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  1. I feel the same way, living in a religious community does not help. You are not alone in feeling alone. I am sure there are many on here also that feel the same way.
  2. Welcome to the site Will, to bad you don't live in Manitoba, I could help you out. :D
  3. What do you think it would take to get you there?
  4. Hello, nice to hear from another Canadian, I hope you find what you seek. I understand the frustration of not finding anyone of like near were you live.
  5. I never said extreme pain, yes, each spanking would hurt more than the last one. I got the idea from an old spanking movie, where women pick items at random to be spanked with, and they were spanked, not overly hard, but hard enough that it still hurt. The girls could stop the test at any time. The difference between what I propose and the movie; in the movie they jumped from spanking to spanking - what I do is add pleasure between each spanking. That gives them a break from the spanking, and also gives them something to look forward to during the spanking. This would NOT be for punishmen
  6. I would like to preform a test on some willing female subjects. Basically I believe that pleasure is heightened when pain is involved; and I would like to put that to the test. It would be a number of 1 to 2 minute spankings in random positions, and with random spanking items, followed by pleasuring in between the spankings. Starting with 2 minute otk hand spanking, then while she is over my knee, pleasure her for 3 minutes. Then she would pick at random a item to be spanked with, and at random the position to be placed in. She would then be spanked in that position, and with th
  7. Do you still get orgasm if the spanking is hard enough to produce tears and/or full-out crying?
  8. To bad you that needs a spanking do not live in Canada. I could help you out a lot. I understand the need for spanking from stress, guilt, or plane discipline. I have helped a few people out like that, but that was way to long ago. If feels good for myself also, as a spanker, to make a difference, and help someone out.
  9. The question I have always had is how much do these spanking models get paid?
  10. I used GML, Just Basic, and was teaching myself Python and HTML
  11. The reason for this topic, or why I would even mention it.... My computer, and programming skills is about 95% self-taught. But, Like I said, I have been out of the programming game ever since my HD crash, and I lost 3 big game programs that I was working of, including the spanking game. The original was for couples, and had a choice to be just spanking or just pleasure commands to do to each other, or a mixture of spanking and pleasure. The program, or spanking game was called, "Pain & Pleasure." That was about 10 years ago, and I have forgotten most of my pr
  12. I have made my spankee take a cold shower (not ice cold, just a little colder than cool) and spank her before she dry off. Also have spanker her while we both were in warm shower.
  13. Hay everyone needs a rant now and then. hope all works out for you.
  14. I agree, it boils down to communication, trust, and respect. If your partner feels he/she needs it to be safe, that respect that choice. If they feel it is more real with-out, great, I also will not judge.
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