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  1. Being told to get a paddle and bring it back to my wife before being escorted to the bedroom for a pants down walloping while everyone at your dinner party listened is enough for me.
  2. I agree, very good, but another that stands out is a birching in the 1986 movie, Lady Jane staring Helena Bonham Carter, Cary Elwes and Patric Stewart. Helena's character, Jane is given a horrendously savage birching.
  3. At times, like now that I'm a little bored, I start to poke the bear. I know I'm being annoying and I'm going to pay for it, but it entertains me to know how far is too far. As I said, I'm bored. My wife has already warned me that she'll be paddling me tonight, but I just can't help myself.
  4. I grew up in 1970's Australia and spankings were the norm in schools. I remember going over the knee of my teacher many times in front of the class and seeing others treated the same. This is where I became fascinated in spanking, as I enjoyed watching the girl's dresses get lifted to be spanked over their undies, I was about 6 or so. I was also spanked in front of the family up until I was in my late teens, mostly clthed with my father, but mum always bared us first.
  5. One of her friends suspects it, but my wife wouldn't do it. The worst thing is that my bosses, (a couple), know it and get told when I get a good whalloping, so there's an explanation why I'm not doing too much sitting the next day if I'm working.
  6. Yes, your right here. I hate it when my wife makes me pull myself first. She orders me to the bathroom where I'm told to do the deed until I cum, then it's back over the bed and the paddle does the rest. My embarrassment is increased exponentially as is the pain of it. It's the only time I'm reduced to a blubbering mess and feel huge shame afterwards for what I did, how I acted and the need of it happening. I'm glad she does this rarely, (I hope she's not reading this). 😟
  7. I'd like my wife to get up the courage to spank me in front of visitors if I step out of line during a dinner party. If not in front of visitors, even take me to the next room and let them listen to me get a paddling before marching me to a corner in front of the others. Then again, I'd like the courage to do the same...😊
  8. No, but I think she should. Does it help your hubby?
  9. Yes Mrs L. My wife is the boss and my world.
  10. If it were me, I'd think the same. A spanking that's needed can come from anyone that wants to hand it out. It wouldn't matter if it's male or female that spanks me. I can see that there are also times that it could be less awkward for some men to seek spanking from another man, as seeking a woman to do the job could be too difficult. I'm lucky to have a wife that takes me in hand, but if I didn't, I'd probably pay a visit to another man. At least you'd not be seen as some sort of sleaze or predator as you could with a woman.
  11. We all get in trouble at times, and have been told off within earshot of others. I know I have and have seen many others told off the same way. The added embarrassment of having everyone who can hear it happening find out a spanking will follow happens also. When growing up, my mother often told me to behave or I'd get a spanking. My dad would also be open about telling someone that I'd be getting a good spanking when I got home. These days my wife has the duty of warming my backside and often warns me discretely about my fate when we are out and about, but there have been times when anger had
  12. With me it's, "Oh well, if I'm going to get a spanking, then so be it. At least I can have fun before I have to pay for it". This is the same sort of thing that makes people drive too fast, not stop at stop signs or try and beat that red light in their cars. It's not legal and you know you're probably going to be caught, but you do it anyway for the thrill. Hasn't anyone stripped off and streaked across a park or gone skinny dipping when they thought nobody was watching? Same thing. I do things that my wife has deemed, "a spank-able offence", to try my luck or see if I can get away with it. I
  13. I think it depends on one's own pain threshold. I've had quite a number of spankings over the years that made sitting uncomfortable, but it was tolerable. I've had friends growing up that yelped and shed a tear or two when having to sit at school for class and didn't want to sit down at recess or lunch time due to a previous night's spanking. If my wife is really pissed off at me, my backside will remain tender a day or so later, (up to two days if given a reminder paddling the next morning), but even though I don't want to, I can still sit down when I have to. She recons I have an iron butt,
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