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  1. Actually, Kiko, it's more common than one might imagine. That duality is common. Lots of ppl who are in positions of 'power' in their daily lives end up wanting to give those reins away in their private lives. There is no such thing as a 'typical' ee. They all differ and learning how to interact with them is the beauty of being an er. There may be some common things they share, if they are subs, but each one has their own needs, desires and process of how the deal with giving their submission to the er that they choose. When it works, it's like magic and feels that way for both.
  2. Q is for quickly, which is how an ee begs for mercy as soon as the belt comes out.
  3. Mulege77

    Acronym Fun

    The topic temps total tantrums spceo
  4. Mulege77

    Acronym Fun

    That easily adds several extra WMOSU
  5. Mulege77

    Acronym Fun

    Kisses nightly eliminate extra lashes SPLAT
  6. Growing up in rinks as a hockey player, the girls I saw were the figure skaters who had the ice before we did. With the short skirts they wore and the 'skaters butt' that years on the ice developed, I had no chance in life than to become an ass man. The fact I progressed into a Spanko was probably inevitable. So, of course, my vote is for ice skating as the sport that develops the most spankable butts.
  7. Not in the least. As a spanko, it would be weird for you not to fixate on it. I would have done the same. In fact, at that age, I would have had problems getting out of my chair at the end of class, as I would have run that tape over and over in my mind and my body would have betrayed my thoughts.
  8. Would be only fitting, as he had to take time away from his job (probably had to lie to his boss to get the time away) to go all the way home to get the lunch he prepared for her, the night before. Might have even reminded her, before going to bed, of what happened the last time he had to take time off work to bring her lunch. The spanking she received that time must have been on her mind for her to blush so deeply in front of the whole class, and you, when he uttered the words that let her know, in their own way, that she'd be paying the price for her inattentiveness, again, when they got home, later that night.
  9. Perhaps, but there's some good representation on the eastern portion of the state, near the Big Pond, as well. Welcome to the site and I hope you find what you're looking for.
  10. First off, congrats on having a wife who's willing to learn and grow with you. Makes the journey that much more enjoyable. Here's another suggestion and one I follow: have her try any implement that she plans on using on you, on herself beforehand. She doesn't have to give herself a full-on spanking with it, but it is good to know how an implement 'feels' and what it does, i.e., sharp, stingy, deep thud, fast pain, concentrated sting/pain, wide coverage area, intense pain, mild but pleasurable pain, etc. That way, she'll know what you may be feeling when she's using it on you and how hard to apply it.
  11. P is for Panties, which will, inevitably, come down to expose a reddening bottom.
  12. E is for Explain yourself, which EE's try to do to avoid a spanking.
  13. Mulege77

    Acronym Fun

    Daily enemas nullify intermittent movements CEOSG
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