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  1. " Pull down your panties and lay on the bed! ! he told me and i did as he told me. I heard a rattle of metal and i know he found the spreader bar for my legs. He reached down to my ankles and secured both of them - my legs are now far apart and he spread my out. He kneeled in front of my spreader legs and next to him he had couples of toys, dildos and a lot of lube. He grabbed the lube and put it all over my pussy and i was already turned on. He than started with a vibrator on my clit with high speed. I pulled against the spreader bar to test it . i could not close my legs and it was exited to be in this position and been watched. He rubbed the vibrator down my legs on both sided and i groaned. I wanted to have an orgasm soon, i was so wet and horny. 1 minute later he pushed the vibrator in my pussy - deep and i came hard. He watched how hard i came and my body was shaking. He stood up and he had now another vibrator in his hands. He put a lot of lube on it and i know what he will do. He pushed the first vibrator back in my pussy and than he started the other vibrator to pace it on my ass. I was so horny and than i pushed it in my ass. I was now filled up with two vibrators and he fucked me with both... and yes i came two times like that... than he stood up and he opened his jeans and put his dick out and places it on my clit. He pleased me with his dick like that and i came so fast and so hard. Still having my orgasm he used the leg spreader and turn me around. my legs open and my pussy ready to use he put his dick in me. He was so hard and he fucked me deep. I could not close my legs and he used my pussy ..... and i came many times I was so far gone, though, that I came maybe 20 seconds later, as I focused on his thickness spreading my lips apart, his big cockhead moving against my G-spot. I trembled so much that I couldn’t hold the position much longer; my ass was moving too close to the edge of the bed. He was hard as ever, but this spreader bar position wasn’t meant for extended use. Impatient now, he unfastened my cuffs and I wrapped my legs around him, taking him back in me—like we both needed.
  2. one of my longtimefriends invited me over to his office... this time i had to wear a nice black skirt, high heels, stockings and a nice whit shirt... i had to come over his table and bend over... he pushed my skirt up and started to feel me between my legs... i was already wet and than he startet to spank my ass... what is the big turn on for you - to invite someone to your office and spank in the office.?
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