I Would love to find a daddy..... I know it would help keep me focused and on track. Ideally in person but online would be fine until after covid.. let’s chat. I’m 32, living in mass. Kik is JRCC12
  4. Navigating this world is such a daunting task.... I feel like there’s doors slamming around every corner.. makes you almost want to give up but my need for discipline and structure and a strict daddy is so strong that giving up seems horrible too.. I’m sure I’m not alone.
  5. Hi there. im 34, female, living in new England looking for a relationship focused on domestic discipline. in the past I’ve done great when I had a consistent rules, structure, discipline and care from a strict daddy type guy. I’d love a partner who wants to provide that again.
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