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  1. first time it was with my hand that i spanked my sub. His ass was in the air and i started to spank him... it was so nice and hot to see his ass get read!
  2. i love to spank the ass of my sub! It is soooo hot and a big turn on! And sure i love to watch may sub to get spanked from another guy!
  3. If i feel comfortable with some guy - ones in a while i like a nice but not to strong spanking.... You prefer it more strong or you are happy to spank an ass soft? i liked that one: "Get your your ass up in the air!" And i did as I was told. My ass up in the air and my head down on the bed.The spank came with his bare hands. He loves to spank my ass like that."Hold still and dont speak!" My ass is becoming red and warm and i am getting wet. His other hand is now on
  4. roleplay stepmother / stepson spanking... these days i get a lot of emails about fantasy about stepmother / stepson roleplay - spanking and so on... What is the big turn on about that kind of fantasy?
  5. one of my longtimefriends invited me over to his office... this time i had to wear a nice black skirt, high heels, stockings and a nice whit shirt... i had to come over his table and bend over... he pushed my skirt up and started to feel me between my legs... i was already wet and than he startet to spank my ass... what is the big turn on for you - to invite someone to your office and spank in the office.?
  6. I love to wear a nice and short dress so my spanker can lift it up... and i think it is hot when my spanker is dressed and when i am over his knees he can open his jeans and tell me to suck his dick... than at the same time he can spank me and with the other hand he can play with my clit and finger fuck me and at the same time i can suck his dick...so hot
  7. i am from Europe but traveling back to Manhattan, NYC in March. Where are you from? What are you into? spanking or get spanked? And what is your best possition ?
  8. You like to spank or spanked and what is the best possition? I love to spank my sub - he has to go on his knees - as in the air and i spank his ass - and at th same time i can do him with my strap-on... love it... and when i have trust i like a light spanking , too... over the knees so he can take my panties down and play with my pussy and clit at the same time sooooo hot
  9. hi, i am from Europe and i will be back in Manhattan, NYC in March. you like to get spanked or you like to do the spanking? I am bi and i think it is hot to spank also a female over my legs....and when i have trust i love light spanking on my ass... but the bit turn on is when i have a sub in front of me and spank his ass
  10. uckolding - watching We just had sex and still watching porn. He told me - watching porn is hot but i love to watch you getting fucked in real - no porn. I think it would be hot to see you next to me and another dick is fucking you. As he told me that i was thinkg about the perfect guy. I arranged a cuckold session and Max came over. He was tall, dark and he has a big dick and yes he is a young guy and handsome. I was wearing my stockings, and a sexy lingerie. Max knocked on the door and i opened it. I told him - my sub is sitting next to the bed and he loved to watch me ge
  11. Hi, i am touring to London. Where are the subs in London. Arrange your spanking #femdom #mistress #dominatrix #london #spanking #bdsm #enema #submission
  12. Couple of days i was over his knees and than he putt a lot of lub on my ass...Than he put a blug in my ass - and at the same time he spanked me. he told me - it looks hot. And i loved it. You like an ass plug when you spank or not your thing
  13. I love to wear a nice and sexy dress or skirt so it is easy to pull up.
  14. Just a short "hi" from Manhattan, NYC I am mature and i love to spank and if i trust someone i switch. Than i love a soft spanking over the knee and at the same time a finger in me... Stay cool and healthy
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