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  1. are there any spankers in San Antonio? They seem to be everywhere else in Texas but here? I would love to be spanked
  2. I’m looking for someone with a maternal touch to give me a spanking. Something having someone who’s more mature have power over you is something never experienced before. I’m in San Antonio TX so if you are interested please DM Me!
  3. Hello! I’m looking for a female spanker in San Antonio to give me a spanking, I received my first adult spanking a few days ago and I loved everything about it, I would love to receive another one! If your interested please comment or DM me! If you cant host I can get a room.
  4. I’m looking for a female spanker in San Antonio Texas. I’ve always wanted to be spanked by a stern female. If anyone is interested please message me.
  5. Is there any female spankers in San Antonio? I’ve been looking far and wide and yet I can’t seem to find any. I found this website thought I should give it a shot. If there are any female spankers here please message me.
  6. Yes I have but I cannot afford their rates I’m just a college student, otherwise I would
  7. I’m actually curious do they exist? I always wanted to explore my submissive spankee side yet I can’t seem to come across any women who like to spank, they just liked being spanked.
  8. I always been told that I lacked discipline and need guidance. I heard about this website so I decided to give this website a shot. I’m looking for a female disciplinarian or a mother figure to discipline me when needed. I live in San Antonio TX. I can do send spanking over video chat if needed if meet up in person if prefer that. please message me or comment if interested. stay safe out there
  9. I’m curious are there any female spankers in San Antonio?
  10. Hello! My name is J, I’m a 24 year old college student looking to receive my first spanking. I always been fascinated with spankings. Something about relinquishing control to a person that’s so great to me. I’ve haven’t been spanked since I was a child, so I don’t know what my pain limit is. I’m looking for a disciplinarian or mother figure to give me a good spanking when I need it. If interested please message me! take care! -J
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