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  1. Is self spanking with online guidance a good idea? It seems like the only spanking option I have in this time of Covid. Will someone please help guide me through a self spanking session?
  2. I get you your area often, can we talk about scheduling please?
  3. My first adult spanking was from a female coworker that I used to drink with on Friday's after work. We were both married at the time, but flirted. One Friday I was drunk enough to tell her about my interest in being spanked. She had no experience with it, but was intrigued and said she would try that with me if I got us a hotel room. After a couple more drinks, I did just that. We checked in together, in the room she undressed me while kissing me, then asked me how to do it the way I wanted. I told her I would like to lay across her lap, she looked a little amused and confused but said OK. Th
  4. I would like to find a local female spanker this new year. Looking for discipline spanking only from a caring yet firm friend and mentor.
  5. Hope to talk to you, I am quite serious about my need to be spanked
  6. I live in Shelbyville and have been needing a spanking for quite some time. Would like to discuss this with you. Thank you!
  7. I am interested in hearing about others experiences with paying someone to spank them. Is a professional spanker worth the investment, and what are the legalities of an exchange with spanking?
  8. Great story! Thanks for sharing. My first spanker's name was Debbie
  9. insearchofotk20


    Years ago, Brandi was one of the first spanking models I became fascinated with. It's fun to look back at these scenes that really sparked my interest and desires
  10. Very nice sir! I look forward to experiencing these one day
  11. Hello! Can we chat please? 

  12. Kentucky Guy: Please message me if this system allows it. I would like to meet with you to receive a paddling.
  13. I could use a friend like you to spank me, how do we make this happen?
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