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  1. I told her to behave and she didn't. Consequences paid.
  2. Hmmm.....the scene from Secretary comes to mind, for some reason. Should I get out my red marker?
  3. Excellent story, so far. Builds well and draws the reader into both the scene, and the thoughts of Emma and her dilemma(s). Would be good if the next part was Jason's POV. After all, we can see where this is leading, it would be cool to 'hear' what's going on in Jason's mind.
  4. Rather than have to answer all the questions, yourself, you may want to ask your er a few of your own. For example, 'what will you get out of the spanking, if my bottom is bare, that you don't get with just my shorts/suit?' I can tell you that for me, removing each layer of clothing, all the way down to the bare, is like opening a present that my ee has given to me (by letting me spank her). I don't do it to see her lady parts, but to eventually see a bare bottom over my lap and to know that she is feeling the discipline more and more with each layer of clothing that is removed. Anothe
  5. I have lots of thoughts on this, but I'll just talk about the ones in the OP's question: No, I am not open to my ee's stimulating themselves during a spanking, unless it's a good girl spanking day, then the stimulation starts the minute they walk in the door. But during discipline? No, it's against the rules while they are still in 'naughty' status. I've caught an ee playing with herself when she was kneeling on the chair, supposed to be reflecting on why she was being spanked. She got taken off the chair, my foot went on it and she got a standing OTK. Kinda backfired, as it pushed her o
  6. Welcome to another Midwest Spanko. Hope you enjoy the site, it has a lot of nice features.
  7. *raises hand to volunteer to corroborate the softness and suppleness of rubyredd's butt* Oooo! Oooo! Pick me!
  8. This should do the trick. I have one of these that both my girls dread. Lexan, stingy and thuddy at the same time. It'll light a fire in your ass that takes days to subside. During testing, I could feel the soreness well into the next day. A solid spanking with it will leave an impression for days.
  9. Not from this site, but I haven't been on here, very long. Have met ee's from other sites, some sites still active, some not. I have met as many through pure acquaintance (not online), than online, so I'd have to say you have just as much chance meeting someone online vs. discovering someone liked to be spanked through merely talking to them and dropping hints. I have met just as many who don't like being spanked, by experience and trial and error, in r/l, but that's cuz I'm more likely to bring it up, now that I am older, than I was when I was younger. YMMV.
  10. That can be a tough situation/choice for an ee to wrap their head around, especially if the ee is a sub, to begin with. Once, when I screwed up and felt like that I owed my ee some compensation, I offered to let her take a few swats at my ass, to even the score. She still declined and when we discussed it, later, she stated that spanking a man didn't fit in with her 'definition' of a man and that it wouldn't sit well with her. I gave her compensation in other ways, which she did accept, but it also confirmed that she wanted me to lead the relationship, as it fit into why she and I went down
  11. You're welcome. And that's what made it stick, with me; how crazily accurate it described my behavior. Summer sucks even more, as I want to do as much as I can, during the daylight hours, and I start work a half hour earlier, so I'm always pushing it past midnight getting less than 5 hours sleep.
  12. Welcome to the site and the spanking world. Be cautious and thorough and hopefully, your experiences will be pleasant and fulfilling.
  13. Here's something to discuss: Will you be using a safeword. While it's your choice, ultimately, it has to be decided beforehand whether you will or not, and if so, what it is, and if not, are you aware of what not using one entails. Also, what are your hard limits, soft limits and no limits, as well as your er's (mine is canes; I won't use a formal cane on someone, no matter if it's not a limit for them). Those are just a couple general, overall things that you should discuss well before the knock on the door for your first spanking to begin. And don't worry, like sassylittle says, if a
  14. I was thinking of this pair just before I saw your posts, allyssandra, but they both fit for the spanking theme: Actions and consequences
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