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  1. Thanks, my wife was kidding, but even so, any doctor would look at me and know. I guess in Australia we don't have the litigation issues to the level of the U.S. If a doctor saw me with a red bum or bruises, he/she would smile when my face went red.
  2. Leo seems to be the leading spankee sign so far. A fire sign and a lion, I would have expected spankers.
  3. My dad always spanked me on the spot over whatever I was wearing, though I did get a kick out of watching him spank my brother after he had showered and had only a towel around him that dad quickly ripped off him before putting him over his knee naked. On the other hand, mum was a big fan of de-pantsing me or anyone else she saw the need to spank. When shs spanked, you could always hear the unmistakable bare flesh slapping sound.
  4. Welcome to the anonymous internet. No one has manors, everyone is right, and has the right to ignor anyone when they get bored. I hear you on this and have been there. It seems that everyone looks out for themselves and forgets the rest of the community. We can learn from the past and take time for others, even if it means checking in on another to see if they are all right. You can still be anonymous, but a conversation can mean a lot for the other party.
  5. Just for a little bit of a light topic. I got thinking the other day as to whether or no your star sign can determine if you are a spanker or spankee or either. I prefer to be on the painful side of the paddle and I'm a Virgo. What is your star sighn and role in spanking?
  6. I'd like a genuine lochjelly tawse made by John J. Dick, (and change my mind about liking one, after my wife gets hold of it).๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿคฃ
  7. I was pretty young when my mum spanked me at home. I have snippets of memories, (though I didn't think much of them then), of my pants coming down and muy mum's hand smacking my bare bottom with me screaming tears.
  8. Great question. It's not an easy to answer, but is in a way, as age and desire for spanking blends as time goes by. At my age I still remember fragments, so here goes. 1. I am male, (or was the last time I looked). 2. I guess I was about 6 or 7 when I desired to be spanked. I did everything to earn one and regretted it when I did. Until the next time. 3. No, I didn't watch someone else getting spanked, it was me getting spanked in front of my class in Kindergarten. It was the "70s" and it was the norm in Australia, I was surprised about the warm feeling I got when I had to sit i
  9. Yes,a stern talking to gets me there. I know the spanking hurts and I deserve it, but when my wife starts telling me the reasons and why I am in this position, the tears start to build. I accepted this lifestyle to better myself, so a little solding and a lot of internal acceptance form my punishment helps. A good telling off makes me think. A good spanking says I did something wrong and I'm paying for it. Together they make a real punishment.
  10. Natural is best, so I believe that the rattan canes do the job anb fit the profile. This type of cane has thrashed many mottoms over thousands of years, so why would you want to go for modern cheap materials. My bottom looks forward to my wife's canings, "is that right dear?" ( just in case she reads this, the rattan bites like hell). ๐Ÿ™„
  11. In my wife's hands, my most dreaded implement is the big, holley oak paddle that hangs in our kitchen. When she has that in hand, I know my bottom will be sore for days.
  12. I agree, the list needs work, but in saying this, it depends on who's hand the impliment is in as to the effectiveness. I have had belts used to little effect and brushes used that had me bawling. My wife is very effective with a paddle but useless with a cane, she would like to try a tawse and that has me worried. ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ
  13. Nice topic, spankings were everywhere in the old toons, no wonder my imagination sails one direction. Just one question I have is, do you think that Fred Flintstone either spanked or got spanked by Wilma?
  14. Political sides are not as polarizing in Australia. I have friends, work mates and family that share different political views and we all get along well, (even the ones who vote Greens). No matter what side of politics you follow, if you deserve a good hiding, then you should get one. You'd think spanking somone with opposing views would help you get motivated...lol
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