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  1. I've been reading a lot of E-mails pertaining to self spanking , its limitations, and its successes. Probably due to the Covid crisis more -ees have resorted to this method. I'm not a salesman, or an advocate, but i've seen videos of spanking machines, and I'm curious if any one on this site has had experience using one, I had often thought of buying one myself, havng lived within vanilla relationships all my lfe, but never got that far to actually do it. Some one showed an add for a mat sold on Amazon that mimics the result of a spanking. Loked to me like one would be sitting on a bed o
  2. Came across these e-mails from last month while browsing. I went to the Amazon site to see what everyone was stating. That mat as a substitute for spanking?? Looked like something from India where someone would be able to lay on a bed of nails. I had origionaly suggested perhaps getting a spanking machine. Just curious if anyone has had experience with self spanking from a spanking machine.
  3. Looking to find a female any age in the west central area of Florida who is desperate to get a spanking. Ready to please..have car, hand, belt and vacination....will travel. Satisfaction guaranteed.. ( Probably sound like a car salesman...lol) Sure is nice weather here in Florida.
  4. I found this site a while back while browsing. I happen to be an older male, retired, single, primarily an -er, but in a vanilla relationship which gives me lots of time to persue my own interests. I have responded to the e-mails posted on this and other club sites to the desires/requests of women who have stated they needed someone to take them in hand for a spanking. I stated fully my situation re: travel, not interested in LTR, no sex, and amenable to satisfy. Yet I have had no responses, not even to get some correspondence in return. In answer to your response, do you think that wome
  5. In my limited experience, it's to easy to stop spanking oneself when you start to feel it getting a little painful. Of course the feeling of warmth and tingling is easy to reach. Never did it, but was thinking about those spanking machines as an alternative, and of course seeing them work in videos, they could be a perfect substitute. Using that method, I would assume you could grit your teeth and tune youself to bear whatever comes from the machine. I'm not a salesman nor an advocate, but over the years often thought of getting one. Never succumed to the actuality....
  6. Happy to comply to your needs if you dont mind the friendly grandfather approach to that spanking you need. Still got a strong hand , and hairbrush,etc. How'd you like to get in touch and talk. Does the message thing at the top work?
  7. Looking to give a long spanking but not into traveling far from North west Central Florida (Brandon, Paris,h Wimoma, Bradenton, St Petersburg etc....Most happy to oblige any age female for what ails them
  8. It seems to me that I've put out many feelers on this and other sites looking for conversation or meeting people for what seemed like their requests for spanking and lamenting about not getting what their seeking. Never had an answer or inquiry...wonder if I'm doing something wrong or going about it the wrong way. I of course hesitate to give out a phone number or e-mail address. If anyone out there is near central Florida, like Tampa, St. Petersberg, Brandon, Bradenton...I love to hear from them.. I'm a top looking for a bottom....happy to even talk about anything spanking.
  9. Good topic.....Been a closet spanko for years, and after having primarily just vanilla relationships, never realized before recently that maybe I should have been more selective when seeking a relationship and how important it should have been finding someone who was into spanking as much as me. The thought had never occurred to me. This site is so excellent for getting out our innermost thoughts without suffering any repercussions. For any of you young people male or female who have this yen, keep looking and don't settle. What got me to realize there were others like me who think 36 ho
  10. Also somewhat weird to ask if anyone needs a spanking, even though they're on spanking sites. And not only this one. Not as easy as I thought being a long time top, now retired to mid west Florida (Sun City Center) to get people to admit that they'd love to be spanked. Guess in this day and age one has to be careful.....
  11. Just signed on and got your message...still not sure if I can handle a M/M spanking, though with the right equipment it looks like requested results can be attained to your satisfaction, and you certainly need that spanking done!. You state you are hooking up to another spanker in the Tampa area. I'm curious since this is a public domain, and I'm a relative newcomer to this site, and I guess real phone or email don't seem to be may I say, "safely" displayed here, how do people meet up and manage to make arrangements without the whole world knowing....thanks
  12. Sun City Center Area, Florida....Kings Point. Older long time spanker, been in too many Vanilla relationships, including a LTR right now. Female knows of my kink, but not interested at all. Retired, have lots of time available for discrete spankings of any severity desired, from light taps, to bruising. Would prefer M/F, but would consider M/M. Correspondence , would prefer to travel not to far. Tired of spanking yourself and want to get over someone else's knees.......
  13. Just been getting my feet wet by browsing the various sites, so since Im here I'll have to add my two cents and mention a few movies not yet mentioned. "Look for the Silver lining"...singer didn't want to go into a show, husband spanked her. "June Bride"...wedding, little sister said something, got spanked with a newspaper. "and the angels sing"..Fred McMurray and a few others spank a bunch of sisters ... TV.... I remember an episode of the Saint where Roger Moore spanks a girl
  14. I wish I had found this site years ago. The intelligence in these discussions shine through. It probably would be nicer living without the obsession with spanking, but why fight it. I've been submersed in the private world of spanking paraphernalia for more years than I can recall, not being sure where it started for me, but can I say, getting immense gratification from all the sources that we're available years ago before the internet came to be. Coming across a book, magazine, picture, letter to editor, advice columns, comic book depictions would make me gasp, and heart beat faster. I
  15. I'm not sure where the spanking urge starts, but no matter where it does, it is real and hard to throw away. Many dissertations have been written on the subject, but to those who are completely, 24hours or more a day, thinking spanking or being spanked, it is very difficult to actually rationalize. Acceptance is more appropriate and to just going on is the only way to survive and keep active. Those who are lucky to find partners who think the same way are lucky. Those who don't just have to be satisfied with what is available to them in this modern age. The proliferation of internet sites
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