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  1. For me, a good, calm telling off with no confusion about what I did and what have coming to me. Then following the telling off, I have to strip naked and bend over when my wife goes to town on my backside with our biggest Tasmanian Oak Paddle and no warm-up. For a real serious punishment I'm instructed to masturbate before the paddling to make sure there is no "sexual desire" left in me before my arse is blistered.
  2. Don't give my wife any ideas, she already has a pair of swimming trunks for me without any backside in them for occasions when we are away. She says that if I'm due doe a spanking I'll have to put them on to show off my red bum when down the beach....I hope she's joking. 😊
  3. My bosses know, (a married couple), and the lady boss will occasionally tell my wife when she thinks I deserve a good paddling, (like if I have a blow up at work etc). Some of our neighbours would have heard me getting paddled by my wife, especially in summer with the home window open. Also I told an ex-work mate that my wife spanks me after she told me she was gay, (one secret deserves another in return). On another note my Mum recently told my wife to give me a good wack when I get a bit to anxious about something or other. 😊
  4. Being in lock-down makes me start to climb the walls. I know I'm doing things that annoy my wife, and I know I'm pushing the boundaries, but I keep it up. One day soon I can see my backside being paddled hard and long, but thinking deep I know it will do me some good. This craving for a spanking may be subconscious for some, but I see it clearly. I know I need it, and welcome it.
  5. It's not a thing I want again. My wife only uses this for serious punishment and thankfully she only made me pull myself before a paddling once. I dread the day that I stuff up seriously again and have to stand before her naked and releave myself before bending over for the dreaded paddle.
  6. I'm old enough to have been embarrassed more times than I can remember, so one more embarrassment doesn't matter. What's the difference between getting your bottom spanked by your wife or getting pulled up for a traffic offence by the police. Both are embarrassing, so live and learn. I still dread the day that my wife gets out the paddle when family are about, but that's why I behave myself when visiting or having visitors. This is how spanking is effective.
  7. It is a discussion not to be taken too seriously and to let people have a bit of fun. There are times when a bit of an imagination is needed to make people think, be silly and to enjoy themselves for a bit. We have too many people that spoil this fun and fantasy and take everything too seriously.
  8. This is not aimed at spanking minors, it's aimed at those who have no respect for others and those who wish to be in their own world instead of this one with others. We are all part of one world, lets live in it and be in it with each other as a community. Those who don't want to be in this world should be the punnished ones.
  9. Whilst driving the other day a 'little darling in her parent's car' pulled out onto the road in front of me, (causing my to brake heavily), and got the bird when I had the 'hide' to blow the horn at her. My wife was in shock, as was I, and she commented that, "people like that need their bottoms paddled". This got me to thinking about all the people who piss me off and/or do things that are utterly selfish and 'intitled', (that is a lot of millenials), and how we should have a day, when we can legally get hold of these people and give them a good old fashioned punnishment that their rear ends may never have known. Thus giving them a taste of the consequences their actions can get them. The question is, how many of you have been in this place and how many of you agree with my idea? If only fantasy, it's good to think about these people getting their comeuppance and learning some manners and becoming aware that others besides themselves exist.
  10. I've been threatened by my wife at dinner at the in-laws, but that's about all.
  11. Triggers are varied and numerous for me, and sometimes the same trigger won't work twice. A blown or flipped up skirt can get me, sometimes it's seeing a police car pulling someone over, " my wife told me that I would be severely punnished if I ever was pulled over". The easiest way to trigger me off is when my wife jokingly tells me I've been naughty in public.
  12. I agree, my bottom would be fully bared and would be the deepest blue colour by the time she finished. Be grateful of what you got.
  13. This happened to me within the last week, but I was the driver. I was diving home from a ten day trip with my wife when I said the wrong thing. I was told to pull over at the next rest area. I found myself over the front of the car getting a good paddling when three cars came past, the last slowing down for a good look. I was mortified and my wife was delighted.... as they say, "happy wife.......OOOWCH"...
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