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  1. Welcome to SN. We're a nice and welcoming bunch here, you'll fit right in 😊. I hope you find what you're looking for.
  2. Hairbrush, those things are evil 😈. The implement you most like to take?
  3. In terms of "converted" I agree with what's been said already. However, I do think its possible for a vanilla to be able to meet your needs and I have seen a small number of success stories of this. From a discipline perspective, I'd say its much more likely to happen if you're a spankee, whilst you may not be able to convince someone to take a punishment spanking, getting a partner to spank you is much more possible with a LOT of time and effort (depending on the person). I did once manage to get a vanilla girlfriend to let me spank her, but this was purely recreational. She asked me to punish her once, but I didn't feel comfortable doing so at the time.
  4. Came across this question on another site. For the spankers, what is the goal of a discipline spanking for you in terms of what it does for the spankee? Is it about making it intense and painful enough that it is remembered for some time? A therapeutic release of stress and guilt for something that we know is not acceptable? Or something else entirely? For the spankees, what do you hope to get out of a discipline spanking?
  5. You can pretty much find names for spanking after most implement too. Hairbrushing Switching Caning Birching Slippering Strapping Etc erc I've also heard the term thrashing used before now and I sometimes like to use the phrase "smacked bum/bottom."
  6. Am123


    I'm a big fan of using classic household tools for spanking. Here are some of my favourites. A sandal I've had for a while, a wooden spoon which was a birthday present from a friend, and a hairbrush I totally didn't feel really strange buying from wilko 😋
  7. Absolutely not, you should be having a conversation with your partner. Not doing so could end up hurting her even though there wouldn't be a sexual element Whether sexual or not, spanking is an intimate experience. Which means there would be some form of emotional connection with another person. Best bet is to just be honest about your needs and see what happens. Good luck .
  8. Very much agree. Embarrassment kind of comes with the territory. The thought of having to be punished as an adult, along with having your bottom bared and being in an exposed position is most definitely not something you'd like to be seen in (which does add to it if someone does see you.) Anticipation is also important, and the waiting can almost be as bad as the spanking itself. This comes in hand with letting the punishment fit the crime, if they know an offence merits a thorough spanking then that feeling of impending doom approaches. The spanking must also leave an impression, with considerations to what the spankee can take. A light punishment for one spankee can be a very harsh one for another. Would also add that a good scolding/lecture is an important, perhaps THE most important, part of the discipline process and is essential for ensuring the spankee has learned their lesson. They need to know before they are punished exactly why they are being punished. For me, this is what separates a punishment spanking from other kinds of spanking, ensuring that it is made abundantly clear that the behaviour was not acceptable.
  9. I never asked for a spanking, but I did ask for a formal punishment at one point. But my mum thought I was too old. I instead started self punishments, which was incidentally what led me to discover my spanko side.
  10. I definitely feel the hand is enough for a punishment depending on the offence and you just can't beat a good hand spanking from an intimacy point of view. Only problem is, for more experienced spankees who may have a higher tolerance. The amount of force needed to get the message across can often leave the spankers hand just as sore as the bottom.
  11. It sure is a tough one 🤔. I'm exactly the same as you in terms of not being able to be a full time submissive, having grown in confidence over the last number of years and feeling very comfortable when taking up leadership roles in my daily life. I tend to lean more towards the spanker side of things, only occasionally feeling the need to go over the knee myself. With it being very difficult to find a female switch, the idea of having to pick on or the other seems quite possible. In theory, I could very easily sacrifice the EE side in a LTR for these reasons. Although the last time I had the urge to get spanked, it was very difficult to ignore.
  12. It is very true that we shouldn't have to choose and in an ideal world we would all find partners who would do both with us. Although, from my point of view looking for a woman, I've noticed that female switches tend to be quite rare, at least over in the UK. Personally I would be quite happy being just an ER in a LTR as I kind of lean that side anyway
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