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  1. Why is it that when someone brings up a topic about public spanking, so many people act so prudish? Life is too short to be so stuck up, live a bit, have fun, be proud of who you are. My wife often gives me a good whack or two if I act up in public and nobody ever says anything. I may have said something she didn't like, as I am very anti political correctness, (as most Aussie men my age are), and a good laugh is a good laugh. Have fun and live life.

  2. That sort of happens to me anyhow, (but my wife wields the paddle). My wife is friends with the boss lady and she tells my wife whenever she thinks I deserve it. There have been times when I arrive home and have been taken by my wife into the kitchen where my pants come off and the paddle that hangs on the wall is put to good use. I'm told why I've been paddled and that it was the bosses orders. After my behind is hot and glowing my wife texts or calls the boss lady to tell her that the deed was done. 

  3. Try to put into a letter or email to your boyfriend what it is that you need and expect for him to do about it. List a number of rules and punishments that you wish to follow as an example and hand him a number of implements to be used and include how to use them. 

    I did this with my wife and now, ten years later I'm a well behaved boy, with a small reminder every now and then of how hard she now paddles me, (this comes from when I used to tell her that she hits like a girl). Try that also.

  4. As I had made all of the paddles that my wife uses on my backside, I originally chose the wood and shape of the paddles, that's where my choice in the matter finished. My wife mostly grabs a paddle she feels like using and that's it for me sitting comfortably for a while. 

  5. On 3/6/2022 at 5:10 PM, Chawsee said:

    Haha, too funny. I would be tempted to do it if the photo was a lighthearted one, ie. the EE was over the ER's lap, being spanked, but maybe grinning or laughing. Then, when others saw the photo, it would be like, "Oh, someone was having fun!" as opposed to "What kind of sick stuff were they doing here?"

    Good to see someone else with a sense of humour 😅🤣

  6. That's a real funny idea. Some people need a good laugh and I'd like to think that a good sense of humour isn't dead in the world. I don't give any Credence to political correctness and this sometimes gets me into trouble, but hey, life is too short to worry and not have a laugh. So long as no one gets hurt, (except for the spankee, 🤣). While staying in hotels, wife and I have a 'do not disturb' sign we sometimes hook over a door handle that says, "Do not disturb, spanking in progress". This always puts a smile on the face of passers by.

  7. My thoughts before a spanking include;

    1. Wondering if my wife remembered anything I didn't get spanked for in the past and wants to add more for it.

    2. What will she be using this time, I hope it's not the cane?

    3. I shouldn't have joked about a woman's job is cleaning and cooking..., (even though I do most of the cooking).

    4. Why am I back here in this situation.

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  8. I prefer to wear white cotton briefs when I know a spanking is immanent, that is when my wife lets me wear clothes at home. I'm usually kept naked so she can have a good perve and that I'm ready for a spanking anytime.

  9. A spanking as punishment for me is humbling enough, but the embarrassment of anyone finding out hammers the nail in. My wife has at times hinted in front of people about an earlier spanking she'd given me by saying something like, "Would you like more of what you got this morning"? There are other times when the window is opened to let anyone outside hear my spanking. 

    I think the embarrassment of spanking combined with the pain is a great deterrent.

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  10. I have heard of a number when I was at a high level in my sport. There were a few who were coached by a family member who would take them into the change room after a bad performance in competition and an unmistakeable sound of a spanking followed. 

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  11. A spanking is given if I earn one. My wife has often made me stop a car on a drive for a road side paddling, (we keep a paddle in the car for these occasions), I'm sometimes warned by her when out, (with no regard to who is listening), and then paddled by her when home or somewhere free of people. I'm also paddled at home when a disagreement happens, I do something wrong or annoy her. The home ones are dealt out quickly and always bare, (as I always have to be naked at home, it's my choice and she likes to perve on me). Nine out of ten paddling's are on a bare backside and are given in private, (except when on the side of the road which is mostly out of view of other cars).

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  12. As a child of the 70's and 80's spankings at school were quite common in Australia. This stopped in the early 80's, although came back briefly only to be stopped again. Through this time I was, like others in my class, taken over my teacher's knee and spanked in front of the class. Boys had their pants pulled up tight and the girls had their dresses lifted and spanked on their panties. Throughout this time and up until I was around 17 or so, I was spanked at home and often in front of family, but that was the extent of it. 

    My wife now has this duty and although not intentionally spanked in front of others, I have been spanked on the side of the road when three cars drove past as well as being caught by a couple in a car while I was being spanked at a beach car park.

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  13. I didn't originally plan to write a continuation, but the thoughts and memories of the event the first story brought back led me to the what ifs. I wondered what my situation would be like if it followed the events of the fictional story of "The Teacher's Visit". So here goes.

