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  1. Hmmm, maybe. Embrace the switchiness and join the dark side. 👿
  2. I mean, given that it cost £100. I'd be pretty bloody disappointed if she didn't. She was good at the type of spanking she wanted to do, let's just put it that way.
  3. 1. Male 2. 14, but my desire to engage in some form of discipline goes back to around age 5 3. Pro top about an hours drive from me, aged 26. First spanking given was with my ex GF at 19. 4. Never watched someone get spanked outside of spanking videos. 5. The classic, corner time, scolding, bared bottom and OTK
  4. Am123


    "We need to have a conversation....."
  5. Some of the ones in this were really good! Hornblower one was okay. I loved the ritual of it and the caring from the rest of the crew, just the M/M aspect doesn't really do it and it's a bit too brutal. 4 Hairbrushes. How good is the scolding in outlander? Would be perfect if not for it almost turning into a wrestling match. 5 Wagon Train is criminally short for me, but the fact that I was so mad points to how much I loved it. 6 Beauty and the Bandit was equally awesome. 6
  6. Thanks Yeah that's the main thing. *Raises glass* here's to more to come!
  7. I hear you. In this case, it wasn't really a case of anyone sabotaging it. It just kind of didn't work out for one reason or another and we just drifted apart. It was quite sad that it happened, but it wasn't really anyone's fault. It would be nice if we did reconnect in the future, you never know. It was really freeing to actually meet someone like minded IRL and it did make me realise a few things about where I am in terms of my development as a spanko and what I am/am not ready for.
  8. I've made a really good friend on this site whom I did spank once. We don't talk now, but It was still nice.
  9. There's two ways of looking at it The humiliation of the spanking itself, the ritual of scolding, corner time if used, baring your bottom, being over the knee, showing your bottom to a stranger (though it's embarrassing even if you know. I think embarrassment is a better way to describe this. And it kind of comes with the gig of being a spankee. Perfectly happy with this and it even adds to the experience for me. Then, there's another aspect, going beyond the humiliation which comes with the gig. Like degradation among other stuff. This is a hard limit for me, bottom or not, I still
  10. As a bottom, I definitely wouldn't call myself a brat. Although I can be prone to outbursts of brattiness in the EE role, a few stern words are usually enough to tame me. I'm not entirely sure where the line between bratting and disrespect is. I imagine its different for every dynamic. I once played with a spankee who would define herself as a brat, the dynamic of her bratting and me telling her off was quite fun. There were times though when she would throw a bratty insult during a serious conversation, which was then when discipline would occur.
  11. Same here, I'm not opposed to the idea of throwing someone over the knee (not ear or hair pulling though). But I prefer the whole ritual approach of scolding, baring the bottom and over the knee they go.
  12. Little boy, baby, or anything to that effect.
  13. I'm quite tempted to organise one, I do have to say
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