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  1. I'm leaving the online spanking world, but wanted to share one last instance. This last week hit hard, so I stupidly got very cross faded last night. Then woke up hungover and late for class. I want to be disciplined so badly for it, but I've learned too many people want to "discipline" on here and similar sites without good intentions and just make me feel worse. Submitting has gotten too difficult when you have trust issues. So giving myself one last good self spanking for a long time... with the added punishment of a plug with Vicks until my work's done. Hoping leaving the spanking world wi
  2. The release you can get after a bad day is the best. I've had a rough day/week myself so I'm "looking forward" to getting a self spanking release, too. Being sore is one of the best feelings!
  3. It's one of my favorite parts of a punishment. It's oddly comforting while being humiliating, too.
  4. Completely agree to this. Crying from the spanking is hard, but being actually scolded by spankers is what gets me, especially if I already feel guilty. I'm not very trusting with new spankers either, so finding people good at finding the balance of scolding/punishment/aftercare is always nice. I've made some bad decisions lately that have had their consequences, so I'm overdue for a good scolding and discipline.
  5. The little things made a huge difference during mine. Getting a hug before and a long cuddle after, being reminded it wasn't out of anger. It was my first spanking ever, so we took several breaks to catch my breath and that helped me feel safe and cared about.
  6. A few times, and they're always very exciting, then very disappointing when you wake up!
  7. I'm very curious to try figging with a spanking, especially with really fresh ginger. I think I enjoy being plugged too much (at least in the comfort of home), so it would add some excitement. Last time I did directed discipline I was warned about being plugged with toothpaste next time though so... we'll see!
  8. I want to so badly, I know it would feel like a huge weight lifted and would make aftercare more special. It's really difficult for me to with so many walls built up, but hopefully one day I'll get to that point.
  9. Nothing compares to my experience of a real spanking. But when you just need to let out some tension or have a little excitement, it's not so bad to do it yourself!
  10. I empathize with this. My language is physical touch, even platonically, and I think spanking kind of fits in with it. I often worry about being alone in general, and I think with interests like this we know there'll likely be a lot of sacrifice with real relationships. Like others said though, sites like these at least let you have the company of friends!
  11. I don't like asking, personally. Spanking can be such a personal and vulnerable thing, so I only like asking if really I need an emotional release. If I feel like I've done enough things to warrant a punishment, but the spanker doesn't know about it all, then I just tend to be bratty until I earn myself one lol! Probably not the best advice, it just all depends on the communication. Every spanker's different with it.
  12. I think switching positions really helped when I was being spanked. It keeps your mind from drifting too much. OTK was by far my favorite position, because it's the most personal and good for changing intensity. I also did laying on my stomach on the bed, which was best for a large paddle/belt/etc. It kind of tests your ability to stay still, since the spanker isn't holding you down. I loathe diaper position, it's so humiliating, hurts the most, and my spanker had a tight grip on me so I couldn't wiggle away. I was too stubborn to actually cry, but a few tears were shed in that position! The o
  13. ugh no idea why that posted three times lol!
  14. I agree it's a good motivator, and when not done alone, it helps me feel cared about when I just want to isolate myself. It's a good way to release those heavy emotions too! Just be careful and do good aftercare, even/especially if it's by yourself.
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