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  1. What are some good safe-words that people use? It would need to be easy to remember in the middle of possible intense pain.
  2. That is a good point also - perhaps I need to rethink my safe-word idea.
  3. I agree, if you are looking for a spanking partner, it may help if you put in where you live. That being said, if you live in Manitoba, contact me.
  4. If it is to be a true discipline, I do not believe in safe words, it can not be a true punishment if they spankee knows that they can get out of it any time. The spankee should know, by agreeing to be disciplined (remember this is for TRUE discipline - not role-play) they give up all rights to there body. However, upon reading some of these posts, there might be a safe word just for medical emergency.
  5. May I ask, what on earth is a loopy johnny?
  6. Sure, I've used a computer monitor cable
  7. Another "sting pain" quit one is a cable
  8. I like the Mf amateur, real looking spanking that involves tears and crying. With little talk, and not stop spanking: I hate the movies that have 30 seconds of ass rubbing after every 1 - 3 smacks.
  9. What are you after? Self-spanking is seldom painful enough; or you open to using more than just a hanger? What I had in mind to add extra pain is bath brush, strap, cable... Are you open to being placed in a variety of positions? Are your looking for parental spanking? Or something else? I have directed a couple of people, and have been told I am painful; but I usually have more options to work with.
  10. To bad you don't live closer; I provide real parental style discipline.
  11. Ya, if I never hear "social distancing" again it will be to soon.
  12. I would be glad to spank for hours, I am just not sure if my arm could last that long lol
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