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  1. I would say corner time of five minutes for a week. and 3 swots a minute with a slipper or a ruler ! plus my only fans deals with regular discipline if you need it also ! https://onlyfans.com/u54447038 Ps it’s free for the main wall !
  2. How many minutes have u been late each time ?
  3. How has your time keeping effected your life to date ? what things are you not doing around the house that you should ? do you think I should instruct a punishment for both ?
  4. What have you done that warrants a spanking ? How would a spanking improve your life ? Tell me do you need to be held accountable ?
  5. I can and will do this for you What is it that you do that you should not ? !
  6. Tbh this post speaks to me. I never wanted it from my parents but I did always fantasise about one of my mums friends telling me off and spanking me. There was so many things I did as a kid that would have warranted it. smashing windows smoking lying fml loads
  7. I always wanted my English teacher to spank me with a cane for forgetting my homework. No matter how many time’s I accidentally forgot it I never got canes or spanked. I came so close to asking her once ! But I chickened our last minute ! Wonder what she would have said !
  8. There is more to changing a behaviour then just spanking it out of someone. Open discussions are a must as to why the person is displaying that behaviour. Once that is established then it is time to make an agreement together. Either stick To that agreement or drop your trousers and take the licks !
  9. I’d be happy to oblige through the messenger ? On this website
  10. Hi... soo.. when I am home alone which is once a week I find myself doing things that I should not. Last week it was speaking to people on whisper ( for 6 hours ) and staying up until late at night 3 am. I have also found myself watching porn and doing other things. This needs to stop as I know it is not productive. If you are willing to hold me accountable tonight to make sure that I do not do that behaviour tonight let me know. I don’t think I deserve punishment for the last 4 weeks we’re I have done this but again if you think o
  11. I certainly I am pretty sure that I can help! I am a very motivated person myself and know how to chase goals to achieve them ! if you are Still interested in assistance With this let me know joe
  12. Who needs online accountability and discipline?
  13. Being spanked for taking alcohol in excess or taking drugs when the person is sober I think would be a fitting punishment
  14. Personally I would be writing these things down so you both know we’re you stand. So what you should and should not be doing and the consequences for each. In addition to this I feel that you need to have a designated time and place for the spanking and the boundaries that your friend is only a disciplinarian at that poticular time and place. Otherwise he is your friend. This is important. if it is your first time and it is punishment over spandex or a swimsuit I would suggest a plastic spoon and either lay on the couch. Bent over the arm of the couch. Or stood up hands on fron
  15. Who needs to be spanked and why answer below !
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