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  1. I find this post to be very accurate! As a new college student, it does feel a little strange to suddenly have so much freedom to do and come and go as one pleases. Adding to that, there are so many distractions at hand that at times it's easy to forget there is an academic side to college and with parents away it's nice to have someone that can hold one accountable. I also think you bring up a very good point about psychological development and maturity. The age range of college students is a very interesting and particularly vulnerable age because they are being asked to both be held completely responsible for their actions as adults would be while simultaneously not fully being able to process or think things through fully as an older adult would. (Of course there are exceptions and it is not to say they should be treated as juveniles) But I think this is a very good point to be brought up and further discussed!
  2. Rick and Michgal.k, Thank you both for the warm welcome! I'll be sure to stay safe and read "Power and Control" by Christy
  3. Hi! I'm Liz, a college student from Southern California. I'm new to the site, but I look forward to getting to know everyone! In the future I hope to find a motherly female ER to help keep me on track, but for now I just wish to meet the community and talk about spanking. Stay safe! Liz
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