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  1. Hi, again. Would you write to me at my e-mail address? Might be easier than trying to communicate here. paddle2006@hotmail.com. Thanks. Dan
  2. Hi. I live in Colorado Springs, an older retired man, with a lot of spanking experience, not looking for sex, just willing and able to give you a spanking exactly the way you want it. Spanking with class and respect. Available most days. Dan
  3. Thank you so much, Chawsee. I will do my best to have fun here. Too bad you are so far away. Be safe. Dan
  4. This is different....Just need to get an occasional spanking by another older man. I am male, older guy, slim and neat, in Colorado Springs and mostly available daytime.
  5. Older man, slim and neat looking for someone to meet who would give me an occasional spanking. No sex, just need a spanking by an older man, daytime, Colorado Springs, or nearby.
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