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  1. IP is a fun place to go if you've got the time. It is like Facebook for spankos. Make friends, chat... Yes there are jerks; just like every other place. You can block them. There are also very nice people there. I personally just don't have to time for it.
  2. My wife did not know until after we were married. Then she tried to fulfill my fantasy, but over time that died out. She still lets me spank her, but only soft and erotic. And I am married to the same girl now for 23 years - who was also my first and only girlfriend.
  3. In my book, there are differences to pet peeves, or things that just piss you off (even tho enough pet peeves can piss someone off) I consider pet peeves to be more or less general annoyances.... That being said, my list is not very long! Leaving the light on when not using: When I go to take a shower, and there is no towel: Leaving the radio blasting in a car that is off, then when i start the car, I get blasted: Late people (who do not call to let me know they will be late) {that one borders on the pissing off category} - of course I might allow them to be late, if I can spank them for it 😁
  4. I agree; sometimes in order to release the guilt that is felt, the person needs to feel like they have been properly punished. Depending on the person, how deeply rooted the guilt is, or what the person is confessing, sometimes the punishment needs to be quite hard, or multiple sessions... I wish we lived closer; I have helped others get rid of guilt - I would love to help you. But, Alas, we live to far away. That being said; hope you find what you are looking for... and need!
  5. I would enjoy very much to spank me sister in-law; and my wife has some hot cousins I would love to spank: that is about it. (I do tease my wife about spanking her in front of her sister)
  6. Cars may not have seen much, but semi truck drivers would have seen it all. lol
  7. Has this scene ever happened to you? You are a passenger driving down the highway; you do, or say something bad. Suddenly, the car pulls over on to the shoulder, and stops: you are then pulled out of the car, told to bend over, and place you elbows on the seat. You can feel your bottom being bared, as you watch cars driving by on the highway. Then you are spanked, hard; with the belt, or switch - as cars drive by! His this ever happened to you? This, or something like this? Would you like this to happen you you? Your thoughts........
  8. Still not the same as being there in person, taking him/her over my knee. But, in a world of restrictions - I think it would be slightly better than self-spanking: the spankee would still have the embarrassment of someone watching his/her spanking; The spankee would have the unknowing of when the spanking would hit, (if it was remotely controlled by the spanker): and as a spanker, I would enjoy seeing the facial expressions with every smack!
  9. I have used one, it is heavier than most wooden spoons. The silicon spoon does seem to get more of a reaction than a wooden spoon did. Of course that also means you have to be more careful of bruising (unless the spankee likes bruising)
  10. Just to take note........ I did say in my first post that this is just a fantasy!
  11. Yes, in most cases! But it all depends on the pre-spanking discussion! "Red" can mean anything that has been agreed on by both parties ahead of time. BTW; I did say I might remove the extra spanking for the looser. So in this case "red" is just a stop for the spanking; but the agreed on penalty for the looser still stands!
  12. I would do all the spankings (except for the winner spanking the looser, and based on whats been said so far; that might be removed.) So the spanking would be controlled. And like I said, there would be 2 different safe words. So how much each girl is willing to handle is up to her.
  13. Hmmmm didn't think of that... Well, might be worth the risk 😂
  14. I wish 😀 I could be a coach! My daughter said, I would have made a better coach than her high school coach.
  15. I have a fantasy for a spanking competition.... Have more than two girls that are being spanked, I start with a timed OTK hand spanking on each, then graduate to spanking with objects in different positions. Give the girls two safe words, like "yellow, red" "Yellow" means I need a break, they get a 2 minute break - the first girl to say "yellow" 3x looses! "Red" Means stop, I am done. The first girl to say that looses So the first girl to say, "yellow" 3x or "red" looses; the last girl left wins! The looser stands in the corner for 1 hr - giving her bottom a good break; she will be spanked again after. While the looser is in the corner, I pleasure the winner with a vibrater causing her to orgasm... multiple times...for the whole hr! Then after the hr is up; the winner gets to spank the looser with her hand; while the looser gives me a blowjob!
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