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  1. It's not that much of a problem usually, but when it happens and if my wife is angry because it's a punishment spanking, I'm made to deal with it, (no need to be fully descriptive here), before she starts the spanking.
  2. I've heard it enough to know that my wife means business. I've been walloped a fair number times on the side of the road while on holiday and once on our way home from work. We keep a paddle in the back of the car for these purposes and boy, do I dread when those dreaded words come out. At this time I have to find an adequate spot to legally park, open the back of the car and assume the position there. I am then paddled in a way my wife determines she needs to. Mostly it's a paddling with pants on, sometimes over undies and rarely bare, (though it does happen).
  3. This is like asking if there is a cure for breathing.... silly question... 😝
  4. If it's a severe punishment spanking, I have to just endure it. My wife likes to tease me about squirming when sitting afterwards.
  5. I've had my fair share of outdoors spankings that included my wife spanking my bare backside in a forest, on the side of a river, on the side of a country road, (where two cars drove by in the middle of it) and in a tend while in a campsite where others had to have heard. All in all it's interesting being bared in nature, so good luck to you. My suggestion is to get naked and stay that way for the weekend.
  6. After a bit of though and going through some memories of being embarrassed about a spanking, I think it comes down to two specific things my wife can do to make my face go the colour my backside would become or had been. The first is if she mentions a spanking she intends to give me or has given me, while in the presence of another person. This can quickly bring a glow to my face and silence me just as quick. The other is when I'm made to masturbate before a serious punishment spanking while she watches.
  7. When Mrs Wombutt tells me I'll be getting a spanking while out during the day, it's always given to me before bedtime. I'll be told to get undressed and then get bent over for a good paddling. It's bed time soon after and if it's for something serious, I'll get another the next morning, often before we leave for work.
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