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  1. need adult pupil seeks remedial punishment with the cane for past bad deeds. tradtional style of role play preferred with exacting environment appplied by headmistress or headmaster. Slightl sissy and so need admonishments and simple tasks with required thank you notes to be cupplied to punisher. can also reverse roles as necessary
  2. kres

    love to hear from you Anna. and am sure we can chat on mutual punishment interest.   i prefer tha cane and role playing and make things interesting in reality

  3. kres


    lovely bum ready for red cane marks to be kissed when the ridges were stinging. my cane is ready
  4. i wish I was near N Wales. i would bring a dozen canes along to make sure things are dealt with
  5. kres

    love to start at the bottom i m sure that would be a reminder. hope you are near london as my cane may not reach other places

  6. love to meet others where the cane rules in the adult schoolroom for traditional use over knickers or tight shorts. especially for those near NN London.
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