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  1. For me to self spank effectively, I have to be in a very specific headspace which is essentially a full switch mindset. What I mean here, is that I have to be in a space where I both want to give and receive a spanking at the same time. When I'm self spanking in this space I will almost have the bottom thoughts of "I promise I'll be good now" and the top thoughts of "a few more swats will make sure of that" which allows me to push past my pain barrier that blocks where I want my headspace to be.
  2. A few off the top of my head. 1) Other spankos exist! And they're awesome. 2) It's okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. 3) The importance of knowing what you want and, even more importantly, how to communicate it. 4) Not to jump at the first person I see just cause they're willing to play 5) There should always be a safeword. Even if you think you don't need it, it's helpful to have one there 6) Finally getting to express this part of yourself will be overwhelming at first, but it really is the best thing in the world. 7) Making spanko friends for the sake of making spanko friends is more important than trying to find a partner.
  3. So, Jillian Keenan posted a video on this where she discussed it with a doctor. (Won't post the link cause SN gets grumpy when you share links these days). Essentially it adds up to your butt becoming more tolerant to the impact, so you need to play harder in order to get the bruises. The only way to bring the ability to bruise back is to basically not play for a long time, and even then the bruising doesn't last too long.
  4. It's been a little while since I've actually received a disciplinary style spanking. Usually if I'm about to be spanked, I don't really have many thoughts at all. Although, a good scolding can have me feeling like "uh-oh, I'm in trouble." But this is more in the scolding style and demeanour of the spanker than the act of spanking itself. On the other side of things, when I'm giving a spanking, there is a lot more thought given to the practicalities of it. What am I going to say? What implements am I going to use? Making sure I'm aiming right with heavier implements and so on.
  5. So, one thing about the ruler paddle if you're looking for OTK is that it comes in two sizes. The longer size is 18 inches, I find its possible to use OTK but a little difficult. There's a smaller size though that's just a touch bigger than the pocket set which would definitely work
  6. They're both definitely useful to keep about with you :'). So, I've got another LT one, the CP Ruler Paddle in the larger size. Despite being advertised as a paddle, it's basically a strap. The other one I've got came from kinky leather, which has been appropriately dubbed in our party group as the "demon strap," which is a leather strap (again called a paddle) with a rubber insert inside it. Definitely fits the "Punishment implement" criteria of the thread.
  7. So, they're both exceptionally stingy. I tested both out on my upper thighs when I got them and the tawse marked after one hit. I've not used the strap all that much so it's not properly broken in but the tawse is very often one of my favourite implements to use. When compared to larger staps (which I now also own two of 😈) they're not quite as painful, but they do pack quite a punch to them.
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