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  1. I have given and received ginger root and consider it a great enhancement to a spanking. If you want her to wiggle her butt on your lap, ginger is the thing!
  2. I once hand-spanked a girlfriend pretty hard at a secluded spot on a beach walk. But on the way back it was not secluded at all and her red butt definitely showed. Nobody said anything but a couple of people who passed us gave us a long look at our faces after seeing her bright red cheeks. She was totally embarrassed. I thought it was rather cute. It really hadn't occurred to either one of us at the time of the spanking that we would need to walk by people and she did not have a coverup. She laughed about it later but at the time she couldn't wait to get to the car ...
  3. I used to work for a school and the principal was a tall (taller than me), powerful-looking woman who dressed like a strict boss. And she was quite strict. She and I did not get along very well, and I was in her office once and we were disagreeing about something and she said to me, "I wish we could just take this out to the parking lot." A fistfight with a woman? I think not. But I instantly got the image of her paddling me instead, and I wish I had had the guts to suggest that because I actually think there is a possibility she might have followed through! (off-campus, most likely) I've been
  4. I don't allow my spankees to touch themselves during a spanking but I do allow them to straddle a single knee and grind the clitoris into it during the spanking, which often results in an explosive orgasm (and I quite enjoy watching the bucking and grinding and time my swats in rhythm to it). However, once that happens I keep right on spanking so she doesn't get to bask in the afterglow and instead sees the session as more intended punishment than intended pleasure, though in the final analysis they often become one and the same.
  5. Scolding in public happens frequently in my world, and it probably isn't DD couples. I'm not saying it's ideal, but it is real, and I have been scolded in public though not threatened with a spanking. I have never seen and adult/adult spanking in public in many decades of being a spanko with my eyes and ears out for such things. I think in most cases the police would be called, so it's very inadvisable.
  6. When behavior modification is truly the goal, I believe scolding is essential. The spankee needs to be reminded of the misbehavior, admit it, apologize for it, promise not to repeat it, and have that promise "drilled" into their brain. Scolding accomplishes all of this ...
  7. The intimate gift of power exchange, both for the giver and the receiver ... The vulnerability of the spankee, and the care and concern of the spanker ...
  8. I think any time a heterosexual is bare-bottomed in front of the opposite sex, there is an erotic component -- whether we want there to be or not and even when it is "purely" a disciplinary spanking. Thus, a heterosexual guy being spanked by another heterosexual guy removes the erotic component. It is pure punishment. It is awkward because guys are not used to other guys seeing their penises, seeing them extremely vulnerable (maybe even crying), etc. But for pure punishment where you will have no desire to masturbate to the memory, it is very effective. I speak from experience ...
  9. I have experience as a spanking mentor/coach. I have helped naughty young ladies with weight loss, procrastination, swearing, and housework. You can reply here or private message me. Tony
  10. I spanked my ex-wife on our wedding night. We both expected it to happen, as I had been spanking her during our courtship. But we had not had intercourse, so the spanking functioned well as foreplay. She liked to roleplay being "forced" to suck cock by being spanked until she agreed. We did that and it helped get her ready for her first intercourse ...
  11. Early in my marriage I spanked my wife for swearing and it worked quite well. She definitely reduced the frequency. I think less significant behaviors like this are much better addressed with spanking than more serious issues like weight loss, smoking, etc.
  12. I really agree with the last line of Chawsee's: There's a fine line between pain and pleasure, and one can cross back and forth over this line to great advantage. I believe opposites are on a continuum -- but that continuum line curves around into a circle (unbenown to many). So while pain and pleasure are opposites, at the very "ends" of the continuum the most intense pain actually becomes the most intense pleasure, and vice versa. I have definitely experienced pain into pleasure through spanking, but also have experienced pleasure into pain: the wonderful taste of certain foods, for in
  13. As a switch, I have to admit that I generally prefer spankers my age or older, and spankees my age or younger. There is something about the disciplinary dynamic that seems enhanced when the spanker is older than the spankee. But it's definitely not a firm requirement for me. Most of the spankos I have interacted with have been within 10 years of my age. I did have a short relationship (both spanking and sex) with a woman 30 years my junior (19-49) who approached me and very much instigated that relationship. It was great for both of us ... for a month. Then she moved on, which was no grea
  14. Wear your prettiest panties -- not a thong. Most spankers like to see the bottom nicely encased ... before they come down ... tony
  15. The loopy Johnny is vicious. I don't use it or allow it to be used on me ... and that's the only implement applied to the bottom I say that about (I also don't allow the single-tail whip because it lands on the back, sides, thighs, belly, etc.). The key with the canes is to not wrap around to the thigh, which can cause serious injury. When she lines up the cane she needs to make sure that the end will bite into your cheek (right cheek if she is righthanded). The cane strokes can be "laddered" up and down, though not too far up on the bottom. And maintain the same distance left and ri
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