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  1. omg, ouch...what position did you put her in? Also love her hair, so cute!
  2. Funny because that’s what you told me last time! It’s the same guy if you can remember! Thank you 😊
  3. Actually! I should mention that I am catholic! I went to confession about this a couple of years ago. I went in there to confess some sins and then needed some advise because I was curious about what he would say when I told him about how I go see a man that spanks me about once a month for discipline. He looked at me dead in the face, tearing up, and told me that I’m self mutilating and how that is a sin. He told me to cut contact from anybody who led me down that path. He thought that by my seeking discipline is actually leading me astray from God, and I needed to stop. I was in shock a
  4. Hey no need for that now. I don’t actually hate him I still love him despite everything. I just needed some clarification from outside perspectives.
  5. I was in a 3 year vanilla relationship. He made it clear he wasn’t into spanking AT ALL. It was obvious that he was out of his element. He thought so negatively about it and judged me at every turn, portraying signs of discomfort. He would only spank me to either : a)strike me hard enough in hopes that the pain would deter me from ever wanting it b) sabotage my meetups by only spanking me right before I would plan to meet up with someone to do it He never understood me and became very jealous, even though I tried my best to explain why I chased this and it wasn’t like tha
  6. I want meaning out of it. It makes me sad when nobody cares for me while doing it. (Also I emailed back)
  7. Lol love your narration. I can see why you feel the way you do now! You never explored into it, it makes sense. I kept it a secret, and felt ashamed of myself in secret for a long time all because I felt like there was something wrong with me. I am not too surprised this urge has grown, I mean you tried to block out the interest, and you are left feeling like you need it. This is what happened to me, after being stuck in a relationship that lacked what I wanted I just craved it so much more. I guess I would ask how long have you been married to her for, because that might explain whethe
  8. ummmm hi!! 

    1. stormmason


      How did I not see this????? 


      PM meeeee

    2. stormmason


      So much has changed since our last talk good lord! 

    3. LexP


      I initially thought you were ignoring me! Lmao as soon I saw your profile I had to comment! I see your in in a different state now! Would love to message more, catch up if you are willing!?

  9. @disciplineguy12 Oklahoma if school reopens!
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