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  1. ok young lady it's time to get serious about your spanking. i am 5 minutes away from Allen, Tx. i can meet you for lunch, spank your bottom omk and have you back at your office with a nice pink bottom and a damp pussy. just let me know when. my email is wildwilly374@gmail.com.

    1. Timmot


      Well has it happened ?


  2. I work by all myself in a pretty large office. I think about it CONSTANTLY. I think about a stranger walking in unexpectedly and spanking me. I think about people I know coming to spank me. I think about trying to find someone to talk to about it all the time. It's a never ending cycle of thinking about it and being in a constant aroused state.
  3. I do not like my tits whipped. Or anything whipped for that matter.
  4. Hey you, for some reason it won't let me send you a message - but email me at spankmybottompink@yahoo.com. Pretty Please
  5. Definitely a fantasy of mine to be spanked in a place where someone might just "happen" upon us. A secluded park, but a walker or jogger running by, a dark corner of a parking lot, but someone might drive by or park close, an office where the people in the office next door might be able to hear it, or maybe being spanked in front of a window where passerbyers might be able to see. It definitely adds to the naughtiness and embarrassment. I also wouldn't mind someone coming with my spanker to watch either. Girl or Guy doesn't matter. It's still exciting nonetheless.
  6. I'm not the most graceful or smallest of girls ... so 5 is my preference. But 1 and 2 are good too...just a bit more awkward.
  7. spnkmybottompnk


    yes please. and thank you.
  8. Im not from Texas but love to chat with you anytime.

    1. spnkmybottompnk


      Yes!!  I'd love to chat with you  ❤️


      How are you today?

    2. konadogger


      Im doing ok. Im in Pocatello Idaho. Nice day today.

    3. Topspanker


      I would chat with you as well!

  9. love the pussy peeking out! ❤️
  10. I will never forget it. I think about it quite often 😈
  11. Getting a spanking in real life Watching a spanking in real life Video Still image Literature audio
  12. One of my most memorable spankings was in the back seat of a car at a very secluded park. Skirt up, panties down, over the lap....windows down so anyone who drove or walked by could hear it. So fucking sexy and delicious.
  13. Oh Goodness! I couldn't agree with this sentiment more. I, too, am in dire need of a good old fashioned, over the knee, bare bottom spanked good and hard spanking.
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