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  1. Here and in spanking situations I am more of an introvert. However, IRL, I am extremely sassy, demanding, and an extrovert. I think that the energy that I expend with non-spankos is the reason I am quiet here and OTK. I am demanding in sex and am vocal but I also do try to please my partner. Maybe I am not a typical spankee. I am also relatively new to the scene so perhaps this duality is common. I am a people pleaser in a lot of ways so there's that.
  2. Thanks, Cali...these are fun to do and I can do this at work...shhhhhhhhhh. I have never done any of the wet things although I have been spanked in a wet swimsuit but it had a thong bottom so the liquid did not affect the spanking. I've never been spanked with a bath brush but heard that those hurt badly. I have screamed my lungs out during a bare bottom spanking though...but I am kind of a wuss that way. But because of that, the spanking did not end. I have been taken outside of the restaurant and had my skirt flipped up and spanked on the hood of a car. My butt was red afterwards and it was super embarrassing. Luckily, I never saw any of the passerby again. I always scream out naughty words during a spanking but they are spontaneous and not intentional. Most common are bastard and fuck. But, I think the best things are spontaneous in a spanking and not carried out like a primer's guide to Spanking 101. In this case, I like more experienced spankers as the spontaneity and adventure seems to emerge out of those spankings. Getting spanked on the car was carried out by a younger guy and it wasn't planned....it was the result of something that happened in the restaurant. I don't know if the employees knew what happened outside or even saw it . Even though I lost my appetite completely, I had to sit uncomfortably , doing a lot of squirming, for the rest of the meal and we didn't leave until I finished my meal. That required a fair amount of alcohol and that is for another day and another survey altogether.
  3. This first post always appears on my profile page and I have decided to revisit it tonight. Reading all of the posts after mine, I feel totally inadequate. I am in my 20's and have less than 10 years of experience in this lifestyle and less than 2 years on this site. I have almost no experience and feel that I often bring a diminished point of view to any conversation, discussion... Today, I learned a hard lesson in that I am inexperienced and that my response to certain events are immature. I don't know how to "play" correctly and I don't read the chatroom or people correctly. I think I look forward to the day when I can bring richness and depth to the table and that will come with age. In the meanwhile, I have to watch and learn and for someone as impulsive as I am, it's a difficult journey to make. I hope those with more experience can be patient with me.
  4. I'll take the avocados and whatever else you are giving out.
  5. Well, I guess I am age inappropriate for you but I do appreciate older men. In fact, I lied about my age when I first joined and made my age older. Then when someone would ask for a picture I decided that I should own up to my youth and changed my age to my real age. I guess, it won't attract the gray foxes I so enjoy but it keeps me honest.
  6. My most deserved spanking was probably after I told my spanker that he had a small penis. I was just frustrated and I didn't feel the release that I needed. I def. felt the release after my spanking.
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