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  1. Hello,

    Are you still looking for a role-playing partner?

    If so and if you are interested in playing with a wrinkly old spanko in darkest Africa, let me know. I'm happy to be the giver or receiver but suspect that you might be happier as the spankee.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Richard (that is my real name)

  2. You beat me to it by milliseconds 😃
  3. The cane. If this is applied with maximum force however, it can and probably will break the skin.
  4. Proverbs 13:24 New King James Version He who spares his rod hates his son, But he who loves him disciplines him promptly.
  5. It’s only happened to me once. Has anybody else experienced it?
  6. It might be something to do with location or cultural background. Here in South Africa I’ve been spanked/caned by half a dozen females and by most of them more than once. These are people I’ve met at social gatherings - in those far off pre-Coronavirus days - or on sites such as Fetlife. I must add that these were not paid-for sessions although one of the disciplinarians is a well known pro-domme on the South African scene. She is not a switch but the others are and so am I so I’ve enjoyed giving as good as I’ve got. To be honest I've never understood why good looking girls much younger t
  7. https://www.facebook.com/Channel4/videos/456495485290658/
  8. Hotspur

    Peg 2020

    With a shapely bottom like that you shouldn't be spanking yourself unless that's you're thing. The guys should be lining up to spank you and I would be right at the front i LOL.
  9. I was about to send a business associate a screen shot recently when I noticed at the last minute that the preceding tab on the top of the page read "General Spanking Discussion" as I was obviously reading a post from this forum previously. I adjusted the screen shot before sending it but it would have been interesting to see how the recipient - who is actually a good looking young businesswoman - would have reacted.
  10. Hi Andrew, I saw the pic you posted of a "schoolboy" - presumably you - standing in the corner. When I went to school back in the mid 50's - 60's this was always done facing the wall usually with hands on head as shown in my avatar. On that occasion I had been caned by two good looking female "teachers" at a "detention evening" organised by like-minded spankos at a classroom of a local school over a weekend when there was nobody around. Being made to lower my underpants and caned in public on the bare backside was the realisation of a fantasy that I have had for years.
  11. I also posted this message on another site and judging from the responses, it appears that going into subspace is quite common in both males and females. More than one reaction described the light-headed dizzy feeling coming down from subspace which it seems can even bring on depression. Aftercare is essential. I would be interested in hearing from members on this forum who have experienced both the highs and possible lows of subspace,
  12. I’m told that after a spanking – especially after a severe or prolonged session – females sometimes enter a “zone”. Apparently it’s rare for males to experience this sensation and so I suppose we can be forgiven for thinking that the “high” that our female counterparts enjoy, is simply a myth. I would be interested to hear from any female who has experienced this phenomenon
  13. Hi,

    I've seen your posts asking for descriptions of the spanking you have coming.

    You mention a female spanker so would a wrinkly old MALE spanko be of interest. If so we could swap a few ideas. Maybe rather by e-mail?

    Looking forward to hearing from you,


  14. I've received a few bare bottom spankings/canings as an adult with other females looking on. Somehow it was more of a turn-on than a one-on-one session. I think there is s fine line between embarrassment and humiliation. I'm not sure into which category appearing half-naked in front of (like-minded) females would fall. I remember being teased endlessly by the girl who sat in front of me at my junior school after I had been spanked by the Headmaster in front of the whole class. She disliked me for some reason and took great delight in telling me that she enjoyed seeing me spanked and that the
  15. For years I believed that I was a one-in-a million freak. It's thanks to the Internet - with sites like this one - that I now realise that there are lots of like-minded people out there and I've been able to make contact with many of them online and/or in person. So it was late in life that I was able to act out my fantasies by receiving and giving my first spankings to fellow consulting adults.
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