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  1. Nice! But there are some details in that power point that could be dangerous if taken for gospel truth. Safewords are negated in discipline spankings? Probably not a good idea. Medical emergencies can happen during discipline spankings, too, and the spanker won't always know right away that something isn't right. And discipline spankings must end in tears? Not being a discipline spankee, I can't speak from experience on this one, but so many people on here say they don't cry, even if they are being disciplined, that assuming that's so could be dangerous.
  2. To me, a non-warm up would mean starting at full intensity, or nearly. A warm up can still be on the bare, it just wouldn't be too intense to start with. It's the gradual increase in intensity that makes the spanking bearable.
  3. Same with panties. Or leggings. Unless the weather is very warm, wearing leggings underneath a skirt is usual.
  4. It would be the same effect as a long shirt, only more so. Most dresses are longer than long shirts.
  5. For women, there's an even better solution: wear a dress. But it sounds like she's already decided how to handle this.
  6. What @sassylittle said. What this guy did to you was not consensual. Even if you were consenting to be spanked, you weren't consenting to those parameters, and he ignored that. This whole thing requires consent on both parts, and I'd say especially the spankee's, since we're the ones who are going to feel it all and live with the aftereffects.
  7. https://www.spankinguniversity.com/merch I'm considering getting one of those shirts. And wondering when I'll be brave enough to wear it in public without a sweatshirt over it!
  8. The trouble with wristbands is there's no way to fix it so that only spankos know what they mean and every spanko knows exactly what they mean. Suppose this system were adopted. I could be out somewhere and see someone with one of those wristbands on and I wouldn't automatically conclude they were a spanko, because it could have other meanings. The only way it would come across loud and clear would be if everyone and anyone knew red wristband meant spanko, but then there would be no plausible deniability. Non-spankos would also know what your red wristband means. Can't have your cake and
  9. I'm single, so the "we" part doesn't apply. If I weren't, I would say that participating here without SO's knowledge would not be cheating as long as I made it clear what my relationship status was and what the parameters of that were, and did not seek out anything outside those parameters. If we were monogamous, no other spanking partners, then I wouldn't seek any here, but just participating in the discussions wouldn't be cheating by any stretch of the imagination. Which is really what I'm doing anyway, since I'm not quite up for actively seeking partners right now. (Eventually, yes, but the
  10. I think there will be as many spankos as ever. I hope spanking will evolve, across cultures, into something seen as an act for consenting adults only, NOT to be inflicted nonconsensually on children. Considering how many spankos there are already who were never spanked as kids (and how many kids who were spanked do not grow up to be spankos), it clearly doesn't require spanking in childhood to make one. I also hope it won't be anything people feel a need to hide in the closet over.
  11. Seems to me you just made a case for spanking needs being hard wired. It could just as easily be argued that if you were not hard wired for spanking, you wouldn't have sought it, it would have just been punishment to you. Perhaps it's a question of how the wiring happens, not whether. Did being spanked in your family of origin trigger it? Or would you have discovered a spanking desire as an adult even if you had really never been spanked as a child? Would spanking mean the same thing to you? For me, there's a vast difference between the spankings I got as a child and adult spanking.
  12. Y'all see this? Princess Kelley May has a new You Tube channel... and in this one, she goes into great detail about spanking belts!
  13. I love that segment! Really like the juxtaposition of the confirmation scene, with you satisfied from the dream spanking, with the first communion scene in chapter 1. I opened two browser windows so I could look at those panels side by side, and this was the first time I realized Floozy was in the first communion scene too... but completely inactive, and I think that was the last time she appeared before the end of chapter 4? I also love how the spanker suddenly had pointed ears and horns when he turned into a spanker. Part demon lover, part faery... seems to me he's the Horned God, brin
  14. If you're bent over something, your shorts could be pulled down after you're bent over. Wearing a thong underneath the shorts could also give you coverage there.
  15. I, too, prefer full coverage. Too much concentration on just one cheek is... too much. And I really need both sides to be feeling it equally by the end of the spanking. A few swats on one side should be followed by the same on the other.
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