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  1. Definitely. I totally get that. So I hope you find somewhere you feel comfortable posting it so I can read it. I get completely where you’re going with the idea and don’t see it as spanking a child either.
  2. It feels like the books in sci fi where the world has to decide what they want to be by the time they are 16 — think Uglies (off the top of my head) and they are considered adults. Or, heck, even 12 in the Giver. That’s what I sort of thought about it when you mentioned it. The idea that they have rites rituals to be adults is interesting. I’d definitely like to read it
  3. Do you have this posted anywhere? Sounds intriguing. I’d like to read it.
  4. Hey everyone, I’m mostly here to talk to people who have similar interests, needs, and wants. I am looking for a f/f, nonsexual mentorship — accountability on my end — for some bad habits I tend to have. Spanking isn’t the only thing that works, and is something I accept after trust is earned. Other things work on me, however, as well. Looking forward to talking to more people on here.
  5. Do you hold people accountable long distance, or are you strictly only into spanking? I’m new to the scene and trying to figure out more about it. Only way is to ask questions I think.
  6. ISO a non sexual disciplinarian (female) who will help me by holding me accountable for misdeeds so I can get my life back on track. Rules and discipline are a must, but spanking isn’t the only thing that works for me (in fact, overused it loses its effect on me.) I’m very much strong willed, but need someone who isn’t afraid to take me in line when the rules are broken, could start online and gradually move into more, etc.
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