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  1. It's not that much of a problem usually, but when it happens and if my wife is angry because it's a punishment spanking, I'm made to deal with it, (no need to be fully descriptive here), before she starts the spanking.
  2. I've heard it enough to know that my wife means business. I've been walloped a fair number times on the side of the road while on holiday and once on our way home from work. We keep a paddle in the back of the car for these purposes and boy, do I dread when those dreaded words come out. At this time I have to find an adequate spot to legally park, open the back of the car and assume the position there. I am then paddled in a way my wife determines she needs to. Mostly it's a paddling with pants on, sometimes over undies and rarely bare, (though it does happen).
  3. Growing up un the 70's & 80's, spankings were the norm in our home. I remember I was often face down, over a lap watching the dampness in the carpet grow bigger, or bent over a bench or table feeling a wooden spoon stir some colour into my behind. All the kids in the house were subject to this into our teens and then one day we didn't get spanked any more. There wasn't any age in particular, because afterwards we were threatened with the , "Your not too old", speach, but it did. I guess I was about 17 when my last parental spanking too place, how old were you when you got your last spanking from your parents?
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