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  1. IndySpanko


    I disagree with shygurl a bit that subspace can't be planned, because that's exactly what happened in my description above -- we planned it. It wasn't that different than planning an acid trip in the old days: I knew who I was going to be with, where, what music would be playing, what we would be doing. My friend and I intentionally planned taking me to subspace, and we were successful. I'm not saying we always would be, but I do think it can be planned for those who want to try it. The descriptions above are very good and can be adjusted to your personal situation and personality in an attemp
  2. Whenever I see a woman wearing a "choker" necklace, I think she must be a submissive and I launch into a fantasy, LOL. I know for some it's just jewelry, but I can't get that thought out of my head ...
  3. I was in a nonDs relationship with a woman where we occasionally had "Princess Days" in which I was submissive from the time we awoke until the time we went to sleep. I absolutely loved these days, and she appreciated all the chores that got done and that I was devoid of attitude (which is an ongoing problem for me in relationships). Here are the rules she wrote up, with no input from me: PRINCESS DAY GUIDELINES 1. When I’m acting as Princess and disciplining you, you will never go OTK with me. You will always be bent over something such as furniture or the bed. I will always use
  4. I have switched in the same session with a male, but have never found a female who was interested in doing so. The females I have been with have definitively wanted me to be one or the other. I find that interesting ...
  5. When I was in high school many years ago I had a female chemistry teacher who got upset with me one day and after class marched me down to the male assistant principal's office and had me paddled while she watched. When he picked up the paddle he asked her if she wanted to give the swats or if she wanted him to. She said he could do it. I wished she had taken the paddle! He also asked her how many: "One, two, five?" She picked two. After that I kept hoping and fantasizing that she would get mad at me again and this time paddle me herself. But I couldn't bring myself to act up deliberately. She
  6. This can be fun during spanking role-play and I have had my temperature taken and taken the temperature of a couple of ladies. But not during true punishment.
  7. I have in my past been punished by a number of professional Dommes, and with several we had casual conversations afterwards and I usually would ask if they had experience on the other side of the paddle -- and every one of them who answered said that they had been spanked and were spankees before becoming professional spankers. One said that she still had a "mentor" who spanked her regularly, but quickly added that she never switched with her clients.
  8. I once met with a woman who was very much into erotic spanking and wanted to be stimulated while being spanked. She stood sideways between my legs. I inserted my left thumb in her vagina along her G spot and the tip of my left middle finger into her anus. She then bent forward with her hands on my left knee and thigh and I spanked her smartly with my right hand while wiggling my thumb and finger inside her. She came repeatedly. She then thanked me properly.
  9. Meeting in Indianapolis? Interested to know if there are folks in or near Indianapolis who would be willing to meet after COVID dies down. Could be for a meal, a discussion, a demonstration, or even a spanking party -- whatever the group decides. Maybe in the summer?
  10. Welcome from a fellow Hoosier spanko. tony
  11. You can also look for a counselor at the site of Kink Aware Professionals (KAP). https://www.kapprofessionals.org/business-directory-3/
  12. Thoramay -- I'd like to hear more about the female forbidden ruined orgasm. That seems much less common than the male ruined orgasm. How were you stimulated and what happened so you could not control yourself? Do you regularly experience tease and denial?
  13. When I am teasingly threatening someone I am somewhat close to but who may or may not be a spankee, I use "derriere," which somehow seems less offensive. As in, "My goodness, talk like that may get your derriere some attention." Then I watch and listen closely for the reaction. When a spanking is imminent, I usually say, "Get over here and bend over my knee," without mentioning the bottom. But when I do mention it I usually use "behind," as in "Time to bare that behind" or "Your behind needs to pay for your behavior." I sometimes say "rear" or "bottom" or even "ass," as in "Time for you
  14. I very much believe in cathartic spanking. I have experienced it from both sides of the paddle. I once was about to adopt a foster child who had lived with us for a year and a half--and the state whisked her away to an aunt and uncle in Florida she had never met. I was heartbroken. Went to a therapist but could not get over it. The therapist said, "To you, it's like your foster daughter died." I realized that was true. I was considering suicide. I called up a good friend who had spanked me several times and asked her to do a cathartic spanking with me. She agreed. It was the longest and hardes
  15. As a spankee I want to be called a "naughty little boy" because that's how I want to be made to feel ... I don't mean age play, I mean real punishment makes me really feel that way ...
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