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  1. The more I'm involved in this forum the more I see people with the same sort or urges I have. The things I've bottled up and felt like they made me weird are things that everyone here feels! So great!
  2. Thanks for your note! And yes, there is a one sidedness in the relationship as we have tried some spanking before. I'm glad to meet you, and know that there are others like me here!
  3. Earlier today on this site, someone asked me about my favorite hairbrush. I went looking and found out the walmart still sells its solid wood wavenforcer at most stores. And, they have a two pack in case you encounter a particularly stubborn bottom. It makes a fantastic impression. https://www.walmart.com/ip/2-Pack-Wavenforcer-Wave-Brush/263837195 Enjoy!
  4. This is so good. And true for me. I don't understand it, but I also know that it seems to be an intrinsic part of me that I can't get rid of. As to what I've done, lots of prayer and introspection. Shutting off all the sites, and information flow, but I keep coming back.
  5. Hello Everyone! Just wanted to say hi to everyone here. I've never tried anything like this before, because I guess I also always thought that this attraction to spanking someone and getting spanked was something that was weird, would only come on when I was turned on, or just didn't fit. I mean, seriously, who ever heard of someone being turned on by doing something that we also do to punish children. Or being turned on by spanking a grown woman and treating her like a daughter? Or being spanked by someone who fills the role of a wife or Mom? Anyway, I am sure that there are people here who have gone through these thoughts right? I can't be the first person to wonder what the heck is wrong with me. And even now, the thing that is scary is that I'm not even sure what I want. I've had a couple of brief encounters with women who have asked me to spank them. That has been fulfilling. I love using a long handled bathbrush on a bare bottom. I also really enjoy wielding a switch and hairbrush. I'm interested in potentially being spanked myself, although it is more of an erotic thing for me. I don't think I want a "sound" spanking, more of a sexual one. I'm also in a vanilla relationship with a wife who has absolutely no interest in spanking. So, anyway. What does all this mean? Is spanking something that can exist in its own bubble while a plain relationship goes on in tandem? Do brief spanking encounters scratch the itch enough for that to happen? Am I completely on my own with all this stuff? I guess I've just wished and wished for so long that this would go away and it hasn't. The need has grown. And now, I'm wondering if this is even the place to say all of this... because it feels more like the kind of thing I should share with a therapist. Ok, enough of all that, so HI! That's me. :) hope that I haven't scared all of you away.
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