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  1. Stumbled upon Radio Days a couple of weeks ago looking for something to watch. Was definitely startled. Chased through the house and in front of everybody made it all the more stomach dropping.
  2. Where: NYC Looking For: female spankee or curious switch Four Things: open to play and/ or good conversation and friendship. Prefer OTK, the more traditional and old-fashioned the spanking the better Especially enjoy scenes which are blush inducing and deliciously embarrassing . A domestic-feeling, kicking and squirming spanking is thrilling. Beneath the bucking and promises and protests however, your internal comfort-level and enjoyment are paramount.
  3. That’s a delightful and evocative illustration. Gift wrapping.
  4. NYCOtk


    Really so sweet, these photos with your animals. Thank you.
  5. City Boy by Herman Wouk is an obscure one but memorable for me. It was assigned reading in middle school and I remember the acute embarrassment I felt when it came time to discuss that chapter in class.
  6. Embarrassment in either role is like catnip for me. A quiet but firm remonstrance and a spoken reminder of exactly why this is happening, that it’s for your own good, and that you’ve had it coming for a long, long time…
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