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  1. I cop it quite a bit during that time. I believe it's her thinking, "well if I can't have any fun, then neither can you". She has her fun texting me the next day at work wondering if I'm enjoying sitting down.😊
  2. I think disagreeing with a punishment with my wife is like kicking a can down the street, I'll have to pick it up sometime. Eventually I'll be punished, but this time it'll be quite a bit harder and longer.
  3. My wife likes to see me in white cottom briefs, but prefers them at my ancles.
  4. I hope they exist... my wife spanks me, and if she didn't exist, then who the hell has been making my bum so sore all these years?
  5. My wife has often warned me to be on my best behavoir when visiting my parents, so something simi l ar would happen to me. The only diference would be that she'd take me to a free room and wallop my bare behind with the clothes brush we carry in the car for such occasions.
  6. Who told you??? Did you tell my wife??? I'm in so much trouble if she finds out. ðŸĪŠ
  7. I don't get away with much, as there is always someone who speaks to someone else who knows my wife, who put and end to it with a paddle.
  8. My wife's goal is to make me pay and my goal is to not do it again... (and if that doesn't work, Alzheimer's must be setting in).ðŸĪ­ðŸĪŠðŸ˜†
  9. We are mostly all anonymous here, so rather than take a four wize monkey approach, ( see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil and have no fun), keep being anonymous and have fun, (unless it's your parents, then scream and run)... 😆
  10. Oh yeah, another thing I'd like to be spanked with is Sarah Michelle Gellar's hand, (I'll pay for that remark if my wife finds it, lol)
  11. My wife and I don't have kids, but I agree with everyone else that kids shouldn't need know. When getting a paddling it's between my wife and myself, (and maybe an odd neighbour or two in summer when our windows are open, lol).
  12. My wife believes that the warming comes from the spanking. The only thing close to a warm up I get is taking off my clothes and assuming the position.
  13. If you start off light and slow, your butt won't be cold for long.
  14. I'm scared straight whenever my wife threatens me with that. Even when given a propper hard paddling, I remind myself that it could be worse. I think she has the 'pull before' as a back-up.
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