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  1. Why is it that when someone brings up a topic about public spanking, so many people act so prudish? Life is too short to be so stuck up, live a bit, have fun, be proud of who you are. My wife often gives me a good whack or two if I act up in public and nobody ever says anything. I may have said something she didn't like, as I am very anti political correctness, (as most Aussie men my age are), and a good laugh is a good laugh. Have fun and live life.
  2. That sort of happens to me anyhow, (but my wife wields the paddle). My wife is friends with the boss lady and she tells my wife whenever she thinks I deserve it. There have been times when I arrive home and have been taken by my wife into the kitchen where my pants come off and the paddle that hangs on the wall is put to good use. I'm told why I've been paddled and that it was the bosses orders. After my behind is hot and glowing my wife texts or calls the boss lady to tell her that the deed was done.
  3. Try to put into a letter or email to your boyfriend what it is that you need and expect for him to do about it. List a number of rules and punishments that you wish to follow as an example and hand him a number of implements to be used and include how to use them. I did this with my wife and now, ten years later I'm a well behaved boy, with a small reminder every now and then of how hard she now paddles me, (this comes from when I used to tell her that she hits like a girl). Try that also.
  4. As I had made all of the paddles that my wife uses on my backside, I originally chose the wood and shape of the paddles, that's where my choice in the matter finished. My wife mostly grabs a paddle she feels like using and that's it for me sitting comfortably for a while.
  5. This is reserved for punishment only and even then it's for the worst violations. My wife has only made me do this once so far, and the memory of that time a few years ago has me clench up with the memory of it. Mrs Redwombutt has only to threaten me with this and I'm on the straight and narrow.
  6. My wife needs to let me wear clothes in the house first, so naked is the only way for me.
  7. Good to see someone else with a sense of humour 😅🤣
  8. That's a real funny idea. Some people need a good laugh and I'd like to think that a good sense of humour isn't dead in the world. I don't give any Credence to political correctness and this sometimes gets me into trouble, but hey, life is too short to worry and not have a laugh. So long as no one gets hurt, (except for the spankee, 🤣). While staying in hotels, wife and I have a 'do not disturb' sign we sometimes hook over a door handle that says, "Do not disturb, spanking in progress". This always puts a smile on the face of passers by.
  9. The limit depends on each person and in my case each day. A few wacks one day can have me over the edge, but others can have me begging for more with a red raw and bruised behind. It all depends on the day and mood.
  10. My thoughts before a spanking include; 1. Wondering if my wife remembered anything I didn't get spanked for in the past and wants to add more for it. 2. What will she be using this time, I hope it's not the cane? 3. I shouldn't have joked about a woman's job is cleaning and cooking..., (even though I do most of the cooking). 4. Why am I back here in this situation.
  11. I prefer to wear white cotton briefs when I know a spanking is immanent, that is when my wife lets me wear clothes at home. I'm usually kept naked so she can have a good perve and that I'm ready for a spanking anytime.
  12. My wife chooses neither or both, depending on her mood, and who am I to argue with that???
  13. Swearing at my sister and threatening her while my mum was in the background makes a highly embarrassing situation for a teenage boy. I did this and was quickly parted from my pants and and underpants by an angry mother with a wooden spoon and walloped to tears in front of my little sister.
  14. A spanking as punishment for me is humbling enough, but the embarrassment of anyone finding out hammers the nail in. My wife has at times hinted in front of people about an earlier spanking she'd given me by saying something like, "Would you like more of what you got this morning"? There are other times when the window is opened to let anyone outside hear my spanking. I think the embarrassment of spanking combined with the pain is a great deterrent.
  15. It works well for my wife after she has a crappy day at work.
  16. I have heard of a number when I was at a high level in my sport. There were a few who were coached by a family member who would take them into the change room after a bad performance in competition and an unmistakeable sound of a spanking followed.
  17. I have been numb a few times and the spanker started to spank harder leaving a bruise or two that were felt for days. If a severe spanking is given then expect this result.
  18. It makes no difference whether you're gay or straight, male or female, a spanking is a spanking no matter who gives it, a red backside is the final result.
  19. A spanking is given if I earn one. My wife has often made me stop a car on a drive for a road side paddling, (we keep a paddle in the car for these occasions), I'm sometimes warned by her when out, (with no regard to who is listening), and then paddled by her when home or somewhere free of people. I'm also paddled at home when a disagreement happens, I do something wrong or annoy her. The home ones are dealt out quickly and always bare, (as I always have to be naked at home, it's my choice and she likes to perve on me). Nine out of ten paddling's are on a bare backside and are given in private, (except when on the side of the road which is mostly out of view of other cars).
  20. Recently, on the way to work, my wife warned me about my behaviour while driving. "Do that again, and you will pull over and I'll get the paddle from the back", she warned me. No believing her I chuckled and said, "yeah sure". Needless to say, I was made to pull over in the nearby cemetary and was paddled by my wife, over my pants bent over with my hands in the back of the car. After she warned me, that next time the pants come down and I'd cop it over my underpants. Has this ever happened to anyone else?
  21. Just for a little bit of a light topic. I got thinking the other day as to whether or no your star sign can determine if you are a spanker or spankee or either. I prefer to be on the painful side of the paddle and I'm a Virgo. What is your star sighn and role in spanking?
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