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  1. I see you have an address in Vegas...now that the pandemic is over, I tink there are some weekend theemed spanking parties....if you can find them. Maybe a local Las Vegas er will show up...I'm just guessing...Is there a way of advertising on this site...guess one never knows who's out there, but maybe there's one...all you need is one....Good luck.
  2. where is this meeting hall section located...its supposed to be a place to meet people but where is it,
  3. As long as this subject has come up, lets face it. We're more aroused by our fetish than we are from normal vanilla sex....of course we're going to get hard from a spanking or its anticipation, and I don't remember any female that was as kinky as I , not being wet from a good spanking. In fact, I'm sure some of you guys who are having problems comming after one or two prior climaxes durring a non spanking "session", might look at your partners butt and think how nice it would be to spank it, and be able to climax immediately.....lol
  4. As a spanker, not being envolved with a set spankee, such as a wife, most spankings no matter what, should prbably result in the ee getting what he/ she wanted to achieve as an endpoint. Perhaps a lot of you have a retinue of different instruments used for different infractions....not being into BDSM, or leaving more than a discolored and stinging butt, besides a hand, hairbrush, wooden spoon, bathbrush or paddle, I don't see how spankings can be so varied.....maybe its a tone of voice if its play acting, I can't see how there are so many differences to achieve a different "end" point!....(pun
  5. Seems to me if you have a stoic ee over your lap, or in any position, you really wouldn'y know if your doing enough to make them satisfied and happy unless you get some response back, so I believe the ee should in someway communicate to the er that what their doing is getting them the spanking they needed and wanted! It can be frustrating to the er who's really working at it, not seeing (well, the butts pinking up probably at least for a physical sign), or getting some kind of response for his/her exertions. Come on guys, there has to be some physical tiring as that hand goes up and down rep
  6. Interesting answer to this topic. I believe I've had a good ineraction with you previously. I'm a member of some senior clubs, in which I've taken part. As a spanker of some experience in an older age category, I have answered pleas "I need to be spanked", and yet i am greeted by silence. Believe me, I'm not looking for business, but I would respond to a hopefully (reasonably local) ees request....see if getting together was feasable. Curious what your response would be. Also, in a general discussion, I was advised that some ees who had been married, were looking for posssibly another LTR
  7. You mention the need is so great that you'll self spank. How do you hide that red rump from your wife?...vanilla relationships are for the birds, but unfortunately lots are stuck in it because we didn't know that there was an alternative when we fell in love, and now were getting to old to change. Fortunately there's this site where you might be able to set up some kind of clandestine meet between two like minded people with the same problem.....well, maybe...or we can dream......
  8. Not sure if this topic was previously covered, but I was wondering about the rythm of spanking as perceived by the spankee. Do you as a spankee enjoy the rapid stacatto of a hand or hairbrush as it smacks your bottom, or do you prefer some pause between the smacks, to let the "pain" sensation travel to the front of your body. Does a slower tempo give you a chance to recover, or think about the next blow, or does tha faster rate not let you think abot it. What about rubbing periodically between spanks?...how many spanks before rubbing? I've been told by me ee, 'harder", but never heard the word
  9. Wow, and I thought that scene would never be "seen" again. I was watching the program that night as I did most nights. Great program,...looked forward to a repeat don the line.
  10. Been going to a bkfst place for years and get the would love to get the waitress...next bill I'll write spanks for bkfst....mmmm
  11. Just kinking outloud...I hardly remember when I first becme interested in spanking, it was so long ago. For so long I felt I was weird, and alone, and kept my mouth shut. Was definitely keeping myself in the closet so to speak...To early I was for the computer, and when it came it was so complicated....I could only play games on it... Just fascinated by whats availible today that wasn't then.... Just wish I was your age starting out....I can only dream how maybe my life would have been different....though I'm now complaing as its been very good to date.....definitelf would have bee better wit
  12. I've been reading a lot of E-mails pertaining to self spanking , its limitations, and its successes. Probably due to the Covid crisis more -ees have resorted to this method. I'm not a salesman, or an advocate, but i've seen videos of spanking machines, and I'm curious if any one on this site has had experience using one, I had often thought of buying one myself, havng lived within vanilla relationships all my lfe, but never got that far to actually do it. Some one showed an add for a mat sold on Amazon that mimics the result of a spanking. Loked to me like one would be sitting on a bed o
  13. Came across these e-mails from last month while browsing. I went to the Amazon site to see what everyone was stating. That mat as a substitute for spanking?? Looked like something from India where someone would be able to lay on a bed of nails. I had origionaly suggested perhaps getting a spanking machine. Just curious if anyone has had experience with self spanking from a spanking machine.
  14. Looking to find a female any age in the west central area of Florida who is desperate to get a spanking. Ready to please..have car, hand, belt and vacination....will travel. Satisfaction guaranteed.. ( Probably sound like a car salesman...lol) Sure is nice weather here in Florida.
  15. I found this site a while back while browsing. I happen to be an older male, retired, single, primarily an -er, but in a vanilla relationship which gives me lots of time to persue my own interests. I have responded to the e-mails posted on this and other club sites to the desires/requests of women who have stated they needed someone to take them in hand for a spanking. I stated fully my situation re: travel, not interested in LTR, no sex, and amenable to satisfy. Yet I have had no responses, not even to get some correspondence in return. In answer to your response, do you think that wome
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