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  1. Exactly. I wasn't being snarky at all. I didn't say you should shower at home, and I didn't come up with the suggestion to shower at home if it's an issue. You did. I was saying yes, that's a reasonable choice to make if you're uncomfortable with the thought that others might see evidence of your kink on your body. I was pointing out that merely showering in a public locker room while marked isn't forcing your kink on others.
  2. If you went around the locker room thrusting your naked butt at people and saying, "See? I got spanked!" that would be exposing others to your kink. If you're just showering and dressing and minding your own business, that's entirely different. In that case, you have a legit purpose for being naked that has nothing to do with your kink, you're not doing it to show off your kink, and if anyone goes to the trouble of paying any real attention to the state of your bottom, then it's on them: why are they looking? If you're uncomfortable with the possibility that others might see and put two a
  3. Glad not to be living under that old regime! Y'all were wise to take the dislikes option away. All the other forums I ever use have some version of the like but no dislike option. I have been on one where members could give each other positive or negative "karma" points, and if people wanted to be nasty, they really milked the negatives.
  4. The negative number of points I saw was -6. And that person had a couple of likes on their posts, which means they'd have to have lost at least 8 points to get that low. If it's three strikes and you're out, it would never get that far.
  5. I just noticed that someone has a negative number of reputation points. That surprised me. Up til now, I'd only seen positive numbers, so I thought reputation points on here only went up, and you got them by having people like your posts. Are there other ways points get added? How do they get subtracted? Curious, and wondering if there are safeguards to ensure that the reputations people get on here are fair. Obviously, if someone has lots of reputation points because they've gotten lots of likes on their posts, that's fairly earned. But why do points get subtracted? Who does it? How is
  6. Different strokes for different folks. Literally. The important thing is doing what works for your spankee(s). Obviously, the one you just played with (several weeks ago, now) prefers slower and lighter than you do. That may or may not be so for your other spankees. I think my preference is on the slower, lighter side, but that's speaking from limited experience, and it might be a matter of needing to ease into it. Maybe, if I had a longer spanking than I've had before, with a good warmup, I'd want it harder or faster or both. But definitely not too hard or too fast to start with.
  7. That framework is your consent. The two of you have agreed he will only cane you within those parameters. If he tried to cane you outside of them, he would be violating your consent. If there were to come a time when you felt, for whatever reason, that this arrangement as it is no longer served you, surely you could talk to your mentor about it, outside of a disciplinary meeting? Then you'd be renegotiating consent. Perhaps withdrawing it, depending on circumstances.
  8. So where have you seen this? And what makes you so certain of this? Unless you're also a virgin virgin, you surely know how active a woman can get when she's turned on. Fun/foreplay spankings are a massive turn on. Why wouldn't there be heaving and gasping?
  9. @AfterGeometrydo you ever check on your -ees to make sure they're still breathing? Seriously, I'd be afraid to be spanked by someone who thinks a spankee shouldn't get winded. That would tell me they don't know what they're doing.
  10. To follow up with that, the closest reference to anything even remotely similar I can find online is some stories about Jesus People USA spanking its members in the 1970's/80's. But that wasn't limited to women, had nothing to do with domestic discipline, and it doesn't look like the minister typically carried it out.
  11. If that's even a true story. All the women in the congregation getting spankings from the minister sounds like a spanko fantasy to me. People in CDD relationships generally keep it under wraps even in their churches. There are plenty of churches that encourage child spanking, sometimes to extreme degrees, sadly, but those same churches say couples shouldn't do any "bdsm" kind of stuff. Wife submit to the husband, yes, but spanking, no way. And it's her husband the wife is supposed to submit to. Giving that kind of submission to anyone else would be considered adultery. If there
  12. Really? Your last couple posts sound very serious. Only in the first did you say anything about fantasy, and that reads like just a slapdash afterthought: "oh, just so I don't get in trouble, I'll say it's only a fantasy." This section of the forum is made up of serious spanking discussions, judging from the gestalt of the threads. When you post a thread here saying, with the cyber version of a straight face, that you think we ought to have a day when we round up all the people who annoy us and spank them, there's no reliable way to tell if it's supposed to be non-serious.
  13. I've only ever had fun/foreplay spankings. Plenty of wriggling, gasping, yelling... and orgasming. Now, that is quite active and takes a lot of breath.
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