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  1. It's been ages but i did get a new job! I'm working longer hours and i don't love it. But i am over the moon happy to be rid of my last job. 

  2. Thank you for your advice, I have not yet set up a LinkedIn, I always thought that was for those with more professional careers. I've worked mostly as assistant, customer service, and planning departments. But I will give it a try! Thank you.
  3. I've been stuck in a low point for awhile trying to achieve my goals and making little or no progress. But it's even harder now as it feels everyone i know is accomplishing their's. One i've been trying for years is to get a new full time full benefit job. I have one but it is high stress and a key factor in my depression. I've been applying quite a bit lately but I keep getting auto rejection emails. I think i'm getting out sorted for not having select buzz words that their program searches for on my resume. I've been trying to find a new job since i started my current job 3 years ago. I know
  4. Sorry my phone showed the wrong page 126
  5. No i need contact and physical intimacy so exclusive long distance wouldn't work for me. Would you ever tell your friends you're into spanking?
  6. Being spanked turns me on and gets me primed for sex. If i was spanked after sex then i'd just get turned on and start the cycle over again lol
  7. I'm a trans man and i'm into erotic spanking so i like my partner to be lgbt+ it gives me a comfort, and helps me feel reassured they're engaging with me respecting my identity. I can be a switch but prefer to be a spankee. I've had sessions with a non binary friend and a bi guy it was great with either one of them
  8. When i'm getting spanked sometimes they'll playfully or light tap over my privates, then rub and then go back to spank my bottom. Its just an action to mimic the actual spanking and increase the erotic pleasure (i'm an erotic spankee) but i would not want to be actually spanked with force there! Safety is very important to me in all sexual activity, because i'm a worrier, and i can't relax if i'm worried about safety measures or bad outcomes, and if i can't relax then everything is spoiled.
  9. Hey, I hear you're looking for a spanker. I am 26 black 220 lbs and bi. I live in Ann arbor. Where are you located

    1. Ftmbrat


      Sorry i just saw this! I'm on the sw side of the mitten 😔

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