    After my spanking in front of Mrs Corbet the night before I was woken by my father for another spanking before he left to go to work. He was at my desk turning out my chair when I was told to get up. As I hadn't been bothered dressing in my pajamas the night before I was blushing and trying to keep covered when he stood announcing that he didn't have time for this and pulled my covers off me. There I was naked in bed and still feeling the afterglow of a well spanked bottom from the previous night. My face flushed and my father said, "Good, I don't have to take your pants down, so get up and get over here, and don't think I'll forget you sleeping naked, I'll deal with it later. Now get over here and get over my knee". I was soon over his knee and studying the carpet as he started spanking my still sore backside. Needless to say I was bawling within seconds of the first spank and my tears fell for the few minutes I was in this horrible position. He made sure I was well spanked and every millimeter of my bottom and thighs were glowing red again by the time he finished and let me up. 
    Grabbing hold of my shoulder, he then guided me ahead of him out my bedroom door and towards the staircase down to the family room and kitched/dining room.
    "If you feel it OK to sleep naked, then you can walk around that way while you get ready for school, now go to the toilet and have your breakfast", my father told me and continuing, "We'll have a serious talk tonight before I spank you again. There are going to be some changes young man, I am very disappointed in you".  With that said he let me go and I went to the toilet as told. He told my mother to make sure I was naked up until I was to leave for school and to spank me if I tried to cover up. With that he left for work and I stayed naked until I had to dress for school. My school shorts didn't hide all the red flesh and I wanted to change to longs, but my mother didn't let me, so with a giggling sister watching me get dressed I pulled on my underpants and school shorts and quickly left the house. 
    The school day went as well as it could, with a few red faced moments when I saw Mrs Corbet. Soon the day was over, and luckily, with no one paying attention to my red thighs, but still sporting a sore behind, I walked home. When I arrived home, my mother told me that I was to strip naked and stay in that shameful way until bed. I could stay in my room until dinner, but my dad's rule was to be followed, "sleep naked, stay naked". My sister was home and started tso snicker at my predicament and I told her to shut up which got me a number of hard slaps to my bottom from my mother before she marched me to the kitchen for a dose of her dreaded wooden spoon to my already tender and now naked backside. I was then sent to my room to do my homework, (to which I almost sprinted). It wasn't long until my father was home and I was called to dinner, (Still shamefully naked). Upon my arrival, my family was told why I was naked before we sat down and to eat. During dinner my family was told of my failings at school and the punishment I had received and that I was to be taken to my room after dinner for a talking to from both mum and dad and everyone else was to sit quietly and watch TV until they returned. For the rest of the meal I sat red faced in shame and quietly as my siblings chatted about their day.
    After dinner I was told to go to my room and wait until mum and dad arrived. When they finally arrived I was sat in my desk chair as they both sat on my bed as my father started to talk. "Firstly, you can sleep naked if you wish, but where you would walk around in your pajamas normally, you will have to stay naked", was how he started, "Would you like to still sleep naked?"
    "No", I said quickly, "I'll sleep in my pajamas from now on". 
    "Good", he said, "Now to the next thing".
    "Your spankins will continue as seen fit, and will continue from this day onwards while you live under our roof. Am I clear?"
    "Yes dad", I mumbled.
    "There are also new rules for you and your mother and I have talked about it and will let you know now what we expect", my dad informed me.
    "One", my mother said, "You will be grounded for the near future and that also means NO TV and NO Telephone calls", (This was the mid 80's and mobile phones didn't exist to everyday people, we only had a land line).
    My dad interjected with, "You can go to cadets on Friday nights, as is your obligation, but you'll receive a spanking when you get home for the privilege". 
    "What if I don't want to go?", I Asked.
    "Then you'll be spanked and will stand in the lounge-room corner until you'd normally finish and get spanked again", my mother informed me, "You are obligated to go, as you are part of a team that relies on you, so either way you'll be spanked, but not as bad if you decide to go".
    "Two", my father then announced, "Your behavior will be monitored and recorded every day, which also means a report from Mrs Corbet about your school work and behavior at school. Do you understand?"
    "Yes dad", I said again.
    "Each Sunday night this will be addressed and a spanking will be given for any transgression. The number of days you are spanked depends on the transgression and number of marks against you is this understood", my mother said.
    "Yes mum", I grumbled
    "And don't think we won't do it young man, I can and will spank you and I can start now if you keep up that attitude", My mum snapped.
    "Sorry mum", I blurted out in shock.
    "You will be, and your grounding will continue until you show some improvement, UNDERSTAND?"
    "Yes mum, I understand", I responded with tears starting in my eyes.
    "You will also be spanked bare from now on and every spanking earnt gets another in the morning before you leave for school." My farther said. "Just like this morning.
    Which leads me to the third point. You will be getting your spanked with your own paddle from now on and it will be hung outside your room with your name on it".
    My eyes went wide, "But everyone will see it when they visit", I said with alarm.
    "Yes they will, and will hear it being used if you try to hide it or take it down when they are here", my mother said in a firm voice. "You will also go with your father to the hardware store this weekend and pick out a good piece of oak to build your own paddle. For now you'll go over your father's knee again and I'll go and get my hairbrush, so he can finish the job", She said getting up and moved for the door. 
    "Stand up" my father said getting to his feet, "It's time to finish this off for tonight".
    My father then took my seat and sat, taking me over his knee again and started to spank me again. My already nude flesh felt every slap and my howl of pain filled the house. My behind was on fire and I couldn't see through my tears as the spanking continued. My cries and yells did nothing to his resolve to correct my misdoings. My backside was relentlessly slapped over and over again as his hand spanked my bare and burning bum cheeks alternating from the left to the right and back again. This is when mum walked back in with her dreaded brush. I had been threatened with its use in the past, but never felt it, so I didn't know what I was in for. 
    My dad stopped spanking, "Thank you", he said taking the brush from my mother who stood and watched as the first blow took my breath away.
    I had never though it would hurt so much. 
    "WHAP, SLAP, WHAP, WHAP", the brush fell on my behind over and over again. The pain in my backside was beyond anything I ever felt and my bawling went on and on. I was in hell and stayed over my father's knee as he continued spanking for what seemed like hours, (but would have been only minutes). I didn't feel it when he stopped, I was bawling too much, so when he stood me up on my feet I was shocked to find my ordeal finished.
    "Now get your pajamas on and get to bed", he ordered, 
    "I'll be up in the morning to check you're in your pajamas, and if you're not, you'll be naked for the rest of the week. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?"
                                                                                                              THE END, (or is it?) 
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