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  1. I like bedtime spankings (even if I am embarrassed to admit so when it comes to it), and they've been very similar to what you describe when I've received them, except they've usually been in a supported otk position (so my legs and upper body are both supported on the bed, and the spanker sits leaning against the headboard, with her legs out in front - rather than at the edge of the bed). I do believe I have slept better afterwards. I have fallen asleep quicker, and tend to feel calmer and happier as I fall asleep, rather than thinking about all the other little worried buzzing thoughts
  2. Hi @Rosiecoyote, Firstly, I can relate to how you feel. I have been obsessed with spanking for as long as I can remember, and I am a 30 year old woman. I had barely explored this side of me in person until... in the last year! So yes, I know what it's like to have a long-unmet need. (I had a number of very lowkey experiences over the years in the past, and had tried a few different ways of connecting with other spankos, but nothing of note). I realise it's especially difficult during the pandemic, but here is my advice: Firstly... you mention fetlife being overwhelming. I agr
  3. So... not in an overly formal way but I have sometimes in the past given myself short-term ... I guess you could call it 'mini groundings' (or it's grounding-like) along the lines of, "I can't do [x fun thing] until I do [y important task]" - eg. "I will not watch youtube/tv/[or similar] until I have cleaned all the dishes" I think it's low key / short term enough that it doesn't require extreme self-discipline to manage which I guess can be the issue with... uh... self-discipline. That said, I usually prefer to phrase it this way round in my head: "Once I have cleaned all the dishe
  4. Haha, in one of the stories on my blog, I once was proofreading before posting, and realised I had accidentally typed it so the Top character had instructed the bottom to stand ON HER HEAD (rather than with her hands on her head) That's interesting about the mat! I've never seen an acupuncture mat before. I am guessing it's painful to sit bare om, though I don't actually know what those 'spike' things feel like.
  5. Hi all, I'm genuinely very curious about this. I find it uncomfortable to stand with my hands on my head after only a few minutes and pretty tough to get to 10! Embarrassing secret here, but I've actually been practising alone to improve my endurance in this thing... A few questions... 1. Do you put your hands on TOP of your head or have them clasped at the back of the head? Do you find one position tougher than the other? 2. After how long do you notice discomfort/difficulty? 3. After how long does it start to feel truly tough/painful? 4. Do you have a limit
  6. I have basically what seems to be exactly that silicone spoon but in blue! However, I have not actually been spanked with it... Seems like it's be stingy though!
  7. Well, wooden spoons come in different sizes and weights so it's difficult to say, but very generally, I think the silicone spatula is more 'stingy' and less 'thuddy'.
  8. I have a silicon spatula and a spoon... One word of warning since you posted concerns about noise on another thread... My silicone implements are really loud!!! Like, very loud smacky noise! As for pain vs a wooden one... Its too hard to say. There is variation among wooden spoons and also variation along silicone spatulas as to what that specific implement is like. It's a different sort of pain I think but different people tolerate different sorts of pain differently. I would say experimenting with both is the way to go.
  9. I live in a one bedroom flat (we say flat in the UK not apartment 😉). The latest I've been spanked is around 11pm. Tbh... Spanking can be pretty loud. I'm not talking about yelling etc but the sound of smacking itself. I was surprised by how loud a hand spanking can be! In terms of yelling etc, I am not a yeller. I don't think I am/was making loud distressed noises and my spanker is a calm scolder, not a shouter. So I'm not certain neighbours would necessarily know exactly what they're overhearing unless they're also spankos. I'm prepared to tell my neighbours what's going on if an
  10. I actually hate the name of this one and prefer to say 'legs up' position. I mostly agree that this is a very submissive feeling position, and the only part I disagree on is the fact that it being called 'diaper position' has anything to do with how submissive it is. I don't think what we call it really changes the 'feel' of it in practice, and I haven't felt 'treated like a baby' when spanked in this way. For me, it's an interesting one... I knew of it but it never really entered my fantasies. Recently, I have been spontaneously spanked in this position eg. when I've said something naug
  11. I have a bedtime! Well, I actually have a device-restriction-time. I cannot use my devices (phone/computer/screens) for 8 hours from when I log/turn them off, and must do so before midnight. I can also never use them before 7am (regardless of how early I turned them off). While this is not exactly a bedtime, it does typically cause me to go to bed within at least 15-20 minutes of logging off... and sometimes right away. It's tracked on a chart, and the consequence for breaking the rule is spanking. The chart began on 6th October, so it's a fairly recent thing, and I have so f
  12. I am a non-monogamist... but I would still say this is a hard no if the partner doesn't approve. Even in poly / non-monogamous relationships, it's still considered cheating if it's done without consent of the partner. And consent must be enthusiastic, not grudging. I know it's not the answer you want but unfortunately I believe your ethical choices are to choose between not meeting that need, or being honest and breaking up with your partner (at which point you would be 'free' to seek meeting that need elsewhere). Unless you believe you can talk to her and come to some sort of comp
  13. I think it's very individual, but I'm going to hazard a guess and say most people on here probably have a preference for OTK... actually, I believe there's a poll on the main page where OTK is the clear leader in people's votes. Of course there can be variations within that... eg. whether the upper body and/or legs are supported (eg. on the bed/sofa) or not. Whether you're over one knee or the whole lap, etc. When the question is 'most submissive' I think there are some people (maybe not necessarily on this particular forum though[?] unsure) who are going to think of positions where the
  14. I'm curious why people are surprised by a hairbrush or wooden spoon unless you have a particularly odd looking hairbrush or spoon(?); I'd have said those are some of the most common implements! I'm in the UK and I'm given to believe paddles are more popular in the US, but still. They loved and hated for a reason. I say, having been the victim of a clothes brush the other night...
  15. The first link: There was a lot of protocol involved which I'm not really into. I can't tell whether or not it's your thing from your posts, but I guess different people or couples have different dynamics. While I am into cnc (consensual nonconsent), I prefer more lowkey, low-protocol dynamics. Phrases like "demanding, aloof and unyielding" in the summary do not resonate with me at all. I want sessions to be intimate, affectionate, and understanding, even if the spanking is a very 'hard' one. 2nd link: I have read this site before actually! I've been spanked with a broad strap before...
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