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  1. lately I tried coffee+tonic water and it is amazing!
  2. I find doing yoga very helpful on stress relief. It really cares my head. The sweating, focus on controlling the movements and understanding your own body. It really feels great! My job needs constant communication, lots of deadlines and always need a clear mind to navigate. So i need to stay calm in a chaotic environment. It's not easy and I get frustrated all the time. Then I set up a rule on doing yoga every day and later I found out that I don't need that rule and I can do it on my own. I think don't push yourself if you don't want to communicate. Just do sth you like, enjoy yo
  3. Writing lines definitely work for me... the lines are imprinted on my head after copying 50 times... hands are sore and fingers go numb... I cried once doing lines... In fact I hate it so much I'd rather get a spanking
  4. @JoeB44 yeah it took me years to finally understand what I want. Because this is the first and only relationship I have. It leads to another issue of ‘control’ that he wouldn’t let me stay in this circle once our relationship was confirmed. Simply talking to other ER/EE is considered cheating to him. But I’m glad that I know what I want now
  5. I’ve never been told to lower my panties but actually don’t mind to do it 😛
  6. Your post really got me thinking. I had a relationship with my spanker before. When he got mad, he seldom disciplined me but rather lashing out and humiliated me with hurtful words. I have never thought of it this way and took them as a part of ‘punishment’. It was good that he didn’t get physical though... But spanking to him is more like a foreplay, which is really the opposite to what I want.
  7. Hi I’m a female spankee from HK looking for a disciplinarian who can guide me and lead me. Please let me know if you are interested
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