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  1. If we've got any app developers among us, this is a project for them!
  2. This may have been asked before, but all the topics about crying during spanking make me wonder: if you (spankees) do cry during a spanking, does that mean you've had all you can take? Do you need the spanking to wrap up, if not immediately at the first sign of tears, soon after? Or can it continue for a while as you cry? For spankers who've had spankees cry on them, do you see it as a sign that you need to wrap it up? Encouragement to continue? Something else?
  3. Agreed wholeheartedly. Much less a public group. I'm surprised they exist. (Though perhaps I shouldn't be!)
  4. Makes me think of this poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay. "Learn to love roots instead that soon above your head shall be as branches."
  5. I think the trouble is that those movies don't come with a disclaimer educating people on the difference between kink and abuse. For a non-spanko, those scenes do read as abuse. They rarely include any explicit consent. Sometimes they're decidedly not consensual by any stretch of the imagination. And they do build on sexist tropes. For at least some of us, playing with those sexist tropes may be part of the fun. But if you don't know it's play, it's just awful sexism. And when the romantic spanking is always M/F and nothing else, then it starts looking like spanking roles are equal t
  6. And we could argue about right or wrong, but given the right social pressures, rioting may be inevitable. Something like a Rodney King situation brings that on. On the other hand, rioting in response to a would-be dictator whipping up a crowd would not be inevitable without the actions of the would-be dictator.
  7. Was Kristallnacht equal to the Rodney King riots? I don't think so, although both meet your definition of riot. There's a difference between rioting in reaction to genuine injustice and rioting to perpetuate a dangerous and unjust situation. Maybe the immediate results are the same--property damage and possible injuries--but there are different motives involved and different endpoints.
  8. Thanks! I just tried to follow your advice, but found that "enter plain text instead" does not appear for me when I paste in a long post. Something seems to be rising briefly at the bottom of my screen, but I can't see the bottom of the comment bar without scrolling down, and when I click to scroll down, the option disappears. What did work was going to my Edit menu and choosing "Paste and Match Style."
  9. I stay in the thorny bushes, hidden out of sight, as the amorous couple I’ve just worked my magic on turn their slap and tickle into, well, slap. “Naughty girl,” he growls, landing a resounding spank on her backside. She squeals and wriggles a bit, but presents her shapely bottom for another. One spank leads to another, and another. Soon the bonny lass is howling at the moon, literally. The new moon, that is, hidden under the sun’s rays. Not even a sliver of it emerges in the endless twilight of the white night. It is midsummer, and this is the land where there is no sunset
  10. When I decided to join this forum, the hardest part was coming up with a screen name. I didn't want a generic spanking forum name like "spank me." I didn't want a name that described me now but not necessarily always, like "novice spankee," since I might stick around for a while and my level of experience may change. I decided I should have a name that could be suitable for any kind of internet forum, but in the interests of privacy, I wanted to avoid any variant of any name I've already used online. Needless to say, it should not be anything close to my real name either. Coming up with c
  11. I'd say there's a lot of racism involved in that. But calling everyone who votes Republican racist, which you implied, isn't fair. Some vote Republican for very reasonable reasons, without being any more racist than those on the Democrat/lean Democrat side. There is, unfortunately, plenty of racism on the left as well, but it's usually better disguised. "I'm not racist, I think Stacy Abrams is wonderful!" "I'm not racist, some of my best friends are (Black, Latinx, etc.)." Now, anyone who would wear a Nazi t-shirt in public is a whole other story. That's extreme racism. The Trump fa
  12. I wouldn't ask. I'd only know if they decided to tell me. If we developed a relationship without any of that ever coming up, then it wouldn't matter. But if they're someone who can't keep quiet about their political views, I'll know fast enough.
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