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  1. You should NEVER, under any circumstances, spank someone without consent. This is pretty much the most important aspect of TTWD. Even though a DD relationship has almost a "standing consent" to use punishments as we see fit, if the EE ever uses the words "I don't consent" or any form of safe word then the session doesn't happen. Period. If someone is going to abuse this then I personally would refuse to have any kind of session or dynamic with them after one incident of it.
  2. Really sorry to hear how it ended and what you went through. Otherwise it sounds like it was a great relationship, thanks for sharing 😊
  3. So, I'm not really sold on the idea of a punishment spanking being a deterrent of any kind. I see it as more of a therapeutic release of guilt when we do something we shouldn't than a way to modify behaviour. That said, I do believe being bare adds to the experience you're going for due to the embarrassment factor and the vulnerability of it. It helps get into the required headspace and so on. Bare bottom is my preference in both sides for a couple of reasons, although I'd also happily spank just over underwear but I'd never go over clothes for two reasons. The first, and mos
  4. Am123

    Covid 19

    Will be getting mine as soon as I'm called. 3 vulnerable family members caught it after getting the vaccine and were only very mildly ill where it would have otherwise been life threatening.
  5. I've heard some good and bad experiences of this. The fear is that your therapist would see being a spanko as a mental issue and fixate on that instead of solving the issues at hand. That said, I imagine for a lot of them, it'll be unlikely to surprise them. There is also a directory for kink aware professionals which will allow you to find one that's kink accepting before going to see them.
  6. It should probably be a mix of the two, I'd say. You don't want to spend the entire session scolding them, otherwise you'll just run out of things to say and odds are they won't hear most of it anyway. So I'd say check in every so often to remind them why they're being spanked, ask questions or check that they're still here with you.
  7. I feel this! A few people have got them and they would definitely recommend them
  8. There's an OTK T-shirt that Princess Kelley May is selling too, can't find a link though.
  9. This is an interesting, and surprisingly difficult, blog to write. Despite my spanko experience being generally very positive. So, today, I am going to write, my spanko autobiography! The Beginnings So, I differ a little from a lot of spankos in the sense that the spanking side of things wasn't the first thing that I discovered as a child. So I didn't look up the word in the OED like a lot of us had. I was simply fascinated by punishments in general. I remember once when I was very young, seeing someone get in trouble in a TV show I was watching, and willingly go to bed
  10. I sort of agree with this approach. Are you open about your kink in your profile? The problem I've found with doing this, is that on vanilla sites, there simply aren't that many spankos. I think my approach going forward would be to try to attend local and national munches and connect with people there.
  11. I've had a lot of chats recently about the nature of discipline spankings, why we do them and what we get out of them. I've heard a lot of thoughts from quite a few people about this and it's inspired me to write a blog on the subject. I'm just rambling through thoughts here, so this isn't likely to be anything especially well structured. Discipline Spankings and Unwanted Behaviour I hear a lot of people saying "how can something be a punishment if you enjoy it" since almost all of us who enter these dynamics are spankos. The main argument being that if you want a spanking, you wi
  12. I don't actually follow any onlyfans ones myself, but I've seen a few twitters. Princess Kelley May and Miss Rachel would be very good ones to have a look at.
  13. A quick spanko quiz courtesy of a friend of mine on fetlife. Leads to some interesting answers, feel free to try it yourselves :). 1: When did you give or receive your first over the knee spanking? Give: Was about 19 with a vanilla partner. We'd experimented with kink stuff lightly before then, and we were messing around and she ended up in an OTK position. The spanking itself was VERY light - so much so that us spankos would probably not even feel it. That said - it was still very enjoyable. Recieve: This one happened when I'd decided to come out and meet other spankos. I
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