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  1. There have been several times where my Naughty Niece has earned herself that many spankings in a weekend. The situation was the same: not being able to get together for a while, so the spankings added up to a long weekend of discipline. Our key was to start out slowly, with a good warm-up, to get her bottom ready for the spankings to come. The other key was to build up, take breaks and restart. Corner time and/or kneeling on the spanking chair is a good break and gives the ee some time to reflect on the actions that got her there. With that many spankings, I would break them up into groups of three, with each group starting with a solid hand spanking, then progressing to more severe implements as the spankings went on. Sometimes, with a plethora of implements, we er's forget how effective our hand spankings can be. I have been told that, on occasion, the ee has been glad for me to grab an implement because it would hurt less than my hand. The most serious offenses always were kept for the last spankings, as by then, it's easy to tell how the ee's bottom is responding and often, if sore enough, a higher level implement doesn't have to be used as long to be as effective, as the ee's bottom is probably quite sore and the lesson is quickly learned without prolonged spanking. That helps keep bruising down, if that's a goal, as well. I/we don't mind mild bruising, but the black and blue from back to knees hasn't been the level of bruising we've been comfortable with. YMMV. And the Grand Finale for the weekend has been a long, bare, otk hand spanking session consisting of a hand spanking identifying each and every violation, to confirm the ee hasn't forgotten any of the weekend's spankings and the reason for each one. It's a good indicator that the past offenses are both dealt with and forgiven, with a clean slate moving forward from that day. Enjoy, even though it might not be enjoyable, at times, during your discipiine, Mulege
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