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  1. I have a couple of spanking fantasies. One in particular is meeting someone for the first time for a drink in a local restaurant. It's lunch time...not many people around. We are chatting and flirting but then I get a bit bratty and sarcastic with my answers. He gives me a look, but I continue anyway. After a few more of my sarcastic responses, and just as the wait person wanders up to the table, he tells me that when we leave he will be giving me a very sound bare bottom spanking for being such a brat. I laugh nervously thinking he's kidding. The wait person hears this but pretends to ignore it and I am blushing profusely. We finish up awhile later, and hoping he's forgotten his promise, we leave. He walks me to my car, then proceeds to get into the back seat. He tells me to get in and lie over his knee. I'm so embarrassed, because although the car is parked in a bit of secluded spot, people could still happen upon us and see. Nonetheless I do as I'm told. One side of the car is facing a very empty area and he leaves the door open on that side, so to give more room to stretch out a bit As he spanks my bottom over my dress, i'm wiggling and moaning. I'm embarrassed hes spanking me like a naughty little girl. He then pushes my dress up so it's just my pantied bottom and he spanks me for quite awhile until I'm squirming and my bottom is very warm. Just as he lowers my panties someone comes to park next to us - on the open side! He spanks me swiftly and much harder - and i'm wiggling and squirming and protesting and getting increasingly wet - all the while someone is watching. Turns out it's the waiter from the restaurant watching as my ass his being reddened and my pussy drips.
  2. I was 15 when I was last spanked my father. Panties down, over his knee. I was MORTIFIED.
  3. Goodness...this post speaks to me. In my preteen and teen years, I would lay in bed at night, on my belly rubbing myself and wiggling and wishing that I wasn't too scared to go downstairs to ask my Mom or Dad to spank me. I would fantasize about it all the time. I was too embarrassed to ever do it though.
  4. I feel the same exact way! There is something profoundly sexy watching a swollen aroused pussy being spanked, and it's even more sexy when it's MINE!!
  5. What happened to you? Come back.

  6. I can take it or leave it. I don't mind calling a man Daddy, if he prefers, but I don't necessarily think it adds to the eroticism for me. I definitely picture (and prefer in real life) the spanker to be an older "daddy" like gentleman.
  7. I absolutely relate to this. I was spanked as a child by both parents, and even back then, although I hated the spanking tremendously, it aroused me (of course then I didn't know what it was doing to me or why it made me rub "down there") so now, sometimes I think back to those days and remember the "feelings" it gave me which helps me over that edge. I too feel a bit guilty about it, but like you, I tend to blur out the spanker and just think about the act of it.
  8. I have a very hard time finding video spankings that turn me on. I like the start (someone waiting for the spanking to start) to finish (ending in corner time and/or sex) ones and scolding or talking. This is the one that seems to turn me on the most - the authoritative figure - but with naughty sexiness in it - talking to her - slight disciplinary but erotically spanking her. It seems to have more of a plot...I don't necessarily think she's attractive, and I'm not into costumes, but the spanking is sexy AF https://xhamster.com/videos/lucys-fantasy-662055
  9. spnkmybottompnk


    I love how pink her bottom is...
  10. I like them to be part punishment and part fun. For me, spanking is very sexual and intimate. I crave the discipline and sternness of the spanking but the thought of the spanking and the spanking itself turns me on like nothing else in this world - so for me, it is more of a mix of necessary mentoring and intense sexual relief
  11. I was spanked as a child, and even though I HATED the actual spanking....I knew at a very young age that it did "something" to me. I masturbated after spankings before I even knew what masturbation was...so once I realized that this was such a turn on I would look for ANYTHING related to spankings. I can't really answer the coming out question - I've never really "come out" about the spanko life to anyone except to one ex boyfriend who was an ex when I told him. I am rather proud of myself though - I turned on his inner spanko that he had no idea he had.
  12. Same here! 95% of the time thinking about spanking will get me to where I need to be....although there are other things that turn me on, they don't turn me on like spanking
  13. I've been in search of a spanker (male or female) in the North Dallas area of Texas. It is absolutely impossible I'm finding. Is anyone in this group that lives in this area? Specifically Frisco, McKinney, Little Elm area? I'd love to chat
  14. Oops! I'm so sorry!! I'll switch it over to the appropriate section. I read the forum rules, but I must have missed it. 😥
  15. I prefer being spanked over pants/panties then being told to stand and lower them. Or, stand and the spanker lowers them. Either way, slowly and embarrassingly is what turns me on the most. Knowing I'm about to be put on display for my spanker to see gives me incredible butterflies.
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